Right-clicking is the process of selecting and opening an object in Windows. It can be done using a mouse or a keyboard. Right-clicking on a surface pro is the same as on other computers.

Right-click can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you could use the right mouse button or press and hold the keyboard arrow keys, but if you travel frequently, have more than one device, or need a quick refresher, this article will show you how to right-click on your surface pro.

Ways to Right-Click on a Surface Pro:

Right-clicking on Microsoft surface go is an amazing thing you want to do. Surface Pro users can right-click with two fingers, but that doesn’t mean you can do everything you want to do with one. The same rules apply to right-clicking that work for left-clicking:

  • Use the touchpad to select an option in a menu or dialog box.
  • Click with your pen tip or mouse button when you want to act, such as opening an app or File, selecting the text, undoing an action, opening a context menu (right click), navigating through files, and so on.
  • Right-click on items with container menus such as spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. They will open up into their specific submenus within the main container menu that contains all of its items rather than opening up another full menu in its own right (like Firefox does).

How to Right-Click on a Surface Pro with Tablet Mode?


There are two ways to right-click on the Surface Pro tablet mode. You can use your two fingers.

One Finger:


Suppose you want to use your finger, tap, and hold your finger (or both fingers) simultaneously. Once you’ve done that, move your finger from left to right across the screen.

Two Fingers:

Suppose you want to use two fingers, tap and hold down on one of the corners of your Surface Pro tablet mode. Then drag one corner up and down to scroll through open menus or pages.

Does right-clicking have a keyboard shortcut?

Right-clicking does not have a keyboard shortcut, but you can do it by holding down a modification key. If your mouse has two buttons, you can utilize the Shift key to activate a right-click. Here’s how it functions:

  • Click the left mouse button once while holding down the Ctrl key.
  • The mouse pointer turns into a crosshair. Move it over an object or menu item and release the button to trigger right-click.

How to Right-Click on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a different way of doing things, but it doesn’t require you to do anything differently. Any item you click on must allow you to right-click.

If you’re still not sure what “right-clicking” means, here’s how it works:

When you point your cursor at an object (like a file or folder) and then press and hold the right mouse button, you’ll see that your cursor changes into a hand with two arrows pointing forward and back. You can move the mouse upwards, down, left, or right to make the arrowhead point in those places.

Think of it as using two fingers to click on things instead of just one finger, so it works especially well for selecting text or images when they’re near something else that needs to be selected.

How to Right-Click using a Pen or Stylus?

Right-clicking is one of the most useful and amazing things. To be clear, right-clicking an object on your desktop is not the same as right-clicking an object on your screen, but it’s close enough that you can use the same methods.

Here’s how you can right-click test with a pen or stylus:

  • Click and hold (not press) with your pen or stylus on the taskbar icon for any app.
  • The app opens in a window so that you can use it to select objects. When an app opens, select File> New Object from the menu.
  • A new window opens where you can select what kind of object to draw or select from your computer’s file system.
  • Click one of the following options:
  • File > New Object.
  • App > Open Object.

What if right-click not working on Surface Pro?

If right-clicking on a Surface Pro not working, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Make sure the Trackpad is Clear:

You may have to remove any dirt or residue from the trackpad using a lint-free cloth or paper towel. If your trackpad’s surface is dirty, it may not register when you click.

  1. Close all Apps and Devices:

To test whether this is an issue with your app, try closing all apps and devices and restarting your device. It will ensure that nothing else is running in the background. If this fixes the problem, it’s probably a problem with your program.

  1. Press and Hold Down Both Mouse Buttons at Once:

Try simultaneously pressing down on both online mice click test buttons at once (left button + middle button) while clicking on something in Windows 10 or Office 365 desktop applications.

This can sometimes help resolve issues where multiple finger clicks aren’t working correctly due to hardware restrictions or software incompatibilities between devices (such as different versions of Windows).


Therefore, it is concluded that right-clicking on a surface pro is not as simple as it seems. This article has been written to help you get the most out of your tablet PC by providing the information you need to know to right-click on your surface pro successfully. To complete this task, you must try these methods. You will see that it is beneficial.


What Distinguishes Clicking from Right-Clicking?

Right-click on a surface pro means pressing the right button on the trackpad with two fingers while holding down on the left button with one finger.

Click test means to press both right and left buttons simultaneously when you’re going to drag something. You can also hold your finger down on one button while moving another.

What Does My Surface Pro’s Right-Click Menu Contain?

You can copy, cut, paste, remove text or files, and select text using the right-click menu. You may also get some of the options using it. For example, use this menu to change the display brightness or turn off your keyboard backlight.

How Do I Right-Click on a Surface Pro?

To right-click on a Surface Pro, press and hold the trackpad with two fingers. You will see a black circle appear at the bottom of the screen. Place your cursor inside the black circle until it turns into a right-pointing arrow. Then, while holding down your trackpad, use two fingers to drag your cursor to where you would like to place something.

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