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Right Click Test

The right-click test is a test where you need to right-click to perform functions on a computer with the help of a mouse. A pop-up menu appears when you right-click on something on your computer. The right-click menu performs various tasks, such as opening files and applications, copying text, and performing other everyday tasks. It also provides access to several unique features in Windows, allowing you to change the properties of an object or open a file in its default application.

If you’re looking for a way to test your mouse speed, the right-click speed test is a simple and easy way to see if your mouse is fast or slow. Here, you will find out some other information regarding this right-click test.

Features of Right Click Test:

  • This free program will allow you to quickly test your computer’s ability to respond when a user presses the right mouse button.
  • You can also use it when troubleshooting issues with your mouse or trackpad.
  • You can use it for testing and debugging or as a regular computer shortcut.
  • The feature is simple and easy to use, but it’s also powerful because it provides helpful information about your mouse operation.

Right-Click CPS Test

The amount of clicks a user can perform is measured by the right-click CPS (Clicks Per Second) test. Test your right-clicking speed by taking the click rate quiz. We swiftly push the appropriate button to obtain the outcome of your efforts. 

This mouse right-click speed test is ideal for raising your online gaming efficiency, testing your strength and stamina, or shattering the world record for the most clicks. There is no software to install; you can view it from any device that has an Internet connection. Use this online exam to get answers in a matter of seconds.

You will typically experience 4-6 clicks per second if you are an inexperienced player. A professional player would regard ten clicks per second as an excellent outcome. Using a unique click technique, you may raise the CPS. The CPS can be calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the period of time. CPS can be directly measured with a stopwatch.

How does Right-Click Test work?

Because it is simple to use and provides precise statistics, the application is frequently used by PC gamers and IT professionals to understand the number of mouse clicks. The application can be used to relax or have fun with pals. Do the following to determine the click rate:

  • Visit the page for the Right-Click Test.
  • Decide on a time interval, like 10 seconds.
  • After clicking the “Start” button, keep clicking.
  • Press the button repeatedly until the timer expires.
  • Stop clicking when the timer goes off.
  • Examine your outcomes.
  • Click the Reset button if you wish to start anew.
  • You can save your past scores with this feature. 
  • If the test lasts for a more extended period than 5 seconds, you can also see how your speed has evolved.
  • Please invite your friends to test their mouse click speed and participate in a thrilling competition after sharing the results of your experiment.

Verify your Right-Click CPS Key

You may check if your mouse right-clicking button is functioning correctly, if all clicks are recorded, and if your mouse is operating at peak performance.

Test Right-Click CPS Skills

By using this application, you may effectively practice right-clicking and become acquainted with your mouse’s right-click button, which will benefit you when gaming.

Gaming Advantages

Right-clicking the mouse is often required in video games to zoom into an aiming or open scope. Knowing how to use the right-click key will enable you to access the scope whenever you want to without having to stop to think about what function you are using.

Develop your Finger

You can improve your work and gaming by correctly practicing and practicing with the right-click cps test to hit the right button in games the same way you hit the left button.


Pleasure in Free Time

Having fun only takes a device, a mouse, and internet access. You can utilize this tool whenever you want, and it will also serve as a practice tool to aid your learning.

View More To Unwind

The right-click CPS test is employed globally for a variety of factors. To play games more effectively, gamers frequently check the mouse-click indications. The click speed test is frequently used for amusement and friendly competition. It has essentially evolved into a world-record-setting eSports game. The counter tool is frequently employed to eliminate bad feelings and lessen stress. Use the tool right away to unwind and practice your talents.


In the end, right-click has something different from the rest of the other click tests. It has great importance on computer work. This is helpful when doing design work because it makes it easy to grab any element or a set of features and move them quickly into place. If you’re struggling to get the cursor square on top of the element you want to target, then do these tests and see if they help.

We hope you enjoyed these tests. They can be fun to mess with, and sometimes the best results can come from something as simple as another click test. Start doing this test in the ways that we have mentioned above. Then examine your mouse!


Why does my mouse register two clicks?

Your mouse registers two clicks because of these reasons. Multiple mice are connected to your PC simultaneously, which can confuse them as they all try to interpret what you’re doing. You may also have accidentally disabled the Windows driver for your touchpad but still, have it active in settings. If multiple types of inputs are connected at once, this may lead to problems.

How can I determine if my PC has malware?

If your computer is infected with malware, you will see a lot of pop-ups and notifications on the screen. These can be pretty confusing and annoying. The quickest approach to find out if your computer has malware on it is to quickly scan it with an anti-virus tool.

What is a right-click on a Mac?

A right-click on a mac is a shortcut you can use to do different things depending on your context. For instance, you can choose text in any application by using the command key. You can also use your finger or mouse to do other things, such as drag and drop files, show menu items, etc.

What does a right-click do?

When you press the command key and drag an item on the screen, it will give you access to an option box where you can choose what to do with it. This may seem trivial now, but when using Windows back in the day, this was a giant leap forward as it meant that users could interact with their computers without having to use software like a mouse or keyboard shortcuts.