Chromebooks are powered by Google Chrome OS, which makes them easy to use but also limits the types of programs you can run on your Chromebook. To access some features like drag-and-drop or a file manager, you need to right-click on your Chromebook screen.

A right click is an essential keyboard shortcut that lets you copy text, open files and folders, and select items in the browser. On some laptops, you can accomplish similar tasks with the right mouse button as well.

Are you curious about the allowing right-click Chrome process? We have provided a comprehensive guide here to help you to learn to perform this action.

Methods to Right Click on Chromebook.

Chromebooks don’t have a physical mouse or trackpad. Instead, they run Google’s Chrome OS operating system, which includes just keyboard shortcuts and touchscreen gestures such as swiping with two fingers.


But if you want to access those features from within an app or web page, there’s no built-in way to do so without using a mouse or trackpad. Most apps don’t support right-clicking at all! Chromebooks are great, and they’re getting better. But if you’re spending a lot of time on your laptop, you need to know how to right-click on Chromebook.

Automatic Right-Clicking

The most reliable method for allowing right-clicking on Chromebook is to use Chrome’s built-in touchpad (trackpad) controls, often called “tap and drag.”

To do so:

Tap anywhere on the screen where you want to click something, then move your finger toward the bottom until you hear a click sound or feel something happening under your finger. Move your finger until it is over an object on the screen this could be an icon or text link then lift so that your finger leaves its current position (your cursor will disappear).

Use Trackpad

The Chromebook’s trackpad is a bit more sensitive than a traditional laptop trackpad. You can use it to right-click on your Chromebook by pressing and holding down the trackpad button. A small left arrow will appear in the corner of your screen, which you can click to select an option from the context menu.

Use a Physical Mouse

You can also use a physical mouse with your Chromebook, but it may be more comfortable if you use it on your laptop or desk. If you want to use a mouse with your Chromebook, connect it to the USB port on the side of your device. Once connected, right-click on any screen and select “Accessibility.”

Go through each section until you get to “Mouse & Keyboard,” then select “Enable Mouse & Keyboard.” You’ll need to press and hold down on each side of the mouse until they flash three times before they become active. Additionally, you can activate this function by going to Settings > Accessibility > Mouse & Keyboard.

What Other Trackpad Motions can I Use on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks don’t have many built-in gestures, but you can still do them with a mouse and keyboard.

The following gestures can be made from any Google Chrome browser window:

Pinch-to-zoom: Pinch your fingers together to zoom in on an image or video.

Drag and drop: Drag files between windows. For example, if multiple tabs open, drag a file from one account to another.

Double-tap: Double-tap to select text or an image.

Swipe left or right: Move through tabs with your thumb.

Swipe up or down: Scroll up and down web pages using two fingers on the trackpad.

How to Middle Click on Chromebook?

A middle click is a mouse gesture that you can use to open and close applications and documents in Chrome OS. It will also enable you to perform other essential tasks, such as moving the cursor around your screen, selecting the text, and more.


The middle click is the equivalent of a (left-click on a Chromebook) or right-click on a Windows PC. To access it, press down your trackpad or mouse and move it to the left half of the screen. Release the mouse or trackpad button after that, and move the device back to your starting position.

You should see a new option in the bottom right corner of your screen that looks like three stacked squares with an arrow between them. Click this option to open up Chrome’s options menu.

How to Scroll on a Chromebook?

Scrolling on Chromebook is a little different than scrolling on a regular computer. You can use the touchpad or trackpad to scroll, but you must hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling.

If your Chromebook doesn’t have a touchpad or trackpad, you’ll need to use a mouse or trackpad instead. To change from one type of input device to another, click the “Chrome” icon in the top right corner of your screen and select “Settings.”Decide between “Touch” and “Mouse” under “Controls.”

Why won’t Right Click on Chromebook work?

Sometimes it may happen while using a Chromebook right-click stops working. Here is a list of the causes and methods to encounter this problem.


  • The device being used has an issue with its touchscreen.
  • The Chromebook’s battery has died and needs to be charged or replaced.
  • Some apps don’t work correctly on your Chromebook.
  • A virus or malware infection is present on your device, which prevents right-click functionality from working.

Steps to Solve this Problem

  • Try turning off your Chromebook and then turning it on again. Change keyboards or trackpads if you’re still having issues.
  • Check that the mouse is plugged into your Chromebook. If it isn’t, try a different USB port or cable.
  • Try using Google’s built-in screen-sharing tool to see whether you can connect with another computer.
  • Consider restarting your Chromebook if none of those solutions work for you; this should resolve the majority of right-click capability issues.


Hence, we’ve covered the steps to enable right-clicking on a Chromebook. While Chromebooks aren’t meant to be used like Windows computers, it’s still good to know how you can access some of these essential functions.

You can use the instructions we provided above if you have a keyboard or trackpad or if you have another type of device that you’re using with your Chromebook. It’s always good to make sure you know some of the basics about how your device works and what it’s capable of doing in case something requires you to get support from someone over the phone.


What is the Right Click?

The right-click on a MacBook or double-click is a keystroke on most computers. When you have the mouse pointer over an object and press down on it, it will perform a right-click action. To perform a right-click action, you need to hold down the CTRL key while pressing down on your computer’s left button. The same goes for left-clicks too. You can use either one as needed for different tasks.

How Do I Right-Click on My Chromebook?

If you have a mouse, click on the top left corner of your screen. A menu with a few choices will appear as a result. “Right click” is one of these. When you click it, you may enable right-click on a laptop anywhere on the screen with your mouse or trackpad.

What Makes Right-Clicking on a Chromebook Different from Other Devices?

Right-click on a Chromebook requires a different technique than other devices. While a regular mouse has two buttons, the Chromebook does not have a physical keyboard, so there are no buttons for left and right clicks. Instead, you must use your trackpad or touchpad to perform these actions.

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