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N-Key Rollover Test

The n-key rollover (NKRO) test evaluates a keyboard’s simultaneous key registration capabilities. Fast and precise typing is essential for gaming and other activities that rely on complex vital combinations. This metric measures the keyboard’s capacity to recognize and process numerous simultaneous keystrokes. The phrase “n-key rollover keyboards describe a keyboard’s capacity to interpret all key presses, regardless of how many keys were pushed simultaneously. 

Gamers and other power users frequently run their keyboards through the NKRO test to ensure they can keep up with their software. Users do this test by pressing a combination of keys at once and seeing if each is recognized. Users who need a quick and precise typing and gaming experience can benefit from a keyboard with a high n-key rollover.

How To Perform This N-Key Rollover Test?

Your keyboard may be tested for n-key rollover using our applications that are readily accessible online. The basic procedures for doing this test are as follows:

  • Online, look for and download n-keyboard rollover test software.
  • Execute the on-screen instructions after opening the program.
  • As many keyboard keys as you can press and hold down.
  • Verify the program output to ensure that each key is appropriately registered.
  • Let go of the keys and carry out the procedure multiple times to guarantee precision.

The most significant number of simultaneous key presses that may be recorded will depend on the keyboard’s specs, and various keyboards have varying n-key rollover capacities. Additionally, the accuracy and dependability of the software tool utilized influence the test findings. Thus, it’s critical to choose one of these. You may find the most keys that can be pushed concurrently on your keyboard and evaluate its performance by doing this test.


How To Enable The N-key Rollover?

The keyboard’s capabilities determine whether or not n-key rollover (NKRO) may be activated. You can follow these general instructions if you want to use NKRO on your keyboard.

Check the Keyboard’s Specs or Manual: It would help if you looked at the keyboard’s specs or manual. If you want to use NKRO on your keyboard, you need to verify the keyboard’s specs or manual to ensure it supports it. 

Keystrokes: The number of simultaneous keystrokes a keyboard can register with NKRO functionality varies across models.

Verify the keyboard’s firmware: Specific models let you toggle NKRO on or off in the settings menu. You may enable NKRO on your keyboard by accessing its firmware and selecting the appropriate option.

Using Online Software Applications: You may enable NKRO on your keyboard by using one of the many software applications available on the web. You may get these programs on the internet and install them on your computer; most even come with user guides. 

Use USB Port: Avoid potential security issues by only downloading and running trusted applications. Try moving the keyboard to a different USB port; doing so may unlock NKRO in your setup. 

This is because the amount of simultaneous key presses may be limited by the USB port’s bandwidth, which varies between ports.

Upgrade it: If your present keyboard doesn’t support NKRO or has restrictions preventing it from meeting your needs, consider upgrading to one that does. Type more efficiently with the complete NKRO functionality on many premium mechanical keyboards.

Types Of Key Rollover:

When using a keyboard with full N-key rollover (FNKRO), all keys may be pushed simultaneously without causing conflicts or delays. This form of NKRO is the most sought-after and can be found in many premium mechanical keyboards.

6-Key Rollover: It is possible to press and register up to six keys simultaneously using 6-key rollover (6KRO), a form of NKRO. Keyboards with 6KRO are the norm and are more than enough for everyday computer use.

2-Key Rollover: Two keys may be pushed simultaneously without causing any conflicts or delays in the system, thanks to a 2-key rollover (2KRO), a specific kind of NKRO. Generally, this is the lowest level of NKRO functionality on modern keyboards.

Overlapping Keys Rollover: OKRO, or overlapping keys rollover, combines the best features of 2KRO and 6KRO into a single NKRO variant. 

Six keys may be pushed at once with this NKRO, and any extra keys you press will be registered as long as they don’t overlap with the initial six.


Why Is N-Key Rollover Important?

Type Rapidly and correctly: NKRO allows users to type more swiftly and correctly, especially when simultaneously using a combination of keys. Gamers and programmers, who rely on quick and precise input, will appreciate this feature especially.

Anti-Ghosting: The anti-ghosting capabilities in NKRO keyboards keep things running smoothly even when numerous keys are being hit simultaneously. This makes sure the keyboard is picking up on every key press.

Productivity Boost: By decreasing typos and increasing speed, NKRO keyboards help users get more done in less time. Productivity gains and streamlined operations are two potential outcomes.

Alter Physical Arrangement: Many NKRO keyboards allow users to alter the physical arrangement of their keys, which can dramatically increase typing velocity and accuracy. Users with unique requirements or preferences will find this feature especially helpful.

Responsive Mechanical Key Switches: Type more comfortably and quickly with an NKRO keyboard’s haptic, responsive mechanical key switches. These switches are built to last longer and are more resilient than the standard rubber dome.

Light Facilitate Typing In Dim Environment: Some NKRO keyboards include lighted keys to facilitate typing in dim environments. Users who frequently work or play in low-light conditions, such as gamers, may benefit from this.

Ergonomic Design: Many NKRO keyboards include an ergonomic layout that makes typing easier on the wrists and fingers, leading to greater comfort and less likelihood of repetitive stress injuries.

Benefits Of N-Key Rollover

With N-key rollover, you may press many keys at once and have them all be recognized, allowing for more precise input. This feature is ideal for a gaming keyboard. There, you might have to issue a string of instructions simultaneously. It enables more sophisticated keyboard shortcuts and macros, expanding their usefulness. Because many vital presses can combine into one action, this is true. It allows for faster and more efficient typing. This is because you can access more keys and type with more fingers. There is no need to avoid people or block them.


What happens if the Rollover Limit is exceeded?

There are three possible outcomes if more keys are pushed than the keyboard’s rollover limit allows for:

Unpressed keys are recorded as “extra keys.” The term “ghosting” is commonly used to describe this phenomenon.

The lock has no record of a key being used it. This is probably because the keyboard controllers were told to ignore this key combination to reduce ghosting. The term “blocking” describes this tactic.

Once you’ve correctly registered the key combination, you won’t have any issues. There is no upper restriction on the rollover value of a keyboard. Hence, even more, complex key combinations will work without problem. 

There’s logic for including the critical rollover value, but some permutations will fail.



Therefore, it is concluded that the n-key rollover test is a crucial tool for assessing the effectiveness of computer keyboards. The number of keys that may be pushed concurrently and recorded by the keyboard without causing conflicts or delays is determined by this test. It is crucial for users who need quick and precise input, such as gamers, programmers, and others. Users may assess the quality of the keyboard they are using or think about buying by performing the n-key rollover test, an industry-standard measurement of keyboard performance. 

Users may reduce annoyance and increase productivity by spotting possible conflicts and delays in the keyboard. However, it should be performed to assess the quality of any keyboard before purchasing for anybody who depends substantially on keyboard input. Users may guarantee that their keystrokes are precisely and promptly recorded by selecting a keyboard with excellent n-key rollover performance, allowing for optimum efficiency and performance.


What exactly is n-key rollover?

A keyboard performance statistic called N-key rollover (NKRO) shows how many keys may be pushed at once without any of them being lost or ghosted.

How does keyboard performance change with n-key rollover?

A keyboard with a high n-key rollover enables quicker and more precise typing, especially when numerous keys are pushed simultaneously, as in programming or gaming applications.

How can I use my keyboard to do an n-key rollover test?

Various software applications are available for testing a keyboard’s n-key rollover capability online. These tools often entail pushing and holding down several keys simultaneously while determining if each is registered correctly.

What distinguishes n-key rollover from anti-ghosting?

The terms “anti-ghosting” and “N-key rollover” are similar, but “anti-ghosting” explicitly refers to a keyboard’s capacity to handle specified combinations of simultaneous key presses without recording undesired vital inputs. The most keys that may be pushed simultaneously without any of them being dropped or ghosted is known as an “N-key rollover.”

What advantages can high n-key rollover keyboards offer?

A keyboard with a high n-key rollover may provide several advantages, including as quicker and more accurate typing, better gaming performance, and a more effective and organized workflow for programming and other jobs that need several simultaneous inputs.