Online Mouse Tester Clicker

A mouse is a crucial piece of equipment for anyone working on a computer. Sometimes the mouse does not work correctly, so we provide numerous mouse testers to check its functionality. You can now test the right, left, and middle buttons, as well as the double clicking of the mouse. Here, we’ll give you all the information you need, including critical features and testing the online mouse. So, dress up and look for the solutions to the questions that have been bothering you.

Online Mouse Test Clicker

Mouse Test Online Tool​

There are multiple ways to test whether your mouse is working or not. You can either use software that detects the movement of the cursor or an online mouse-clicking tool that provides a virtual canvas on which you can perform different types of clicks and check whether your mouse is working fine or not.

Salient Features of Mouse Tester

The mouse click tester has some features which make it unique and useful:

mouse tester clicker online

CPS Mouse Test Online

The main feature of the Mouse Test Clicker is that it can be used to check the quality of a mouse by clicking on its buttons and other features. Mouse test cps also show whether or not the mouse is working properly.

It is used for testing USB mouse’s as well as PS2 mouse’s. It can also be used for testing optical, trackball, and optical trackball mouses.

The main difference between these two software tools is that you have to purchase Mouse Tester before you can use it. But in the case of Mouse Test Clicker, you can download it free of cost

A mouse test speed is a tool for testing a mouse. It can simulate clicks, double-click tests, drag and drop, scrolling, and other actions. It has a small size and runs without installation. This is a simple program that allows you to check the functioning of your mouse. You can check the button order, mouse’s scroll wheel, and other options.

Mouse Button Test

A  computer mouse test is a test that can be performed on a mouse. This test is usually performed to find out if the mouse is working properly. The Click test mouse button can be done by anyone and takes only a few minutes to complete. If your mouse is not working properly, it could have been damaged during shipping or storage, or it may have been damaged due to rough handling.

Mouse Button Check Tool

The mouse buttons are the most likely point of failure in a mouse. The most common problem is that they get stuck.

You can test your mouse wheel by turning on your computer and playing a game, or by opening your favorite program. Then, while holding down a button on your mouse, try moving it around. If it moves smoothly and the button registers when you let go, then all is well! If not, then you may need to replace your mouse.

It’s also possible for one of the buttons on your mouse to not work properly. There are many different ways for this to happen and each requires a different fix:

If only one button on your mouse doesn’t work at all, it could be that the rubber cover over that particular button has come off or been damaged somehow. In this case, all you need to do is put the cover back in place and make sure it’s secure before using it again.

If only one button on your mouse works intermittently or only when pressed very hard, then there is something wrong with its connection inside the mouse itself. One way that this can happen is if too much dust gets in between its internal components and prevents them from working properly together.


Mouse Test Clicker

A mouse checker is a software that tests the mouse. This software can be used to test any type of mouse, including optical, laser, and trackball mice. Using this software you can test mouse scroll wheel test and other special keys (if any).

This mouse tool is not only for testing purposes but also for the people who need to know exactly how many clicks are done by their mouse. It is also useful for online gamers who want to improve their gaming skills by knowing how many times they have clicked their mouse per second or in a minute.

Mouse Double Clicker Test

The idea is that you can use this application to test the double-click speed of your mouse. It starts by opening and closing the same window 10 times in 5 seconds, then waits for you to press a button before starting again. You can press any key at any time during the test, so if you don’t like how long it takes to open a window then just press a key at the beginning of each cycle until it opens as quickly as you want it to.

Mouse Polling Rate Test

A mouse is a peripheral device that is used to control the pointer on a computer screen. A mouse is generally connected to the computer via a USB or PS/2 connection. A typical mouse has one or more buttons and a scroll wheel, which can be rotated left or right.

The polling rate of your mouse determines how often your computer checks for input from your mouse. The higher the polling rate, the more responsive your mouse will be. If you have a wireless gaming mouse and experience lag with it, try changing its polling rate in Windows’ Control Panel.

Mouse Right or Left Click Test

The click test right-click test is done by holding and pressing the right mouse button down and moving the mouse around. The check mouse click left to test is done by pressing and holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse around.

If you have no mouse, you can simulate one with your finger on a mobile device or laptop touchpad.

The movement of your cursor should be smooth and fluid without any jumping or skipping around. If it does skip around, try different ways of holding your finger down on the screen or using more pressure with your finger on the touchpad.


Mouse Middle Button Test

The middle buttons are a bit of a mixed bag. They’re often used as back and forward buttons in web browsers, but they’re also used for several other functions.

Common Tasks:

In this test, you’ll be asked to perform some common tasks with the middle mouse button.

The first task is to simply test the mouse clicks checker on an object using the middle button. This should be done with both the right and left buttons. If there’s any difference between the two, please let us know in your feedback.

The second task is to double-click on an object using the middle mouse button. This should be done with both the left and right buttons.

Finally, we’d like you to try out some other tasks with the middle button (e.g., dragging or scrolling). You don’t have to do all of these — just do whatever seems most natural for you.


How to Test Mouse Buttons?

  • Make sure the mouse is turned on and plugged into a USB port.
  • Click the Start menu button, then click Run (or press Win+R).
  • Type the control mouse in the Open box, and then click OK or press Enter.
  • Scroll down to the Pointers section, and select the Enable Pointer Trails check box.
  • If necessary, click the Motion tab, and then select the Logical Scrolling check box You’ll see a grid pattern on your screen when you move your mouse around while this option is enabled.
  • Selecting the Enable Mouse Keys check box enables you to use the number pad keys as cursor keys.

How to Change the Button Setting

  • Click on Start to open the control panel. Search for a mouse in the search box and click on it.
  • To swap the left and right buttons, click on the primary button option.

How to Change the Pointer Setting

  • Go to the mouse pointer section. You can see many options to change.
  • The numbering is given from 1 to 15 to increase the size of the pointer. 
  • You can customize the pointer in black and many other colour options like Lime, Yellow, Gold, Pink, Turquoise, Blue and Purple.
  • Cursor thickness is a choice to increase the visibility of the cursor during typing.

How to Change the Scroll Wheel Setting

  • Two options are given in the settings of the scroll wheel. One is how many lines you want to scroll. You can adjust it between 1 to 100.
  • Second, is the choice of scrolling multiple lines at a time or one screen at a time. 

Mouse customization

You can adapt the mouse in Windows according to your preferences. Like changing the buttons’ functions, increasing the speed of the scroll wheel, and making the pointer more visible. These are considered technical specifications of the mouse.

Mouse DPI (Dots Per Inch)

Mouse DPI “Dots per inch” or “Dots per linear inch” represents the speed or sensitivity of the mouse on the screen. When you move a mouse, it shows how many inches the cursor moves. A mouse with a higher DPI covers more distance on the screen quickly. However, with lower DPI, it moves slowly and covers a small distance. DPI ranges from 400 to 3600 and another name used for DPI is CPI “Counts per inch”.


Best Tool to Test the Mouse is Human Hand

One of the best ways to check how to test your mouse is by using it with your hand. You may be able to tell if the mouse has an issue with tracking or button clicks just by using your hand.

If you see the cursor moving strangely when you use the mouse, it might mean there’s a problem with it. If the buttons aren’t working properly, you’ll notice it when you try to click on things in a program or game.

online Mouse test tool

Online Mouse test mice aren’t just for people who want to ensure their computer works correctly instead, it is also used by professionals such as game developers and software engineers who need accurate testing before releasing their product into production mode.

How to test the mouse side buttons?

  • Click the “Mouse” icon on the desktop, and the mouse settings window will open up.
  • Click on “Switch primary and secondary buttons” under “Button Settings”.
  • Click on the “Left side button” under “Button Settings”. Click and hold the button until the page turns blue. After leaving it if it remains light blue then the button is fine.
  • Click on “Evaluate” under “Button Settings”.
  • Click on Yes when asked if you want to continue.

No Installation Required

The software does not require an installation process because it is completely portable and can be run directly from its compressed file which means that there will be no registry entries created on your computer after running this software. You can also copy its folder anywhere on your computer and use it from there without worrying about registry entries being created by it.

Mouse Accessories

The mousepad is necessary for the muse. It creates smoothness and increases grip. The performance of the mouse boosts up by using it.

Gaming Mice

Consider exploring the specific needs of gamers concerning the performance of their gaming mouse and the testing of their mouse, if applicable.

Wireless vs. Wired Mice

There are two main categories of mice: wired and wireless. Each comes with its own set of specifications and functions. You can also utilize this tool to test your mouse.

Wired Mouse

Wired mice are budget-friendly and don’t need frequent battery changes. They work well and are very precise. They have minimal delays.

However, the long wire can sometimes get in the way when you’re moving the mouse. This means you might not be able to move it freely. So, if you’re thinking of getting a wired mouse, it’s a good idea to test it first using this tool.

Wireless Mouse

The wireless mouse is easier to use. It doesn’t have a cord, so you can move it around freely. You don’t even need a mousepad. It costs a bit more than a wired mouse and might not be as precise. You can check how accurate it is using this tool.

Mouse Drag Test

The mouse check online drag test is a quick and easy way to test the responsiveness of a mouse. It measures the speed at which you can move your mouse cursor across the screen and also how smoothly it moves. A good mouse should be able to move quickly but without any jitters or other problems.

How to do the mouse drag test?

  • Open Windows Paint or any other program that allows for free movement of the mouse (such as Word).
  • Open up a blank canvas in Paint, and then click anywhere on the canvas to set an initial starting point for the drug test.
  • Move your mouse around until it’s positioned over the starting point, then perform a single click. This will allow you to select everything you drag across with just one click, which makes things much easier when testing various aspects of your mouse’s performance later on in this article!
  • Perform a short drag across the screen from left to right (or vice versa), stopping at least 2 inches before reaching the edge of the screen on either side of where you started dragging originally.

Mouse Scroll Test

Mouse Scroll Test is a free online application to test mice. It allows you to scroll through a page using the mouse and see if it scrolls smoothly or not. If your checker mouse scroll has problems, such as sticking or skipping, then this tool will help you identify those problems and make sure you don’t have to buy another one! It requires no special software, just a web browser, and Internet connection. 



A mouse tester clicker is recommended as an essential tool for computer lovers at the end of the article. In order to detect any errors, we have provided you with detailed tests. Mouse buttons and scrolling errors can be fixed by trying them.


  • Yes. This mouse tool works on both Windows and Mac desktops, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • This test detects mouse sensitivity.  A faster mouse gives a high DPI.
  • If the mouse slides over the mousepad smoothly then it means its sensor is working well.

One way is to use an online mouse test website, such as:


These websites provide interactive tests that allow you to check the accuracy, speed, and responsiveness of your mouse. You can also use online games or apps that require mouse input to test your mouse.

Observing cursor movement on the computer screen, using a mouse pad, or using a manufacturer-provided diagnostic tool are ways to test a mouse sensor Otherwise, You can test your mouse By Using Our Mouse tester Tool