Mouse Scroll Speed Test​

The test that measures the scrolling speed of the mouse is known as the Scroll Speed Test. It is carried out vertically with the aid of an online tool. This test also helps a lot in gaming to check the scrolling efficiency of your mouse. There are several scroll games for which this test might prove beneficial. 

Most people use this tool to check their new gaming mouse’s scroll speed and settings. You can also increase the scrolling speed by effortlessly holding a mouse. This test varies in different mice; some perform this to have fun. Scroll wheel Test has other uses, features, and benefits, and we will provide steps to achieve this test. Lets us discuss this in detail.

Why perform a Scroll Speed Test?

Let’s quickly review the significance of the mouse scroll test: The mouse’s proper operation is essential while testing the scroll wheel. Ensure the mouse works correctly and make it simple to perform your daily tasks. Users can use a scrolling test to check whether or not their mouse scroll wheel is in perfect functioning condition. The scroll wheel speed test can be used to check the scroll wheel on the recently purchased mouse.

In a scrolling game, scroll more quickly to increase your aim. The scroll test is significant for younger gamers. These athletes give it their all to outwit their rivals and triumph. Scrolling more quickly in shooting games where players use snipers to aim is essential. Therefore, doing our scroll test improves gamers’ scrolling speed so they can scroll more quickly.

For contrasting various mice: The scroll test is quite helpful. One of them is for distinguishing different mice. Each mouse’s operation varies depending on several things. A scrolling test can be used to compare mice in aspects of DPI, pixel scrolling capability, etc.

Features Of Scroll Speed Test

Features of Scroll Speed

The click scroll wheel test has appealing features that make it the best testing tool.

  • Get the fast result in pixels per second format.
  • Users can use it easily because of its friendly interface.
  • There is no risk of malware.
  • After passing this test, you will be able to outsmart your rivals in competitive situations, which will advance your abilities to the next level of brilliance.
  • In contrast to other scroller tests available on the internet, this one maintains your expertise while you scroll in the allotted box.
  • As you move through the test, the allotted box of fairness changes color, making the experience both pleasant and joyous.

How to perform a scroll speed?

  • We have designed a straightforward and user-friendly method for you.
  • To begin your test, position your mouse on the frame designated for this purpose and with the word “Scroll” in it. Next, you must use your cursor to scroll or spin the wheel as quickly as you can. 
  • The timer will start, and the seconds will start scrolling after the first click of your mouse wheel. 
  • Your best scrolling pixels per the second result will be provided after as much time as you choose to test yourself. 
  • You can instantly see your most excellent score and scrolling speed during this scroll test.

Uses of Scroll Speed Test

Open the Link in New Tab

An effective way to open a link in a new tab is to utilize the mouse scroll instead of the right-click menu. Users don’t have to exert much work to have the link appear in a new account; they must press the mouse scroll button on the link.

Close the Tabs

It is impossible to open each tab individually and click the x button to close it if you have several open accounts in your browser. Users can substitute the mouse scroll button alternatively. To dismiss an account, move the mouse pointer over it and press the mouse’s middle button.

Zoom Page

The mouse scroll button can also be used to zoom in on a page. Just use the mouse scroll to zoom in and read the text easily if you have trouble reading the small type shown on the screen.

Aim in Gaming

Our young gamers can zoom in and improve their aim with the mouse scroll button. It increases their likelihood of succeeding.

Ways to Improve Scroll Speed

Here are different methods to improve the malfunctioning of the scroll speed of the mouse.


Replace the Batteries


Sometimes battery causes lots of problems with mouse scrolling. If the battery is low, it causes several abnormal scrolling by the mouse. Try replacing the battery with a fresh one to resolve this problem.

Mouse Driver Updates

It is the best method for fixing the mouse wheel scrolling issue. To ensure the mouse wheel scrolls correctly, you must go to settings and look for the device driver to download and upgrade to the most recent mouse driver version.

Reattach the Mouse

Occasionally all it takes to resolve a mouse scrolling issue is to unplug and replug the mouse. Try inserting the mouse once more into a different USB port. Restarting the mouse drivers will resolve the problem with the mouse scroll.

Examine the Touchpad

Operators of laptops may want to examine their touchpads if they experience any problems with the mouse scroll. The scroll could stop working if food particles or water are dropped on the touchpad. Therefore, check your touchpad and turn it off when such a circumstance develops.

Verify the Mouse Wheel Settings

When the mouse wheel stops functioning, quickly navigate to the operating system’s options and look through the mouse settings to see if the mouse wheel scrolling is allowed and adequately set up or not.

How to increase mouse scroll speed?


Practice makes a man perfect; similarly, mouse scroll speed increases when you do it regularly. Keep practicing and get the best from them.

Select the Perfect Mouse

Choose a mouse that is just the right size for your contrary, too large or too small. The buttons should all comfortably accommodate your fingertips. A gaming mouse might be a better option because it is more effective than a conventional mouse and is available in several sizes.

Do Perfect Scrolling

When scrolling the mouse, use the perfect method for it, such as your finger posture must be perfect for it. Also, try to apply those techniques that are best for scrolling.


Therefore, it is concluded that the mouse scroll speed test is the best tool to check the scrolling speed. Your gaming performance depends upon the scrolling speed because it also affects the aiming purposes. Try to use the best techniques to perform scrolling. There are lots of benefits and uses for this test. Try all the above methods and enhance the scrolling. Your gaming performance and finger movement also improve through continuous practice. If you find any trouble while scrolling, then check your mouse to remove the dust and also try to replace its batteries.


What is the Scroll Speed Test?

This is a valuable tool that can help you check your mouse scrolling speed and the game’s performance. It shows you how fast your mouse scrolls and how quickly you perform in the game.

Where is quick scrolling needed?

Any computer user must be able to scroll quickly because it is beneficial for regular computer use and playing video games. Being able to scroll swiftly across a significant web page or Excel table is terrific, mainly if you are unfamiliar with any specific keyboard shortcuts.

How to fix the mouse scroll speed?

Mouse scroll speed can be adjusted in a few steps. Holding the window key, press R (Window + R), insert the link, then release the button. Thus mouse wheel section properties increase, and scroll speed can be adjusted.

What is Hyper Scrolling?

Hyper Scrolling is the fast scrolling speed of the mouse. It assists in achieving a higher gaming level. Your mouse on the screen will scroll up and down fastly.