Has your mouse’s left click stopped working correctly? It can be endlessly frustrating when your primary mouse button fails. The left click performs important functions like selecting items, opening files and links, and using drag-and-drop. When it’s not registering clicks properly, it severely limits your computer use.

Don’t worry in most cases, this issue can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting and repairs. This article will cover the most common reasons for a malfunctioning left mouse button and how to get it working again.

Computer Mouse Not Clicking

If your mouse or keyboard is not working. It could be due to a faulty connection between the peripheral and the motherboard. In this case, consider replacing the cord that connects the accessory to your computer. If you still have no luck with this solution, there may be something wrong with your computer’s hardware or software. To fix this problem, try updating all of your device drivers (you can use Driver Easy).

Clean Your Mouse to Fix Left Click

One of the first things to try is thoroughly cleaning your mouse’s internal components. Dust buildup can interrupt the electrical contacts for click registry.

Wired Optical Mice

  • Unplug the mouse and open the underside cover to access the PCB.
  • Use compressed air to blow out any particles in the optical sensor and click contacts.
  • Rub gently with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to remove grime buildup.
  • Let fully dry before reassembling and testing.

Wireless Optical Mice

  • Remove the batteries and open the battery compartment.
  • Use compressed air and a Q-tip with alcohol to clean contacts.
  • Let dry fully before replacing batteries and closing.

Mechanical Mice

  • Open the top or bottom shell to expose the clicker mechanism.
  • Use compressed air and rubbing alcohol to clean the metal switch contacts.
  • Ensure no obstructions in the spring mechanism before reassembling.

Thorough cleaning can get the left click working again in cases of dirt buildup.


  1. Make sure that the mouse is plugged in properly. The very first thing to look for seems to be whether your mouse’s cord is connected to both ends. If the cable is not plugged in properly. Then you will have problems with the mouse not clicking on your laptop. Check if your mouse is not working properly
  2. Check for any damage to your mouse’s body or button. If there is any damage to your laptop’s body or button, then this may cause problems with how well it works. If this happens, you should try using another one until you find one that works for you and meets all of your needs when using it for everyday tasks such as writing papers, doing homework, etc.
  3. Update your driver software so that it will work properly with Windows 10 if you are using this operating system on your laptop computer or desktop computer at home or at work while at work or school and school work or even at home playing games like World Of Warcraft And Run escape which uses the mouse left click too!
  4. Make sure that the batteries of your wireless mouse are working fine and that they are not dead. You can also try using another set of batteries if your ones have been used for a long time. It’s possible that your battery is not working properly because of which it isn’t able to send signals to your computer properly.
  5. Check if there is any dust on the sensor area of your wireless mouse because it might be interfering with its functioning. You can clean it by using an air compressor or compressed air sprayer. So that all dust particles get blasted away from there.
  6. When you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, unplug it and reconnect it to your computer. This will often reset the connection between your mouse and computer, and fix any problems that may have occurred.
  7. If this does not work, test other USB devices on that same port by plugging them into the same port as your mouse was plugged into. If they work fine when plugged into this port but do not work when plugged into another port, then your problem lies with either your mouse or its cable.
Mouse-Left Click-Not-Working-Properly

Top 10 Steps to Solve Mouse Left Clicking

Restart your PC

If you’re having trouble with your computer’s mouse, it’s a good idea to restart it before trying anything else. You’ll find the Restart option in the Start menu or on the Power button menu on many PCs.

Check for Loose Wires or Cables

Make sure that any cables connected to your mouse are securely in place. If they’re loose, they could be causing intermittent issues with your mouse’s functionality.

Check Mouse Settings

If you’re using a wireless mouse and have recently changed batteries, try replacing them with new ones to see if this fixes the issue. Try plugging in your mouse to charge it before trying again.

If you are using Bluetooth to connect your mouse, make sure that it’s turned on and working properly by connecting it to another device such as your phone or tablet. If it doesn’t work there either, then there may be an issue with your computer’s Bluetooth adapter or drivers.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

If restarting doesn’t work, uninstall the current driver software and then reinstall it. This is best done using Device Manager (Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager). To uninstall the driver software, select the device in Device Manager and click Uninstall or double-click the device name to display a dialog box with an Uninstall button. Then follow the instructions on the screen to remove all traces of drivers for that hardware device from your computer’s hard drive.

Changing Touchpad Sensitivity

One of the first things you should do is check your touchpad sensitivity settings by (how do you) right-clicking on the Start button and then choosing Control Panel from the menu that appears. This will open up an app called Mouse Properties where you can change some of your settings.

Click on the Pointer Options tab and then click on the Pointer Speed slider at the bottom right corner of the window until it reaches maximum sensitivity or minimum sensitivity depending on whether or not you’re having problems with moving around Windows 10 with your touchpad or not.

Restart Windows Explorer

If you’re using a desktop PC and have more than one hard drive installed, restarting Windows Explorer may fix your problem. To use it, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Device Manager. Click File > Run New Task and type Explorer in the Open field. Type %systemroot%\explorer.exe in the Open field and then click OK.

Run the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

First, run the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter. To do this, type “Troubleshooting” into the search bar in the Start menu or click on the Start menu and select “Troubleshooting.” Choose “Hardware and Acoustics” from the drop-down menu, then “Hardware and Gadgets.” Click on Run the Hardware Troubleshooter to begin running through all of its tests. If any issues are found, they’ll be fixed automatically as part of this process.

Replace your Mouse

Plug another mouse into your laptop. If it functions normally, the issue is with your existing mouse left click not working. It may be time for a new mouse if yours is several years old or has been dropped or mishandled too much.


Uninstall Freshly Installed Programs

If you have recently installed a new program or updated an existing one, there might be some conflicts with your computer’s drivers. To test whether this fixes things, uninstall the freshly installed programs and resume your computer.

Disable the Track Point

If this succeeds, there’s a problem with the driver for your track point. You should either reinstall it or get help from Dell.

Create New User Account

When your Windows 10 system fails to work properly, you may need to create a new user account. The steps outlined below will walk you through establishing a new user account.

  • Start the menu, pick Computer, then Properties.

  • Choose to Add from the Users section

  • Click Next after entering the new customer account’s name

  • When you have entered a password for this account, click Finish.

How to left click without a mouse?

Left-clicking is a pretty basic function of the mouse, but it can be tricky to do if your mouse clicker not working properly. If your mouse has stopped working, here are some ways you can click the left mouse button without a mouse.

  • Use the keyboard. Pressing “Ctrl” and “Left Click” on your keyboard will perform this action on most computers. You can also press “Alt” and “Left Click,” which may work for some people.
  • Use the touchpad if your laptop has one. You might not be able to use it as well as you would with regular mouse clicks not registering. But the touchpad can occasionally help you left-click when nothing else works. It may take some practice before you get used to it though!
  • If at all possible, utilize an additional keyboard and mouse! If your mouse left click or mouse does not work on a laptop that allows you to connect an external device like this then always try using that before resorting to using just your touchpad or using only your keyboard (which can be uncomfortable).

How to fix mouse clicks not registering?

The problem is that your left click on the mouse is not registered. You can hover over an icon, but cannot click it. You can hover over a link, but cannot click on it. This is a very annoying issue and the only way around this problem is to make use of another mouse or keyboard.

How to fix a broken mouse?

You can fix a broken mouse with the following steps:

  • Clean the mouse buttons not working and check for any loose parts.
  • Check the battery compartment for any corrosion and clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Remove the batteries from your mouse and check if it works without them. If it does not, then you have to replace the batteries or buy new ones from Amazon or other online sources.
  • Check for dust particles stuck between your mouse’s buttons and remove them using a toothpick or cotton bud dipped in alcohol under each button gently.
  • Replace your USB cable if it is broken or damaged in any way as this can cause interference with your mouse’s functioning too.


As a result, if your mouse left click is not working properly, you can find the reasons behind it as well as unique strategies to cure it in this post. We have explained everything in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can learn quickly. All of these options are available for you to examine and implement on your own. It will not interfere with your work. By correcting this issue, you can quickly complete your work on a computer mouse not clicking on a laptop. So, read this post and determine which option is appropriate for your problem.


How do I fix my left mouse button not working on Windows 10?

Several things could cause this issue. Unplugging and reinserting your USB cord into the (left click not working on) laptop should be your first step. This may restore some of your mouse and keyboard settings, which may potentially cure the problem. But if that mouse not clicking properly, your hardware or software drivers may be malfunctioning; try reinstalling them as well as upgrading them to updated models if possible.

Is this a computer problem?

No, it’s not. Your mouse and computer are both in good operating order. It’s only that the way you utilize your mouse is the source of the issue. You should inspect and repair your mouse.

How do I stop my left click from sticking?

To prevent this from happening again, make sure that when you click with your thumb, only apply enough pressure to click down on the button but don’t press hard enough to lift it again before letting go of the button. If you’re not sure how much pressure to apply, try pressing down on an empty soda can or two at once with each thumb until they feel similar in terms of resistance to each other.

Why do I need two mice?

If you’re playing games and watching videos online, then having two mice is extremely useful because it allows you to access multiple windows at once without any hassle! This is especially helpful if you’re multitasking while doing other things like listening to music, watching TV shows, or reading articles online.

Why does my mouse click not work in Chrome?

Many factors could cause this. For example, a virus might have infected your laptop mouse left click & mouse not working, and disabled certain functions of your machine. Other times, it could be an issue with the drivers of your mouse or even something as simple as a loose connection between parts of the device itself. Whatever the cause, try restarting your computer or reinstalling drivers for your mouse before doing anything else!

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