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Mouse DPI Calculator ( Dots Per Inches) is the measurement standard that is used for determining how sensitive a computer mouse is. The number of DPIs, or “dots per linear inch,” that a device is capable of detecting is how it is represented. It is an estimate of the video dot density or the partial printing dot density. The term “dots per inch” refers to the number of separate dots that are arranged in a line over the length of one inch. The higher the DPI setting, the less you have to move the mouse in order to move the pointer in the direction you want it to go.

You will be able to use this online mouse DPI checker to get the dots per inch new sensitivity for a particular existing sensitivity and DPI number. For instance, if a mouse has a DPI of 1600, then the movement of the mouse pointer will be increased by 1600 pixels if you move the mouse a distance of one inch (2.54 cm). Feel free to give our DPI sensitivity calculator a shot for results that are both quick and accurate.

How To Calculate the eDPI For Fortnite, CS: GO, and Valorant?

The optimal effective dot-per-inch (eDPI) will vary from person to person, but there is a general trend for each game that can help determine which set has the potential to be the most successful. And who knew the subject matter better than the experts? So, let’s have a look:


How to Use a Mouse DPI Calculator?

It is very easy to use this tool for both freshers and beginners. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • Start using our trusted online Mouse eDPI Calculator tool.
  • Connect and test your mouse.
  • The online mouse DPI calculator tool’s UI has several input fields and settings.
  • Find the mouse brand and model settings. The calculator needs this information to produce accurate results on your device.
  • Enter your mouse’s DPI (dots per inch) value from the mouse settings. 
  • Set or test your mouse DPI checker online. If you’re considering mouse sensitivity changes or DPI comparisons, this is helpful.
  • Based on your desire or your gaming or business setting, choose inches or centimeters.
  • To guarantee accurate results, check all input fields before moving on.
  • To calculate DPI, click “Calculate” or similar.
  • The DPI Mouse Calculator provides the converted DPI number, sensitivity settings, and mouse distance per revolution.
  • Repeat the computation with different DPI levels or mouse settings to explore sensitivity alternatives or make educated modifications.
  • Use the DPI number and related information to fine-tune your mouse settings in gaming programs, graphic design software, or other professional tools to maximize accuracy and control.
  • If you want to move computers or devices or replicate settings on several machines, write down or save the determined DPI number.
  • Finally, exit the Mouse Sensitivity eDPI Calculator or save it for later use.

Fortnite eDPI Calculator

Calculator for the eDPI used in Fortnite Given that shooting and construction in Fortnite need precision aim, the experts advise using a modest range for your eDPI. The eDPI range of more than 300 professional Fortnite players and streamers was most commonly found to be between 32 and 82.  You will need to aim inside this eDPI scale in order to utilize this calculator effectively as a Fortnite eDPI calculator. Remember that Fortnite’s sensitivity is defined in percentages, and then be sure to provide this level in the calculator.

CS: GO eDPI Calculator

The majority of competitive CS: GO, players, choose a lower eDPI than casual players. This is done to ensure more accurate aiming and to reduce the likelihood of spray. However, in comparison to its rivals, CS: GO necessitates an exceptionally high level of genuine mouse sensitivity. 

Although the majority of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have an eDPI of just around 900, there are a few players who have managed to break into the world’s top elite with a score of over 1500. If you want to use this tool as a CS: GO eDPI calculator, use this range instead.

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Valorant eDPI Calculator

In this first-person shooter with a short time to kill, accuracy is even more important. If you are vulnerable to being killed by a single bullet, you cannot afford to waste too many bullets missing the target. Because of this aspect, it is preferable to use a smaller eDPI in order to ensure flawless aim. Therefore, 280 is the typical value for the Valorant pro-DPI. Be sure to keep those numbers in mind if you intend to use this tool as a calculator for the Valorant eDPI.

Features Of Mouse DPI Calculator

Let us explore some interesting features of this amazing calculator.

1- Accurate DPI Conversion

The DPI changer mouse provides exact and dependable DPI conversion capabilities. Simply enter your mouse’s current DPI value and the calculator will provide the corresponding figure for your target DPI.  You may fine-tune the sensitivity to suit your needs, making it ideal for use in games, graphics programs, and other professional software. Thanks to the tool’s sophisticated algorithms and calculations, you may confidently adjust your mouse settings.

2- Multi-Brand and Model Support

The DPI Calculator supports many mouse brands and models, making it a highly versatile tool. The tool has a lot of settings, so you may customize it to work with your mouse. In order to get accurate results for your specific device, you’ll need to provide these details. The calculator’s flexibility as a tool for both casual and professional users is enhanced by its support for a wide variety of mouse brands and models.


3- Customizable Sensitivity Settings

The sensitivity settings on the DPI Calculator may be adjusted to suit your needs and tastes. Once you’ve entered your current DPI value, you’ll be able to input the target DPI value you want to attain or test. This gives you the freedom to try out various sensitivities, whether you need finer control for complex jobs or swifter cursor movement for more action-packed pursuits. Users may fine-tune their mouse’s performance to their own requirements and improve their overall experience by adjusting the sensitivity settings.

4- Conversion Units

It gives you the option of using either inches or centimeters for your measurements, making it accessible to people all around the world. Users can switch between several units to get the one that best fits their needs. The tool is flexible enough to function with either the imperial or metric systems, making it accessible to people all around the world. Users are able to easily incorporate the computed DPI values into their existing workflows and make sense of the findings thanks to the availability of numerous units.

5- User-friendly Interface

The calculator has a user-friendly UI that was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Information, such as the current and intended DPI values, may be entered quickly and easily by users thanks to clear and intuitive input boxes. The DPI values are computed and shown clearly in the tool’s UI, so users can easily understand and implement the results into their mouse settings. The simplified, intuitive interface makes it easy to calculate DPI and get reliable answers in a short amount of time.


Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Mouse DPI Calculator is a fantastic resource that has benefited gamers and computer users everywhere. The calculator has helped gamers and professionals alike maximize their performance by determining the optimal sensitivity and accuracy for their computer mice. Users may customize their mouse’s movement to their exact specifications by inputting the DPI and the desired sensitivity. This has led to greater precision, faster response times, and higher total output. It is an invaluable tool for gamers, designers, and anybody else who wants to get the most out of their mouse because of how simple it is to use and how widely available it is. It has become an essential tool for both casual and professional users in today’s fast-paced, precision-oriented environment. This information is great for those who want to use this tool.


When and How to Convert Game Sensitivity?

By entering your current in-game mouse sensitivity and selecting a target game, you can get CS: GO to match your current sensitivity. Let us handle the rest with our sens converter. You may check the distance p/360 by entering your mouse DPI in the advanced settings. If you want to get better at aiming in CS: GO, you may download the free Aiming program. 

Does gaming benefit from a faster mouse?

No. The muscle memory you develop when gaming at a particular sensitivity will be lost if you utilize mouse acceleration. The speed with which you move the mouse is directly translated into cursor movement. This means that the distance your cursor travels or the angle it turns in-game may not always correspond to the amount your arm or wrist moves.

Do games allow you to compare mouse sensitivity using eDPI?

No. Since effective DPI is calculated by multiplying the DPI by the in-game sensitivity, the final result will be unique to each game due to the variety of sensitivity scales and factors available. When playing a multiplayer game with pals, the eDPI is a great way to see how your sensitivity and DPI settings stack up against theirs.