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Max speed:
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Max negative Acceleration:
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Max Acceleration:
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Movement Horizontal (X):
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Movement Vertical (Y):
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Mouse Acceleration Test

Acceleration is a tool that provides information regarding mouse cursor reflexes. It also provides a better gaming experience. As you operate your mouse faster, some games have a mouse acceleration feature that will make it travel more quickly. It gives accurate facts about the acceleration of different gaming mice. 

You can handle the faster-moving cursor, but sometimes it becomes challenging to control it in games such as first-person shooter games. Acceleration is also important. This article will provide all the necessary facts and details about the mouse’s acceleration checker and speed and the entire procedure.

Importance of Mouse Acceleration:

The importance of mouse acceleration for gaming is in how it influences how you play and affects your hands. How your mouse moves can significantly impact how long it takes to reach a certain point on the screen or how fast you can click certain buttons.

It can be turned off or adjusted in many games, but this could cause problems with key bindings and other settings that require mouse movements. If you want to change your controller settings for any reason, some games may reset them after exiting the game. So, mouse acceleration has a significant impact on your games.


Types of Mouse Acceleration

Active Acceleration

Depending on the user’s preferences, active acceleration occurs when the mouse advances in the path of the cursor. It is one of the best accelerations, but some gamers will be disappointed that it is not present in all games. 

Passive Acceleration

Passive acceleration has scale movements in which gamers can adjust the speed of the cursor. The game itself may scale the campaigns based on the range of the cursor. The goodness or badness of this acceleration depends upon your preferences.

Take away

People have their abilities and preferences for using mouse acceleration. Some like to use active acceleration and speak like passive. If you cannot handle the speed of mouse acceleration, then you should turn it off and play the game.

Features of Mouse Acceleration:

  • It is a very responsive tool that provides results quickly.
  • Using this tool is quite simple for you.
  • Move the cursor across the screen. The device will automatically complete the remaining task.
  • This tool is incredibly functional and automatic, so you won’t need to exert any additional work.
  • It is a perfectly safe, risk-free, and accessible tool.
  • It will accurately assess the speed of all mouse types.
  • You can keep testing your mouse till you’re happy.

How does this acceleration tool work?

Here you will find a complete guide regarding how to operate the mouse sensitivity tester.



The first step is that tracks the movement from X-axis to Y-axis. Y-axis is the reverse of the X-axis movement. It is from downward to upward and upside to downwards. Its values are recorded in pixels.


The current speed of your mouse cursor’s test movements is concluded by taking the average of X-axis and Y-axis movement. The formula used for it is “Pixels/Seconds.” It is considered the movement of your mouse on both axes.

Maximum Speed

Besides average speed, the mouse’s maximum speed can also be measured. It also uses the same formula that has been mentioned above. It depends on how fast your mouse reflexes are.

How to check the mouse cursor speed?

It is a very user-friendly tool. All you need to do is move your mouse in any manner once you’ve arrived at the precise platform. Your cursor movement will be immediately counted and displayed on the screen.

As a result, you can rapidly evaluate the speed of your mouse pointer.  Additionally, you can view the outcomes on a screen through your own eyes.

Misconception about Mouse Acceleration

The only mouse acceleration choices are typically checkboxes or sliders with a terrible curve. This makes people think that acceleration is bad in and of itself. A correctly designed mouse acceleration curve’s advantages are only now becoming more widely understood, thanks to the invention of the Custom Curve.

Is mouse acceleration superior or inferior?

Depending on the games you play, yes. If you keep your acceleration ON, it will help increase mouse reflexes. But we have seen most gaming experts that they keep the mouse acceleration zero. It will help them to achieve better aiming and not cause any disturbance while playing.

How To Check The Mouse Cursor Speed


We hope you have a better idea of testing the mouse accuracy for this article. Give it a try and find amazing facts about acceleration. The issue surrounding the mouse acceleration test may not initially appear to be significant. Still, it’s not always easy to determine just how much a mouse’s acceleration affects your gaming performance. The best course of action is to experiment with various mice to find which ones best suit your playing preferences. If you can locate one without much acceleration, you should be set to go.


What are the settings of mouse acceleration?

Everyone has their recommendations for mouse settings. Some love high settings, some prefer low, while others have between them. So, there are no one settings where you have to stick on. It may be adjusted to your preferences, and you’ll find it to be cozy. 

Should I continue to have mouse acceleration on?

This allows the mouse pointers to move more quickly. When you use the mouse with high acceleration speed during the game then sometimes challenging to handle; for this, you may off the mouse acceleration. Thus it is your personal preference regarding the mouse settings whether you want to keep it on or off. We recommend not using acceleration if you want the best gaming experience.

Why does my mouse move so quickly?

You can easily change the pointer velocity for these gadgets if your mouse cursor goes too quickly or slowly when using your mouse or touchpad. To access the panel, tap on Mouse & Trackpad. Once you find the pointer motion acceptable, change the mouse or touchpad speed lever.

How fast should the mouse cursor move?

You must maintain the pointer speed setting at 6/11, which is in the middle of the sixth notch, for 100% mouse accuracy. If you wish to alter your pointer speed while maintaining 100% precision, you must change your mouse’s DPI instead.

Is this tool accurate?

Yes, this acceleration tool is the most accurate. It provides authentic information regarding the mouse reflexes’ speed and maximum speed. It is 100% correct and has no downside. It also offers valid data about positive and negative acceleration.