Keyboard Ghosting is when you press the key, but it does not perform those functions that are meant to. If you’re a casual online user or computer user, you might never have seen, but it is a serious problem

This problem is particularly prevalent for those who utilize computers for specialized purposes. These might be keyboard shortcut users who use more than a few keys. Mostly gamers or developers face this issue because they press multiple keys. It would help if you detected it earlier as it may cause serious problems.

It is a simple and easy way to test or detect this ghosting issue. It is an online tool that lets you test the functionality of your keyboard and get instant feedback on its working. It will let you know if there are any issues with those keys and how long they take to be released from their positions.

In this article, you will find all reasons behind keyboard ghosting fix methods to perform the test and some information regarding anti-ghosting keyboards.

Where Does Keyboard Ghosting Come From?

It’s simple enough. Companies are aware that keyboard ghosting fixes in Windows 10 are unlikely to occur to their customers; therefore, they choose cheaper hardware parts and components that limit the number of keys that may be pushed simultaneously.

Since most people need to utilize their keyboards to their full potential, this cost-cutting measure goes unnoticed. Those familiar with the issue recognize just how serious it can be.

How to perform the test for keyboard ghosting?

If you think you could be experiencing keyboard ghosting, you can test it. Use a word processor and hit random key combinations to check which ones show up in your paper, but this could be more reliable.

How To Perform The Test For Keyboard Ghosting

Testing for keyboard ghosting is now a breeze, thanks to dedicated websites. Microsoft provides a single answer for PC users, but everyone may try it on whichever platform they want.

Use the Microsoft anti-ghosting demo to check for ghosting on the keyboard.

  • Launch your web browser and go to the Microsoft anti-ghosting keyboard demonstration page.
  • Just hit the link in the mail to get the demo going.
  • Try pressing and holding many keys simultaneously, such as A, S, D, and W.
  • The quantity and identity of all registered keys are displayed in the screen’s footer.
  • A keyboard’s active keys are shown by a yellow coloration in the image.
  • You’re experiencing when your keys don’t register.
  • If all the keys usually function, hold down the four we’ve already mentioned (W, S, A, and D) and experiment with various combinations until you find one that doesn’t. 
  • If you’re not capable of preventing keyboard ghosting, it’s not likely that you’ll ever notice it.

How to Eliminate Ghosting on a Keyboard?

Because this is not an issue that can be resolved with in-app purchases or other software, there are no concrete answers to the problem of keyboard ghosting. Instead, it’s an issue that can only be resolved by altering the hardware somehow.

However, only some people are handy enough or interested enough in fixing keyboard hardware. However, you may try a few things to see if it helps with the ghosting on the keyboard.

To Remap Keys

Some keyboards’ design and intended use make certain portions of the keyboard fully ghosting-proof. The solution to any ghosting issues you may be experiencing on your keyboard is to switch the affected key(s) with a key(s) that is not affected by the ghosting.

Once the side without ghosting has been identified, the keys can be remapped using third-party software. This strategy works nearly always, but it isn’t particularly efficient because it is difficult to find. But it will serve its purpose if you’re set on using it.

Keyboard With Anti-Ghosting Features

Keyboard With Anti-Ghosting Features

You may also upgrade to a high-quality, contemporary anti-ghosting keyboard that supports N-key rollover and forget about the old one altogether. By eliminating the possibility of rollover or ghosting, anti-ghosting allows a user to hit every key on a keyboard and have it register.

One problem is the high cost of most keyboards that prevent ghosting. However, an anti-ghosting keyboard is a worthwhile investment if it fits within your budget.

Advantages Of Anti-Ghosting Keyboard

Anti-ghosting keyboards are very interesting and expensive. But they have several advantages as well. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1- Gaming

Anti-ghosting keyboards are often used in gaming, especially on PC. This is because you can easily push a bunch of keys at once on one of those keyboards. For example, if you’re playing a game requiring you to press many buttons simultaneously, it may be easier if you accidentally press one by mistake

This can cause your character to die or move in the wrong direction, which means you lose the game. However, if you have an anti-ghosting keyboard, all of your key presses will be recognized without any issues.

2- Programming

Another advantage of anti-ghosting keyboards is that they make programming easier for programmers. They allow them to press multiple keys together without any problems, making it easier for them to create programs that work together as one unit instead of separating them into individual parts.

They also make it easier for programmers who are learning new languages because they don’t need to memorize every single key on their keyboard anymore since all the keys are assigned automatically!

3- Quick Registration

To register the keypresses of different keys, the keyboard uses an optical sensor to detect each keystroke. This sensor might only work properly if there are fewer simultaneous keystrokes or if there are errors in the input data. An anti-ghosting method is a viable solution to this issue.

4- No Keypress is Lost

If you use an anti-ghosting keyboard and accidentally press a key, then all your keypresses will be registered, and no keypress is lost. Thus anti-ghosting keyboard helps a lot during a key press.

5- Upgraded Capabilities

All of these issues are solved by switching to an anti-ghosting keyboard. Anti-ghosting, often known as N-key rollover, is typically only found in high-end keyboards. These keyboards come with wonderful extras and personalization choices and tools that might enhance your typing experience.


Therefore, the Keyboard Ghosting Test Online is a simple and reliable way to test the reliability of your keyboard. It’s also very easy to perform and can be done very quickly.

It is a good indicator of how well your keyboard keys work and helps programmers, developers, and gamers to help out. If you want to know more about this topic or want to browse any other information, then bookmark our site and frequently visit it.


What is a keyboard ghosting test?

It is an online tool that lets you check whether when you press multiple keys, they function properly. If you hit a key on your keyboard and it doesn’t do what you expect.

It can happen when you press a key and immediately hit another key on the keyboard. The problem is that sometimes, these two keys are in consecutive rows on your keyboard.

The result is that when you press and hold down one of those keys, it will also cause all other keys in that row to register as though you’re still pressing them.

Why does this happen?

Because the computer processing your commands has to keep track of what keys you’ve already pressed, if there’s a row of keys after one you just hit, it will keep firing until it finds one that wasn’t used. This cannot be very pleasant if you’re in the middle of typing something up and accidentally press another key while doing so!

Why do I need to perform a keyboard ghosting test?

If you use a computer frequently, you should run your keyboard through a ghosting test. It allows you to determine whether there are any issues with the efficiency of your keyboard, which can then be fixed before they become larger problems that affect your productivity. To perform this ghosting test, you will be able to detect the problem and try some ways to get rid of it.

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