JLab earbuds are popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds known for their excellent sound quality and affordable prices. However, like any electronic device, they can sometimes encounter issues. One common problem users report is JLab wireless earbuds not charging when placed in the charging case.

Don’t worry! There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to get your JLab earbuds charging again. In this article, we’ll walk through the top reasons your JLab earbuds won’t charge and how to fix them.

JLab Earbuds Common Issues
JLab wireless earbuds are popular but sometimes don’t charge due to issues with the case battery, earbud contacts, debris in ports, poor fit, or cable connection. The article provides troubleshooting tips like cleaning ports, resetting earbuds, updating firmware, and contacting JLab support to fix various charging problems.

Solving JLab Earbuds Not Charging Issue 10 Effective Fixes

Check the Charging Case Battery Level

Before troubleshooting your earbuds themselves, first check if the charging case has enough battery. Most JLab wireless earbud cases have LED indicators that light up when the case is charging.

Additionally, test your Left and Right earbud’s functionality with an Online Speaker Test.

Make Sure The Case Is Plugged In

If the charging case LEDs aren’t turning on, make sure the case is actually plugged into a power source. Reseat the USB cable connected to the charging case to ensure it’s making a solid connection.

Try plugging the cable into another USB port or wall adapter to rule out issues with the power supply.

Charge The Case

If the charging case is plugged in but the LEDs still won’t turn on, the case likely needs to be charged. Leave the empty charging case plugged into a power source for at least 1 hour before trying to charge your earbuds again. This allows time for the internal case battery to recharge.

Inspect The Earbuds’ Charging Contacts

If the charging case is fully charged but your JLab earbuds still won’t charge, the issue could be with the earbuds themselves. Start by visually inspecting the metal charging contacts on the earbuds and in the case.

Check For Debris or Damage

Carefully look at the gold charging pins on the bottom of each earbud and the charging ports inside the case. Check for any debris, corrosion, or damage that could block the electrical connection.

Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the contacts on the earbuds and case. Be sure to let them fully dry before reinserting the earbuds.

Check For Proper Insertion

Also, check that the earbuds are sitting flush inside the charging ports. If not inserted fully, the pins won’t make proper contact. Carefully reseat each earbud in the case and press to ensure they are fitted tightly in place. The earbud LEDs should flash when correctly inserted.

Resetting Your Earbuds to Factory Conditions

If the earbuds and case look fine, a reset of your JLab wireless earbuds may be needed to get them charging properly again.

Forget Device From Bluetooth Settings

First, open your device’s Bluetooth settings and forget or unpair the earbuds if they are still listed as paired. This clears out any corrupted data from a previous pairing.

Reset The Earbuds

Next, reset the earbuds according to the specific model’s instructions:

  • JLab Go Air Pop: Press and hold both earbuds’ touchpads for 10 seconds
  • JLab JBuds Air: Press and hold both earbuds for 15 seconds
  • JLab Epic Air Sport: Press and hold both touch sensors for 20 seconds

Resetting clears any faulty settings and reboots your JLab earbuds to factory conditions so they can charge again.

Updating Your Earbud Firmware

JLab periodically releases firmware updates for its wireless earbud models that fix bugs and improve performance. If your earbuds are still not charging, updating to the latest firmware version could resolve charging issues.

Download Latest Firmware

On a computer, visit JLab’s website support section to find and download the newest firmware file for your specific JLab earbud model. Make sure your computer has the required JLab Assistant app installed.

Connect Earbuds to Computer

Turn Bluetooth on for your computer. Open the earbuds’ charging case near the computer and hold the touch button to put the JLab earbuds into Bluetooth pairing mode. Select the earbuds when they appear as an available device.

Run Firmware Update

With the earbuds connected, run the firmware update file downloaded from the JLab website. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the firmware update process. Once finished, reconnect your earbuds to your mobile device.

Cleaning Earbud Charging Ports

Even if the contacts look clean, accumulated dirt and debris in the earbud charging ports themselves could prevent a solid connection for charging.

Use Compressed Air

Use a can of compressed air (held upright) to spray out any particles stuck inside the earbud charging ports. The powerful air jet flushes out any micro debris you can’t see.

Try A Soft-Bristled Brush

You can also use a clean, dry soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush to gently brush out the charging port. Avoid using anything metal or abrasive.

Finish With Isopropyl Alcohol

Finish by swabbing out the ports with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining gunk. Let the earbuds fully dry before attempting to charge again.

Ensuring Proper Earbud Seating in the Case

In order for your JLab wireless earbuds to charge, the internal contacts need to align precisely with the charging ports in the case.

Inspect Port Alignment

Double-check that the earbuds are sitting completely flush inside the charging ports, with the contacts evenly aligned.

Adjust Fit If Needed

If the earbuds seem to stick out or sit crooked, carefully reposition them so they fit snugly into the charging ports. You may need to detach any ear tips first.

Use Retention Springs

Push the retention springs (small plastic arms) inward to add extra pressure keeping the earbuds tightly in place while charging.

Don’t Overstuff Case

Avoid overfilling the charging case – take out any extra accessories or ear tips crowding the case interior, which can prevent proper earbud insertion.

Replacing Eartips for a Better Fit

If your JLab earbuds use detachable silicone or foam ear tips, swapping in a fresh replacement pair can help get a better fit inside the charging case.

Check Eartip Condition

Inspect the current ear tips for wear and tear – cracked, warped, or degraded ear tips won’t hold the earbud firmly in the charging port.

Try Different Size Eartips

Experiment with different-sized ear tip replacements (small, medium, large) which may interface better with the charging ports.

Always Hand Wash Eartips

Regularly wash ear tips in warm, soapy water and let them fully air dry. The buildup of dirt, oil, and debris on ear tips can affect charging.

Buy Replacement Eartips

If necessary, purchase new replacement ear tip sets directly from JLab or other online retailers to restore a snug earbud fit.

Supporting Damaged Earbuds with Tape

If your JLab earbud has any cracks or structural damage, you may need to use tape as a temporary support so it will stay seated in the charging port.

Use Durable Tape

Carefully place a small piece of durable tape, such as electrical tape or masking tape, over any cracks on the earbud stem or body.

Don’t Block Charging Contacts

Position the tape so that it doesn’t directly cover or obstruct the metal charging contact pins.

Provide Support

The tape acts as a support splint to keep the damaged earbud stable and firmly seated inside the charging case.

Consider Permanent Repair

This is only a temporary solution – you may need to send the earbud to JLab for a permanent repair or replacement if badly damaged.

Checking the Charging Cable Connection

It’s possible the USB charging cable is not making a solid connection between the charging case and power source, preventing the earbuds and case from charging.

Inspect USB Port

Check that the charging cable’s USB connector is fully inserted into the port on the case, with no debris obstructing it.

Try Different Cables

Test different USB charging cables to see if one provides a better fit and connection.

Inspect Cable

Look for any kinks, breaks, or damage to the cable that could interrupt the power transfer.

Try Wall Adapter

For the most consistent charge, connect the charging case directly to a USB wall adapter with the charging cable rather than charging via a computer port.

Reaching Out to JLab Support

If you still can’t get your JLab earbuds to charge after trying all the troubleshooting steps, it’s time to reach out to the experts.

Run Diagnostic Tool

JLab offers an online diagnostic tool to test your earbuds and help identify potential causes for charging failure.

Contact By Email

Reach out to JLab’s customer support team by email describing the charging issue with your earbud model and the steps you’ve tried.

  • Phone: For U.S. support, call 1-405-445-7219.
  • Email:  support@jlab.com
  • Official Website: JLAB customer support service is available 24/7.

Request Repair Options

Ask about warranty coverage or paid repair options if your JLab earbuds require professional service to get working again.

Considering Earbud Replacement for Older Models

For older earbud models, replacement with a newer set may be the best option if other charging fixes don’t resolve your issue.


With proper care and troubleshooting, you can usually resolve JLab wireless earbuds not charging issues on your own without needing to send them in for repair. The key is methodically checking the different components – the charging case battery, the earbuds’ charging contacts, the charging ports, the fit inside the case, and the charging cable connection. Using compressed air, soft brushing, and isopropyl alcohol to deeply clean the earbud charging ports can often get earbuds charging again after debris buildup.

Resetting and updating your JLab earbuds can also refresh the electronics to restore normal charging functionality. Contact JLab support if problems persist after trying all charging fixes, as a replacement or professional service may be required. With the right troubleshooting approach, you’ll be back wirelessly listening to your tunes in no time.


What do I do if only one JLab earbud won’t charge?

Try cleaning the charging contacts on just the non-charging earbud, reset that specific earbud, and make sure it’s fully seated in the charging case port. If the issue persists, contact JLab about service options, as that earbud may need repair.

Why won’t my JLab earbuds charge even though the case is charged?

If the case has power but the earbuds inside won’t charge, inspect the earbuds for debris in the charging ports, reset the earbuds, check the earbud firmware, and ensure the earbuds are sitting properly inside the case.

What should I do if my JLab earbuds suddenly stop charging?

Suddenly not charging can indicate a piece of debris got into the charging port. Use compressed air to clean out the ports, then clean the pins with alcohol and a cotton swab. Check that the earbuds are seated tightly in the charging case as well.

Why do my JLab earbuds die so quickly after charging?

If fully charged earbuds are dying abnormally fast, reset the earbuds and update the firmware. If that doesn’t help, the battery may be wearing out, requiring replacement earbuds. Contact JLab support about options.

How can I tell if my JLab earbuds or case needs to be charged?

JLab earbuds and cases have LED indicator lights that display the charging status. Solid red or blinking means low battery and solid green indicates fully charged. If the lights don’t come on at all, try recharging the case/earbuds for at least an hour.

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