JBL Headphones Not Charging

Picking up the right headphones is a major problem. After researching, I’ve chosen headphones from JBL. JBL is known for the quality and robustness of its products. The company uses lithium-ion batteries which can run for fifty hours easily. Once charged, you can enjoy hours and hours. After a few months, my JBL headphones stopped charging and I was trying to fix the problem. 

The problem is not common with JBL headphones; other companies’ products have gone through this. 

Why Are JBL Headphones Not Charging?

It may be some glitches or bugs. Sometimes the USB cable, charger, charging port, socket, etc. may cause difficulty. By reading the whole article you can figure out the problem and its fixes. We are giving you some tips to check and fix the problem.

Charging connections

Charging Connections

The charging may be interrupted due to loose connections whether between the USB cable and charger or charger and socket. Separate the cable and charger, and remove them from the plug. Connect them and make sure all the accessories are firmly attached. Now plug in the charger. Test your speaker right now

Charger cable damaged

Charger cable damaged

The charging cable may be the reason for JBL Headphones Not Charging.  The USB cable contains small and sensitive wires that may break even with low pressures. Examine the cable. In case, the damage is from outside, you can see it. But inside damages are invisible. If you see any bend or broken part, replace it immediately. 

Sometimes low-quality cables are not enough to charge high-quality headphones. It’s better to use the USB cable that comes with the headphones. If the original cable gets damaged, contact the JBL company for a new one. 

Low-quality charger

Low-quality charger

Low-quality chargers might cause problems in charging headphones. A JBL headphone requires a 2A current for charging. While an inferior product fails to meet the need. It’s advised to use the charger that comes with the headset.   

Insufficient battery.

Insufficient battery

If the charging connection is fine, then move to the battery. Every battery has a specific lifeline. JBL uses lithium-ion batteries which have long durability and are rechargeable. If your headphones are not charging, first change the battery. Batteries contain ions that store energy. As time passes, these ions are no longer able to store energy. Take off the earpads and remove the battery lid. Change the batteries and reattach the lid and ear cushions.

Cleaning the charging port

Cleaning the charging port

Dirt, debris, and dust particles might block the path. The current becomes unable to come to the battery. Therefore, the battery won’t charge. It’s difficult to see the dust inside the charging port. It’s suggested to clean the port once in a while. You can use a toothpick, needle, or blower to clean the small port. For deep cleaning, spray alcohol or WD40 cleaning spray. Wipe it out with a cotton swab. Last but not least, gloves are necessary in the cleaning process. 

Port Failure

Port Failure

The electronic items and the components used are sensitive like the charging port. Small negligence may harm the port and make it unable to Work. The electricity doesn’t reach the battery, consequently, it remains uncharged. If you feel the charging port is broken or damaged, you should visit a technician.

Low or high temperature.

Low or high temperature

If the JBL headphones are placed in extremely low or high temperatures, sometimes it doesn’t charge. If it is placed in a cold environment, locate it at a hot temperature. If it’s in a hot place, position it in a cold place. Now the headphones might charge. Keep in view that the headphones are always placed at a moderate temperature.

Overnight charge

Overnight charge

If your JBL headphones are still not charging, apply the overnight charging technique. Simply plug in the JBL headphones and leave it to charge for about 8 hours or overnight. The LED light won’t light up due to battery draining. When the battery is fully discharged, it may take more time to charge or harm the battery. It’s better to charge the headphones before the battery is fully depleted.  

Change the power source.

Power sources can cause problems charging the JBL headphones. Here are some ideas to knock out the obstacle. 

Wiring issue:  Usually, the wiring system is poor and prevents electricity from reaching the outlet. Inspect the wires behind the outlet to find the trouble. 

Power outlet:  If the wiring is not the issue, check the socket. Connect different devices and see if they are responding or not. If the answer is no, try other wall sockets.

If connected to PC:  JBL headphones not charging while connected to PC. This might happen if your PC is in sleep mode. Go to the settings and Remove the sleep mode. Sometimes, the PC is unable to provide sufficient current for charging. So it’s recommended to plug the charger into the socket.     

How to Reset the headphones.

Resetting may help you to charge your JBL headphones. It removes all bugs and the sound or charging issues are resolved. Three ways are given that can be applied to any JBL headphones.

Way 1:

  • Activate the headphones.
  • At the same time, click on the volume up and volume down buttons.
  • Keep pressing for about 5-8 seconds. 
  • The headphones will turn off.
  • Wait for restarting.

Way 2:

  • Make sure your headphones are on.
  • Press the power button.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The headphones go off.
  • Allow them to resume.

Way 3:

  • Turn on the headphones.
  • Attest the USB cable and switch on the charger.
  • Unpaired all the Bluetooth devices paired with it.
  • The LED light will glow white.
  • Detach the cable.
  • Start the headphones by pressing the power button. 

Get professional help

If you have applied all the fixing methods and JBL headphones are still not charging, Then you should visit the JBL official store or customer support service online. When you buy the JBL headphones, a warranty card is also in here. Figure out if the warranty is valid. You can get a free JBL headset in return for the older ones. If the warranty is invalid, you can still send it back to the company for repair. But you have to pay.


We have shared a few solutions to fix the trouble if JBL headphones are not charging. Our purpose is to satisfy the user and solve his problems. We hope that you have benefited from this a lot. We are trying some other fixes and if those work, we’d love to share. You now have the opportunity to share which route works for you.


How do I know my JBL headphones are charging?

There’s a small LED light available on the JBL headphones. By connecting a charger, it turned out solid red and a beeping sound came. When the light turns solid green or white, it means it’s fully charged. While the light on some JBL devices turns off on full charging.  

How do I change the battery in my JBL headphones?

Remove the earpads and lid of the battery. Change the battery and recombine all the accessories. You are suggested to do it by yourself if you’re an expert. Otherwise, visit a professional or JBL service. 

Can You Overcharge JBL Headphones? 

No, JBL headphones can’t be overcharged. Overcharging might result in damage to the battery and the sound quality may be disrupted. 

How much time is required to charge JBL headphones?

It’s advised to charge for about two hours. During this time, the headphones get fully charged and you can use them for about fifty hours without interruption.

Are JBL headphones repairable?

With 100% surety, JBL headphones are repairable. Some of its features can be fixed. You can send them to the JBL service station for repair. 

Have JBL headphones a reset button?

No there’s no reset button in JBL headphones. But you can rest by using the ways mentioned above.

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