Utilizing a computer without a mouse is made simple with the use of keyboard shortcuts. A damaged mouse can benefit from this. After that, you may do your work more rapidly by using keyboards. The usage of a mouse is not always necessary for computer operations. Most tasks can be accomplished with a keyboard.

Your productivity will increase and you will learn useful shortcuts if you familiarize yourself with the computer’s configuration and carry out the aforementioned chores. This article will show you how to operate the keyboard on your computer without the assistance of a mouse, as well as describe the benefits of doing so, and more.

Keyboard Controls Without a Mouse

Here are the shortcuts that you can do while using a computer without a mouse or keyboard.

Keyboard Controls Without A Mouse

Copy and Paste

Moving text from one place on the computer to another is part of the process of copying and pasting. Choose the words you want to copy, and then press Ctrl + C. You may save the text to your clipboard.

Using the “/” and “5” keys on the numeric keypad at the same time will copy the selected text and paste it into the current editing area. To copy and paste text, use Ctrl + V.

Open and Switch Between Tabs

By pressing Ctrl and Tab at the same time, you may fast switch between open tabs in a browser window. Once you’ve opened a new tab, you may use Tab to quickly navigate between pages.

You can easily switch between programs if you have many open at once. Activate several windows using the “Alt” and “Tab” keys.

Find Text

The “Ctrl” and “F” keys will allow you to search for text on a website. Typically located at the very top of the screen, a text finder window will open. Just type in the search term and click “Enter.”

There will be a spotlight on your text’s exact matches. If several copies of this text appear in the same window, pressing “Enter” will toggle between them. You may also use “Tab” to choose the up and down arrows in the search box and then “Enter” to get to the earliest and latest occurrences, respectively.

Select Text

Select all the text on a page by selecting the page and then hitting “Ctrl” and “A.” If you only need a short section of text, click at the start of the section. The next step is using the right arrow key to go through the text while highlighting it. The left arrow key may pick text from the end of a passage and return to its beginning after clicking at the end of the paragraph.

Opening Programs

You may choose which icons appear on your desktop by using the “Tab” key and the arrow keys. An application or file can be started by double-clicking its icon and then pressing the “Enter” key.

Pressing “Windows” and the letter “E” at the same time will likewise quickly launch your file manager. After that, you may traverse the window by using the “Tab” key. To access the main window or navigation pane, click here. 

Instead of typing out the whole path to the file or folder, you may just use the arrow keys to go to the location and then click “Enter.”


To read farther up or down a page, use the corresponding “Page Up” or “Page Down” buttons on your keyboard. These keys may be found on the up and down arrows and are denoted by the orange “PgUP” and “PgDn” symbols. Keyboard shortcuts for accessing these features include holding the “Function” button and using the up or down arrow keys. 

Benefits of Using a Keyboard Without a Mouse

There are many benefits of using a keyboard without a mouse. 

Quickly getting things done

You can go through most chores using the keyboard rather than moving back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard. Moving from one work to another can help you maintain productivity.

Accessibility Awareness

Keyboard shortcuts simplify computer usage for those with limited mobility. When creating a website or document that you want as many people as possible to be able to utilize with ease, this is a useful feature to have. 


If your mouse stops working, you can get by with only the keyboard. You can keep going with minimum interference, protecting both your deadlines and your connections.

How to restart the computer without a mouse?

A computer can restart with the keyboard instead of the mouse. 

  • Your Windows computer will restart if you simultaneously click the “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and “Delete” keys, whereas your Mac will restart if you simultaneously press the “Command,” “Control,” and “Power” buttons. 
  • This will bring up a screen with many options. Then, on Windows, use the cursor keys to choose the “Restart” option and press “Enter” to confirm it. 
  • Selecting “Restart” using the arrow keys and clicking “Enter” will restart the computer once Mac’s options menu has appeared. Your computer may prompt you to confirm the restart by hitting “Enter” or by repeatedly choosing “Restart” using the arrow keys.
  •  Even if you don’t have a mouse on hand, you may still swiftly and conveniently restart the computer once you confirm.


Therefore, it is concluded that you can also use a computer without a keyboard by learning shortcut keys. Therefore, we have provided all related information and functions your computer keyboard can perform as the world is moving towards advancement, so everyone is looking for shortcut ways to do their work without wasting their time.

The keyboard is the best option, and it is the best assistant for those who want to do their work efficiently. Now, there is no need for a mouse. You can do your work with a keyboardSo, to get the proper benefit, you must read our article thoroughly, as it is a blessing in disguise for those looking for ways to do their work on the computer without a mouse.


How can I use a computer without a mouse?

You can operate a computer without a mouse if you are familiar with the shortcuts and arrow keys on the keyboard. Shortcuts on the keyboard also contain built-in capabilities that assist accomplish different operations like as dealing with menus, starting apps, and moving between windows. These built-in features may be accessed by pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard. 

Can I do clicking without a mouse?

It is possible to click on the keyboard without using the mouse if you press the space bar and then the key you want to click on. In addition, you may do this operation by using the space bar or entering while simultaneously using the Tab key. These will assist to ensure that the function is carried out successfully. 

Can I use the keyboard without a mouse to open and close programs?

Without a mouse, you may access and close programs by using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut or keyboard shortcuts. When you press the Windows key on a Mac, Launchpad will open, but on a Windows computer, the Start menu will appear. 

Enter the name of the application, then hit the “Enter” button to start it. A focused application may be closed by pressing “Alt + F4” (on Windows) or “Command + Q” (on Mac).

How do I control the cursor without a mouse?

The arrow keys on the keyboard can be used in place of a mouse to control the location of the pointer. You can move the cursor up and down, left and right, and left and right with the arrow keys. In addition, the “Tab” key can be used to navigate between buttons, links, and other interactive components in a program or website.

How can I right-click without a mouse?

Accessing the context menu without a mouse is achievable by pressing “Shift + F10” or the “Menu key” on a keyboard having a right-click function. Selecting an item in this way will bring up a submenu with choices specific to that item. 

After selecting an action from the list of options by using the arrow keys, you may execute it by pressing the “Enter” key. On certain machines, you may simulate a right-click by tapping the touchpad with two fingers.

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