The Apple Magic Mouse can be charged using any USB port and operates wirelessly. The device is self-sufficient, requiring just its internal battery for operation, eliminating the need for external wires and connectors.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is a cutting-edge and stylish input device. It’s a wireless mouse with a touch-sensitive surface for simple and natural PC navigation and manipulation. This innovative replacement for a standard computer mouse lacks buttons and scroll wheels.

The first thing you should do if you’re starting with the Magic Mouse scroll Windows 10 is checked that it’s correctly connected to your computer. Just activate Bluetooth on your computer, and the Magic Mouse will be ready. After you’ve got it hooked up, you can start using its various features and capabilities.

Its touch-sensitive surface is one of its most noticeable characteristics since it enables a wide range of gestures, including swiping, scrolling, and clicking. Using the Mouse settings in System Preferences will also allow you to modify the movements to your liking.

It can also detect when your hand rests on it, a handy function. This will keep you from making any errant actions, such as clicking or scrolling, and will make using the site a breeze. Here you will find the complete details like how to connect it to a computer and utilize its various features.

How To Connect Magic Mouse To The Windows?

Bluetooth plays an essential role while connecting the mouse to Windows. You can use a USB Bluetooth adapter if your computer doesn’t come with Bluetooth already installed.

You can hook it up by following these simple instructions.

  • To begin, go to the menu and click on Settings.
  • Choose your devices carefully.
  • Use the toolbar toggles to switch between Bluetooth and other connected devices.
  • Connect a device wirelessly, then turn it on by selecting the Bluetooth button.
  • The Bluetooth choice is the best one.
  • A wireless connection for the Magic Mouse has to be the sixth choice.
  • After finishing the pairing procedure, click “Done” to exit.

How To Use Magic Mouse On iPad?

How To Use Magic Mouse On iPad

The Magic Mouse’s 1 vs 2 adaptability means it may also be used with an iPad. Make sure your Magic Mouse is turned on and in pairing mode if you want to use it with your iPad.

  • It may be paired with an iPad by selecting Bluetooth in its Settings app. 
  • Once Bluetooth is turned on, select your Magic Mouse from the list of available devices. 
  • Following the on-screen prompts will complete the pairing process.

When the iPad and the Magic Mouse are associated, you may use the mouse just like on a Mac. Changing the Magic Mouse not working on Windows 10 settings in the iPad’s Accessibility menu enables you to use two fingers to swipe and navigate, a single finger to click, and other movements and functionalities.

For more accurate navigation and control while doing things like picture editing or digital art creation, the iPad’s Magic Mouse may be a great help. Its sensitive surface and programmable movements make working on an iPad more natural and efficient.

How To Use Apple Magic Mouse?

Apple’s Magic Mouse is easy to operate but requires a specific sequence of actions to guarantee optimal performance. Instructions for the Apple Magic Mouse are provided below.

  • The Magic Mouse’s power switch can be found at the bottom of the gadget. Slide it to the “on” position to turn the mouse on.
  • The PC or gadget must have Bluetooth turned on. The options or preferences panel is usually where you’ll find this customization.
  • Hold the bottom button to initiate pairing mode on your Magic Mouse until the top LED light begins flashing.
  • Find the Magic Mouse in the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your computer or another device. Choose it and then hit the connect or pair button when it does.
  • Now, we are waiting for the matching process to finish. After plugging in your Magic Mouse, you should be able to control the on-screen cursor using its movements.

You can adjust the settings for your Magic Mouse if you like. The preferences or settings panel can be accessed via the system menu.

Click, scroll, and swipe quickly, thanks to the Magic Mouse’s smooth glass surface. While the gadget is not in use, it will enter a low-power mode to preserve its battery life.

According to these straightforward instructions, you’ll soon be taking advantage of the Apple Magic Mouse’s superior precision and ease of use.

Why should we use a magic mouse for Windows?

The Apple Magic Mouse is an attractive, sophisticated input device compatible exclusively with Macs. The Magic Mouse may also be used with Windows PCs

The Windows Magic Mouse has many benefits, and here are a few of them to consider:

1- Intuitive Touch Sensitive Surface

Its touch-sensitive surface makes for easy navigation and command. The Magic Mouse streamlines navigating a Windows PC by recognizing various touch-based gestures and actions, such as scrolling, swiping, and clicking.

2- Customizable Settings

The mouse options may be adjusted to suit your needs. You may customize the tracking speed, allow for natural scrolling, and set up motions for specific actions. You may adjust the Mouse’s settings to your liking, allowing you to make it perform just as you want it to.

3- Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic shape of the Magic Mouse makes it easy to use for extended periods. It’s a great addition to your office because of its contemporary design.

4- Precise Control

With this Mouse, you’ll have pinpoint control of your computer’s pointer thanks to cutting-edge laser tracking technology. So, it is well suited for work requiring dexterous hand motions, such as graphic design or picture editing.

5- Wireless Connectivity

The Magic Mouse uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Windows PC, enabling cordless, hassle-free navigation. Because of this, it is also great for presentations and other circumstances when you need to manage your computer from afar.


Therefore, it is concluded that the Magic Mouse is a one-of-a-kind innovation that will revolutionize how you interact with your computer. 

Its modern appearance makes it a fashionable and practical addition to your workstation. At the same time, its touch-sensitive surface and programmable gestures provide for straightforward control.

To get the most out of your Magic Mouse, it is recommended that you spend some time learning about all of how you may utilize it. This includes proficiency with the numerous gestures and actions that make navigating your computer faster and more intuitive.

It may improve your productivity, creativity, and comfort, whether you’re a professional designer or a casual computer user. Just make its connection with your device and have fun with it.


What is a Magic Mouse?

Magic Mouse is a battery-powered device that provides advanced features compared to the other mouse. You don’t need to worry about searching for a battery and then powering it. Its charging remains for about a week.

How do I right-click with the Magic Mouse?

Right-clicking on the Magic Mouse is as easy as holding down the Control key on your keyboard while clicking. Instead, adjusting the settings may enable right-clicking with a two-finger touch on the Magic Mouse’s surface.

How do I scroll horizontally with the Magic Mouse?

Two-finger swipes on the Magic Mouse’s surface allow for horizontal scrolling. If you go to your computer’s System Preferences and click on the Mouse menu, you’ll find an option to activate horizontal scrolling, letting you change the gesture to suit your needs.

How do I turn off the Magic Mouse when not in use?

The Magic Mouse will go into low-power mode while not in use to save battery life. Flip it over and move the switch to the off position to power it down. Rechargeable batteries can also extend battery life or decrease the tracking speed according to the Mouse’s preferences.

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