How To Unlock HP Keyboard?

A computer would only be much use with a keyboard for entering instructions and making other user interactions. However, your HP laptop keys occasionally lock up, making it impossible to type or use particular keys. Fortunately, unlocking an HP keyboard is usually relatively easy, even if this is a common problem.

This tutorial looks at the best ways to bypass HP keyboard locks. Whether your keyboard has frozen up due to a bug in the software or a series of accidental key presses, you may get it working again by following these instructions.

With the proper methods and troubleshooting processes, you may recover the command of your HP keyboard and get back to work quickly and efficiently. Let’s investigate the options that might help you unlock your HP keyboard and return to work immediately.

5 Best Methods To Unlock HP Keyboard

Here are straightforward methods that will help you to unlock HP Keyboard.


1- Check For Damage Keys

Keyboards and keys on laptops need to be fixed. They are easily broken due to their fragility. A single drop of water may have a devastating effect. This kind of damage is often the consequence of carelessness, which can cause your laptop keyboard to freeze.

Consider purchasing a new keyboard if this happens to you. However, weighing the replacement cost against the cost of a new, fully functional laptop is essential. But if the problem isn’t just with the keyboard, you may test each key separately. A missing key may be at the root of the issue.

You may verify this by pressing and observing if the key performs its intended action. But if several keys stop working sometimes, that might point to a hardware issue.

2- Check Frozen Screen

Perhaps your laptop screen has frozen, and you’re mistaking it for a malfunctioning keypad. This may lead you to believe that your laptop is malfunctioning when, in fact, it is just you.
It’s a good idea to make sure the display hasn’t frozen. This is because you won’t have to waste time fixing a problem that doesn’t exist—trying to unlock the keyboard.

If you think a frozen screen is a problem, you might try pressing the “Ctrl” key plus “Shift” and “Delete.” Doing so will launch the task manager, allowing you to terminate the trapped application.

If you’re sure the display is malfunctioning, try sleeping with the screen off to see if it helps. Use the shortcut “Win+Ctrl+Shift+B.”

3- Restart Your Laptop

It’s easy; in many cases, just restarting will do the trick. Many issues we encounter when using a computer can be solved by continuing the machine and beginning afresh. It does a fantastic job of really addressing the issue.

If your laptop’s touchpad, keyboard, or screen suddenly stops responding, the simplest solution is to turn off the power. The TV will turn itself off when not in use.
The second time you press it, your laptop will restart. If the issue is localized to the keyboard, a simple touchpad restart should fix everything.

4- Clean Your Device

The hardware on your laptop is particularly vulnerable to harm from dirt and dust. It may cause it to wear out faster than you expect. Keeping your laptop clean regularly is essential to ensuring its continued security. In this instance, keep an eye on your keyboard and see whether dust prevents the keys from being pressed fully and adequately.

Compressed air is the simplest and safest approach to cleaning your laptop thoroughly. It’s an effective dust remover that won’t harm your computer. Lightly dampen a cloth and use it to wipe away any leftover dust if necessary. However, it would help if you didn’t use any liquids since they might harm your keyboard.

5- Reinstall Keyboard Drivers

The methods above are of considerable assistance. If that doesn’t work, delete your laptop’s keyboard drivers and start over. Below you’ll find the instructions for carrying out this mission.

In Windows, open the search bar and type “Device Manager.”
Select the Keyboard tab in the Device Manager window that appears.
The third tab to display in the pull-down menu is labeled “Standard PS/2 Keyboard.” The bill, as mentioned above, can be right-clicked.
Several other keyboard layouts will be presented to you. Select Device > Uninstall.
Close any open programs and restart your computer.

After the laptop boots up again, the keyboard driver will automatically reinstall itself. You may now test to see if the keyboard is operational.

How to Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop Windows 10?

Here is an approachable guide:

See whether there’s a “Num Lock” button: Discover where the “Num Lock” key is on your keyboard. The position is above the leftmost set of keys or next to the numeric keypad. Verify that it is either dark or that the indicator light is on. If it’s on, you may turn it off by pressing the “Num Lock” key once.
To activate the “Fn” (Function) key, press it. The bottom left corner is often the spot for this. The “Fn” key must be packed and held.

Find the key that unlocks the keyboard by pressing “Fn” and searching for “F6” or any other key with a lock icon or an image of a keyboard. The keys’ labels to release the keyboard might differ between HP laptop models. While holding the “Fn” key, hit the keyboard’s dedicated unlock key. Turn both keys off.

After you’ve finished the preceding procedures, you should test your keyboard by typing on it to ensure it’s working correctly. It ought to be accessible and operational at this point.

How to Unlock Keyboard on HP Pavilion Laptop?

This helpful article will show you how to turn off the keyboard lock on your HP Pavilion laptop.
Some HP Pavilion laptops feature a physical lock key that can toggle the keyboard lock, so it’s worth checking whether you have one. Try the top row of keys first; you will likely find one marked with a padlock. To gain access to the keyboard, press this button.

If you’re using an HP Pavilion laptop, you may try the function key combination by first finding the “Fn” (Function) key, often placed towards the bottom left corner of the keyboard. While holding down the “Fn” key, try pressing “Num Lock” or “F6”. You can get access to the keyboard by pressing these keys simultaneously.

In some instances, a simple laptop restart can unlock the keyboard. Put your HP Pavilion laptop to sleep, shut any open applications, and save your work. As soon as the computer boots up, see if the keyboard is accessible.

Keyboard lock issues might be caused by using drivers that are out of current or corrupt. Enter the model number to get detailed information for your Pavilion laptop on the HP support page. You are installing the most recent driver for your keyboard from the internet. Restarting your computer is required after installation.


Therefore, it is concluded that unlocking an HP keyboard on the desktop is a simple operation requiring only a few moments. The HP keyboard may be opened and used commonly if proper procedures are followed.

There are a few standard methods for gaining access to an HP keyboard, albeit they will vary by model and scenario. You may do a few different things to activate the keyboard, such as utilizing the Windows On-Screen Keyboard or the BIOS configuration menu.

Remember that the procedure for unlocking the keyboard on your HP laptop may change depending on your model. If problems continue or the keyboard won’t open, it might be best to study the user manual or contact HP support for more detailed instructions.


How can I get into the HP laptop without using the password?

You can try hitting the “Fn” (Function) key in conjunction with the “Num Lock” or “F6” key to unlock the keyboard on your HP laptop. Depending on the HP laptop model, this combination may or may not work. If you’re successful, the keyboard will open, and you can type correctly.

What gives with this locked, unresponsive HP keyboard?

A few potential causes for an HP keyboard to freeze and stop responding. There might be a software glitch, a keyboard driver issue, or an accidentally activated keyboard lock function. One possible solution to this problem is to use the keyboard unlock key combination that was previously described.

What happens if my HP laptop’s keyboard unlocks refreshing combination doesn’t function?

If your HP laptop doesn’t open with the default key combination, there are a few options you may try. You should first try restarting the computer to see if it helps. If not, open the “Device Manager” in Windows, delete the driver for the keyboard, and then restart the laptop to let Windows reinstall the driver automatically. If the issue persists, it may be time to call the experts.

How can I stop my HP laptop’s keyboard from locking up?

It’s crucial to avoid mistakenly activating the lock function on an HP laptop’s keyboard. Look for any potential lock-activating keyboard shortcut combinations, and do your best to avoid accidentally hitting them. You can prevent software-related flaws and conflicts that can cause your laptop’s keyboard to lock up by constantly keeping its software and drivers up to date.

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