How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a technique of computer interfaces in which the rate at which the mouse cursor travels across a screen is dependent on the speed of the input device itself. This can be used to make mouse tracking easier, such as when performing multiple actions at once. It’s particularly useful with laptops and other mobile devices because they offer less processing power than personal computers and operate much more quickly than mice designed for desktop computers.

Here we will provide all the details regarding how to disable mouse acceleration.

Types of Mouse Acceleration

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Positive Acceleration

Positive acceleration is where the mouse moves faster in the direction you’re moving your cursor. Your mouse goes more quickly the more you use it.

Negative Acceleration

Negative acceleration is where the mouse moves slower in the direction you’re moving your cursor. The fewer times you move your mouse, the slower it moves. This can be useful for playing games, but it’s also important to remember that if you’re wearing glasses and have trouble seeing where your cursor is on the screen, negative acceleration can cause problems for you.

Turn off Acceleration on Windows 10

To turn off mouse acceleration on Windows 10, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Start and type “Mouse” into the search bar.
  2. When it opens, click on the Mouse icon.
  3. Select the Settings button that appears on the right side of your screen.
  4. In the bottom left corner of your screen, select the Advanced settings link.
  5. Click on the Change mouse properties button and check the “Disable acceleration” option in the settings window that opens up.

Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Minecraft

Mouse acceleration with Minecraft creates a problem with this is that it can cause frustration as you try to aim your character or press the buttons on your keyboard. Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Minecraft can be used to help you aim more accurately or just to make it feel more natural when controlling movement in Minecraft.

The mouse acceleration option is on by default, but you can quickly change it to off by doing the following:

  • Open the Main Menu by pressing Esc.
  • Select Options and then click on Controls in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Locate Mouse Sensitivity and select Off from the drop-down menu under Mouse Sensitivity.

Disable Mouse Acceleration on Mac

Disable Mouse Acceleration on Mac

You must, follow these steps to disable mouse acceleration on a Mac,

  • Open the System Preferences from your dock, then select the Mouse & Trackpad pane.
  • You’ll see a button next to the Acceleration setting that says “Off.”
  • Click it and then click “Apply,” which will turn mouse acceleration off for you.

What to Expect When the Mouse Acceleration is Disabled?

When you disable mouse acceleration on Windows 11, you will immediately notice that your pointer moves differently and seems much slower than it did before. But keep in mind that the movement you are feeling is precisely in proportion to the movement of your mouse and is unaffected by the displacement speed. You may have some trouble at first adapting to this, but you will ultimately grow used to it.

You can increase the cursor speed in the mouse options if you think the mouse motion is too slow. But you should play on reduced sensitivity if you want to improve your exactness in competitive games. A gaming mouse with low sens enables more precise movement and lessens the possibility of missing a shot because of unneeded mouse movements.

If you still don’t see a difference in the games you’re playing, make sure the “Raw Input” option is turned on in the game’s mouse options.

When Should Mouse Acceleration Be Left On?

However, mouse acceleration isn’t entirely horrible. For the greatest experience, make sure to turn the functionality back on if you run across any of the following issues while it is disabled.

The Game Necessitates Swift Movement

If the game requires speedy navigation, you can leave this function turned on. When mouse acceleration is enabled, you may make swift, sharp turns while exerting the least amount of effort possible and you need to operate your mouse less to do more.

Not Enough Space on Desktop

When mouse acceleration is disabled, the range your mouse travels on the mouse pad remains constant. As a result, you might accidentally knock your mouse into desk items or cause it to stray from your mouse pad.

So, if the area gets too small for the mouse to travel about comfortably, either acquire an expanded mouse pad or go back to the previous setting.

The problem in Controlling Mouse Cursor

If you have been playing these games with this function enabled for a while, it could be challenging for you to get used to this change. Turn the function back on if your gaming efficiency starts to suffer.

Options to Enhance Gaming Performance

Mouse Polling Rate

The polling rate or the speed at which your mouse polls the computer is an important factor in how well your mouse works. You can change this setting in Windows by going to “Control Panel,” searching for Mouse” and then clicking on “Pointer Options.” You can choose from a list of options that includes “Mice and other devices” from this point. You can modify the polling rate in the popup that appears after clicking on that. The higher the polling rate, the faster your pointer moves across the screen when using a high-DPI gaming mouse.

Mouse DPI

DPI stands for dots per inch and refers to how many pixels make up one inch on your screen. The higher DPI rating means that more pixels are tracked on each movement of the cursor so that you can move it faster across the screen without any lag or delay. It’s best to keep this at 100 percent unless you’re trying out new settings for comparison purposes. If so, then reduce it back down after testing them out.


In the end, it is up to you to determine if mouse acceleration is for you. This is a very personal choice because there are so many advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with mouse acceleration and have dealt with its negative consequences of it. If you do opt to disable mouse acceleration, however, make sure that you know how to turn off mouse acceleration, or else you will make your computer less efficient (and possibly break some games!).


What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration can be described as the rate at which a mouse moves on your computer screen. This rate is dependent on how fast you move the mouse and is used to calculate the distance across the screen that it travels in one second. Mouse acceleration has many benefits, including increasing accuracy for gamers who need to click quickly, but can also result in increased strain on your wrist and arm muscles if you don’t adjust settings correctly.

How do I turn off mouse acceleration?

You can turn it off from your computer’s system control panel. Here’s how:

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound > Printers and Devices > Actiontec > Mouse.
  • Click the Advanced tab, then click the Adjust button next to Acceleration Rate to turn off acceleration completely.

Why should we turn off mouse acceleration?

This is a common question and it deserves an answer. Mouse acceleration is a feature that many people use and some even find it useful. However, some don’t like the effect it has on their computer. If you’re one of these people, then you might want to disable mouse acceleration so that your mouse doesn’t move in a blur or feel like it’s moving in slow motion.

Why do you want to keep on mouse acceleration?

If you’re wondering why you should keep on mouse acceleration, then there are many reasons. The most important reason is that it can make gaming easier for you by giving your hand a bit more time to move before the cursor starts moving. This is especially useful if you have poor eyesight as this will help you see where your pointer is going before it moves there.


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