How do you right-click on a Mac? You might have seen the so-called right-click, or Command Click when using Windows computers. But if you’re using a Mac computer, there’s a special way that allows you to perform some actions with your mouse. A lot of us think that finding a way to right-click on a Mac would be easy, but actually, it can get quite confusing if both mouse buttons are being used and you have no idea how to use the mouse. All you need to know regarding right-clicking on a Mac will be covered in this article. The ability to right-click on a Mac is not widely known. If you’re trying to locate a menu item or something comparable, it might well save your life. The various solutions to a Mac mouse’s right-click not working are listed below.

Ways to Right-Click on a Mac Mouse

Hold the Control Button Trying to hold down the Control key while clicking on a Mac allows you to right-click. On a Mac, doing both of these typically requires holding up the Cursor keys while clicking the mouse. You can also do this by pressing the Option key while clicking, which also works if you have a mouse with an option key. To avoid accidentally right-clicking on something that’s not what you want to do, make sure that you’re holding down the right button (or use an option key) before doing anything else.

Use Two Fingers on Trackpad

Utilize two fingers on the trackpad to right-click on a Mac. While pressing the left trackpad button, keep the “option” key depressed. While tapping the right button, keep both options depressed. A magnifying glass will show up on the bottom right side of the screen. Position your cursor over something in your document or application and release the option key. The item will be highlighted with a crosshair cursor, making it easy to select by dragging your finger across it.

Assign the Bottom Right Corner

The default setting for the bottom right corner is to be unassigned. This means that when you click on the bottom right corner of a window, it will not take focus and you won’t be able to interact with it. But you can change this behavior by going to System Preferences > Mouse & Touchpad > Right-Clicking and selecting an option from the menu:
  • Assign to Click: If this option is selected, clicking on any part of a window will assign it to the bottom right corner.
  • Assign to Double Click: If this option is selected, clicking twice will assign it to both sides of the window.
  • Assign to Triple Click: If this option is selected, clicking three times will assign it to all sides of the window.

Click with Thumb

The easiest way to right-click on a Mac touchpad is to use your mouse’s trackpad. Just move the cursor over whatever you want to select, then press and hold down the control key while clicking with your thumb. This will make your cursor turn into a crosshair, and you can then drag it around until you’ve selected what you want. You can also do this with two fingers instead of just one if you prefer—just tap twice on whatever you want to select instead of holding down the control key for longer than necessary.

How to Right-Click on MacBook Pro?

How To Right-Click On MacBook Pro A MacBook Pro can be right-clicked: Push a button on the Trackpad with one finger. Tap the area of the screen where you want to click, then release while still holding down. Your Mac will now bring up the right-click menu when it detects that you’re trying to right-click with your finger. You can also press and hold Option (or Shift) while clicking to take advantage of context menus that let you access special options for files, folders, and applications.

How to Right-Click with Apple Mouse?

Navigate to the Settings Screen window to launch Apple Mouse. Press the Mouse button. On the Point & Click tab, click Secondary click. You can choose from three options: Control-click, Right-click, and Two-finger click (this one uses two fingers instead of just one). To control-click or right-click with the apple mouse on an item in your Mac’s interface, hold down the Control key while you click or right-click it. This will open a shortcut menu for that item with available commands listed on it so that you can select which ones you want to perform on the selected file or folder. If you have chosen “Control”, then when you left-click on a MacBook an item such as a document icon in the Finder window will act like clicking again would do nothing (since this is how Windows works). To access its properties (like renaming) press shift while clicking once again; this opens up a contextual menu where all relevant actions are listed along with other stuff like showing info etc.

How to Right-Click on Mac Keyboard?

Right-click on your Mac keyboard, and you’ll see the right-click menu. The Mac also provides a few other ways to right-click. For instance, the Control key can be used as a shortcut to quickly access specific computer operations.


This is similar to left-clicking with your mouse. Simply click somewhere on a desktop or window while holding the Control key. You can also control-click in File Explorer and use it for the same functions as clicking by left-clicking.


Hold down the Command key and press any other key (left or right) to select files and folders. You can also use this method in Finder to open an item from within a folder or group of items by holding down Command+Shift and then clicking where you want it open.

How to Right-Click on a Mac touchpad?

When you’re using a touchpad on your Mac, you can perform actions like “right-click” by touching the touchpad with two fingers and then moving them away. You can also right-click on a mac trackpad with your mouse by pressing down on the trackpad with two fingers and then moving them away.

To right-click, follow these steps:

  • Place two fingers on the touchpad. If you’re using a trackpad, place two fingers on the pad; if you’re using a mouse, place two fingers on the left button of the mouse.
  • While holding down these two fingers, move them slightly apart or together until they click when they meet at the center of their space.

How to Right-Click on MacBook air?

If you’re using a MacBook Air or one of Apple’s other ultra-slim notebooks, the way to right-click on the MacBook air is to hold down the Control key while clicking with your mouse. You’ll see a little menu pop up; this is called “right-clicking.” It lets you perform basic tasks like opening files and folders, as well as more advanced options like copying and pasting text from one place to another.

This is how you do it:

While using the mouse, keep the Control key depressed. A small menu will pop up; this is called “right-clicking.” It lets you perform basic tasks like opening files and folders, as well as more advanced options like copying and pasting text from one place to another.


Hopefully, you have found this article to be informative and helpful. For those of you not entirely comfortable with Macs or computers in general, I think the information contained within these pictures and text may be a great aid in overcoming some of your technical difficulties. If you are already a Mac user, perhaps this guide will help familiarize you with the differences that exist between Mac and Windows for accomplishing basic tasks. FAQs

What Does “Right-Click” Mean?

Right-clicking means that you have selected an option from a context menu. This can be used for a variety of tasks, including text copying, making new files, and so much more!

How to Right-Click on a Mac?

If you’re using a mouse, simply move the pointer to the right of the screen. If you’re using a trackpad or touchpad, tap and hold down with two fingers until a pop-up menu appears. Then, move your cursor over one of the icons at the top of the menu until it turns into a small crosshair icon. You’ll now see a list of options that appear when you click on your mouse’s right button. From here, you can right-click on almost anything on your computer — documents, pictures, and more.

How to Right-Click in Mac OS X?

On a Mac, click wherever on the desktop or inside an open window while holding down the Control key. This will open up a contextual menu (or right-click menu) that allows you to perform various tasks, including selecting files or folders, moving them around, viewing properties, and more.

On a Mac, Where Can I Find the Right-Click Menu?

The right-click menu is typically found at the end of your screen by default. If you want to change its location on your computer, simply go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mouse & Trackpad > Point & Click where you’ll see an area labeled “Right-Click.” You can also access this same area by holding down the Option when clicking anywhere on your desktop or within an open window.

How To Right-Click on a Mouse with no Trackpad or a Mouse?

If you’re looking for a way to right-click on a Mac, there are several ways to do it. But if you don’t have a mouse or trackpad, here’s how to right-click on a Mac without a mouse: Open the menu bar. Use your keyboard shortcuts to open the menu bar. Use an external mouse or trackpad. If you have an external mouse or trackpad, use this method. You can also use an iPad or iPhone as an external device if you have one of those devices connected to your computer via USB. Instead of utilizing an external mouse or trackpad, utilize your Bluetooth keyboard if you have one.

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