Here you can find the information you need to reset your Logitech keyboard. If you have connection problems or want to start over, resetting your keyboard can help. Fortunately, only a few simple steps are involved in resetting your Logitech keyboard. Resetting a wired or wireless keyboard is identical and may be done in minutes.

We’ll show you how to factory reset your Logitech keyboard here. Both the hard reset, in which you unplug the keyboard from your device, and the soft reset, in which you press a specific key combination, will be discussed. So, whether you’re a seasoned technologist or just getting started, you’re in good hands with us. How to factory reset your Logitech keyboard? Let’s dig in!

How To Reset Wireless Keyboard Logitech?


Shut down the keyboard. Find the power button beneath the keyboard and deactivate the device. Take out and swap the battery. The batteries, if any, should be removed from the keyboard’s battery case. If your keyboard has a battery that can be recharged, you may charge it by plugging in the cord that came with it. Maintain pressure on the reset button. There should be a reset button somewhere underneath or behind the keyboard. Press and hold the button with a paperclip or other suitable object for a few seconds.

Turn off the safety switch now. Release the button once you’ve held it for a few seconds.

Please activate the keyboard. You may start the keyboard by pressing the on button. You’ll need to give the keyboard a few seconds to establish a connection before you can use it. Prove the keyboard works. You should test the keyboard by entering some text into a document or web browser.

How To Reset Logitech Keyboard K850?

  • Pressing the power button to the “Off” position will turn off your Logitech Keyboard K850.
  • Find the “Reset” button that’s probably underneath the keyboard. There’s a tiny cutout there that says “RESET.”
  • Push and hold the “Reset” button for at least three seconds with a pointed instrument such as a pen or paperclip.
  • Turn on the keyboard by releasing the “Reset” button and moving the power switch to the “On” position.
  • The keyboard has been restored to its original, pre-hack state. If the keyboard doesn’t instantly connect to your device, you may need to repair it.

How To Reset Logitech Keyboard MX Keys?

  • The power button for the Logitech Keyboard MX Keys may be toggled to the “Off” position through a switch in the keyboard’s upper right corner.
  • The “Easy-Switch” button is at the bottom of the keyboard; press and hold it for three seconds.
  • Slide the power lever to the “On” position while continuing to press the “Easy-Switch” button to power on the keyboard.
  • Put the keyboard into pairing mode by releasing the “Easy-Switch” button and watching the LED lights.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your computer or device, and from there, select “Bluetooth” or “Wireless Devices.”
  • Click “Forget This Device” when your Logitech Keyboard MX Keys appear in the list of accessible devices.
  • Just repeat the pairing process by following the on-screen prompts.

How To Reset Logitech Keyboard iPad?

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your iPad and then “Bluetooth.”
  • You may learn more about your Logitech Keyboard by selecting the “i” symbol next to it in the list of devices.
  • Choose “Forget This Device” from the Bluetooth menu to disconnect the iPad from the keyboard.
  • The power switch on your Logitech keyboard may be turned off by simply sliding it to the “Off” position.
  • Hold down the “Connect” button on the bottom of your keyboard for a minimum of three seconds.
  • Hold the “Connect” button down and slide the power toggle to the “On” setting to power up the keyboard.
  • Put the keyboard into pairing mode by releasing the “Connect” button and watching the LED lights.
  • Select “Bluetooth” from the iPad’s “Settings” menu and look for nearby devices to connect to.
  • Choose your Logitech Keyboard from the list of connected devices and proceed with the pairing procedure as directed.

How To Reset Logitech Keyboard Bluetooth?

  • Remove the keyboard from your Windows or Mac Bluetooth pairing and remove any related settings.
  • Press “Escape” followed by “o”, followed by “Escape” and “o”, and then “Escape” and “b” to clear the keyboard.
  • If the reset is successful, your Bluetooth keyboard’s light may flash.
  • Pair your keyboard with your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you’ll be ready!

Troubleshooting Steps:

1- Change The Batteries

Instead of resetting your keyboard, replacing the batteries may solve any issues. Like the k750, several Logitech models include batteries that can be charged by the sun. First, make sure the battery is charged by checking its status. Check the battery’s condition and life expectancy if it still charges. If it’s broken, you’ll need new batteries for your Logitech mouse.

2- Remove Other Wireless Devices

The performance of your keyboard may be negatively affected if other wireless devices are near it. The keyboard could cease operating if the signal is interrupted by a speaker, a display, or a phone. 

Try this if you’ve already tried resetting the keyboard, and nothing has worked.

3- Update Keyboard

The malfunction of your Logitech keyboard may be due to a software error, even if you’ve tried resetting the device. If you have a Logitech keyboard and need help, head to their help website and choose your model from the drop-down menu. You can locate your keyboard’s model number next to the M/N label on a label on the bottom of your keyboard if you don’t know it or if the photographs don’t help you identify it. To see whether there is an available software update, choose your keyboard, go to Downloads, and then choose your operating system from the dropdown menu. If there isn’t one, there aren’t any software problems causing your keyboard to act up.

4- USB Ports

The Logitech wireless keyboard must connect to a USB receiver to function. This receiver will stop working correctly, and your Logitech keyboard will stop working if there is a problem with the USB port. In most cases, disconnecting the receiver and reconnecting it to a different USB port will resolve this issue. If your keyboard is now operational, you can rule out the possibility that the prior port was defective. If the problem persists, try using one of the other USB ports on the computer with a different device. If the gadget is functional, then the USB port is not malfunctioning.

5- Problem With the Receiver

You may choose between a regular USB receiver and a Unifying receiver, both of which come with your Logitech wireless keyboard. Your Logitech keyboard can cease responding if the receiver suddenly stops operating. By inspecting the receiver, you can tell the difference between the two kinds. Its distinctive orange box and black star logo may identify a Unifying receiver.

If your receiver doesn’t look like this, it’s just a regular one. If your standard receiver has ceased working, you may need to buy a new wireless keyboard with its receiver. Replace and reprogramme the Unifying receivers to operate with any mouse or keyboard. Logitech and online electronics retailers sell receivers. 

Logitech’s Unifying software can reprogram your gadget. Logitech’s on-screen instructions sync the receiver with your keyboard.


Therefore, it is concluded that resetting your Logitech keyboard is a simple way to fix various issues. If your keyboard is giving you trouble connecting or you want to start over, resetting it is the way to go. Your keyboard will be reset and set to use in minutes if you follow the instructions in this article.

While resetting your keyboard may help in some situations, it should be done as a last resort. Troubleshooting is the first step to fixing any difficulties with your Logitech keyboard. Try resetting the keyboard if it doesn’t work.

In general, resetting your Logitech keyboard will allow you to resume using it in a more convenient and productive manner. If you’re having trouble with your keyboard, try resetting it to see if that fixes it.


Is it necessary to reset my Logitech keyboard?

If your Logitech keyboard is malfunctioning (for example, if the keys aren’t responding or won’t connect to your computer), you may need to reset it. By resetting, these problems may be resolved.

My Logitech keyboard won’t reset; what should I do?

Resetting a Logitech keyboard might include a variety of different methods. In most cases, turning the keyboard off and then on again while holding down a particular button or a pair of buttons will solve the problem. 

Can I expect any loss of information if I reset my Logitech keyboard?

Logitech keyboards do not save data; resetting them should not erase any information. However, this may undo any changes you’ve made to the keyboard’s settings, including necessary reassignments or macros.

What should I do if resetting my Logitech keyboard doesn’t work?

If resetting your Logitech keyboard does not fix the issue, your computer or device may be defective. If you need further help, contact Logitech’s customer care or take the keyboard to a repair shop.

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