How To Reset Keyboard?

The keyboard, a virtual input device in the digital world, may need a reset to fix its settings or restore functioning. Keyboard issues, including inactivity, mismapped keys, and erratic performance, are often remedied by reverting to factory settings. Knowing how to reset a keyboard is an essential skill that might come in handy whether you’re a professional typist, a programmer, or a casual user.

In this detailed article, we’ll investigate the numerous ways to reset the keyboard and provide clear directions to ensure a problem-free recovery. This tutorial is helpful for people of all skill levels. It works with various keyboard manufacturers, from the most basic to more advanced versions designed for gaming or ergonomics.

After reading this guide, You can reset your keyboard to factory settings and fix common problems with ease. Let’s start on the road to keyboard reset mastery so you can keep typing efficiently and reliably at all times.

How To Reset Keyboard on Windows 10?

Here are the steps you may take to reset your Windows 10 keyboard:

  • The Start menu may be accessed in two ways: by clicking the “Start” button in the bottom left of the screen or by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • To get Windows Settings from the Start menu, click the “Settings” icon (it looks like a gear).
  • Select “Devices” from the “Settings” menu.
  • In the Devices box, go to the left side and click “Typing.”
  • Find the “Advanced keyboard settings” box on the right, then hit the “Reset” button.
  • A prompt will ask for confirmation that you wish to reset the keyboard. To confirm, please click the “Reset” button once again.
  • The keyboard’s settings will be restored to their factory defaults by Windows.
  • When you finish the factory reset, you may dismiss the Settings menu.

How To Reset Keyboard on Windows 11?

The Windows 11 keyboard settings can be reset in the following ways:

  1. To launch Windows, click the “Start” button (lower left) or press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. To access Windows Settings from the Start menu, click the gear-shaped “Settings” icon.
  3. Select “Accessibility” from the “Settings” menu.
  4. In the Accessibility settings’ left menu, choose “Keyboard.”
  5. Click the “Advanced keyboard settings” link farther down the right side.
  6. Find the “Reset keyboard settings” option in the “Advanced” section of the keyboard preferences.
  7. The “Reset keyboard settings” button must be selected.
  8. A prompt will ask for confirmation that you wish to reset the keyboard. Select “Reset” and confirm your action.
  9. The keyboard’s settings will be restored to their factory defaults by Windows.
  10. When you finish the factory reset, you may dismiss the Settings menu.

How To Reset Keyboard on Laptop?

  • Put your laptop to sleep by turning off any operating apps and applications.
  • Turn off your laptop’s external keyboard and any other peripherals you may have plugged into it.
  • Put your laptop to sleep.
  • Find the power button once the laptop has shut down, then push it to restart.
  • To access the laptop’s BIOS or UEFI settings, press and hold the “F8” key during startup or use the key combination recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, seek a “Reset Keyboard” or “Restore Defaults” option inside the BIOS or UEFI settings.
  • If asked, choose to restore the default keyboard settings and confirm your choice.
  • Leave the BIOS or UEFI setup and restart the machine normally.
  • Test the keyboard once the laptop has rebooted to see if the settings have been restored to their factory defaults.

How To Reset Keyboard on Chromebook?

Here’s how you can change the keyboard layout on your Chromebook:

  • To access the system clock, move your cursor to the lower-right corner of the display and click on it.
  • When the fast settings menu displays, select the ” Settings ” gear icon to access the Chromebook’s configuration options.
  • Select the “Advanced” tab in the Settings box to access the additional settings.
  • Seek out the “Reset settings” option and choose it.
  • Your current settings, including keyboard shortcuts, will be deleted, and you will be prompted to accept this action. To continue, select the “Reset” option.
  • The keyboard layout will be one of several settings that Chrome OS will restore to its factory defaults.
  • When you finish the factory reset, your Chromebook will restart automatically.

How To Reset Google Keyboard?

These are the steps you may take to reset your Android device’s Google Keyboard (Gboard) settings:

  • Start up your Android’s configuration menu. You can access it by sliding down the notification shade, selecting the gear symbol, or going to your device’s app drawer.
  • To access the system settings for your device, open the Settings menu and navigate to “System” or “System & Device,” respectively.
  • Explore your device’s menus until you find “Languages & input” or “Language & input” under the System heading.
  • The keyboards on your device may be viewed and selected from inside the Language & Input menu. 
  • Click the option labeled “Virtual keyboard” or “On-screen keyboard.”
  • The next step is to select the “Gboard” or “Google Keyboard” keyboard from the available options.
  • Select “Advanced” from the Gboard’s settings menu. Select more actions by tapping it.
  • Locate and click the option labeled “Reset to default settings” or “Reset settings.”
  • You’ll be prompted with a confirmation dialog box before changes are made permanent. 
  • To continue, please select “Reset” or “OK.”
  • The defaults for the Gboard will be restored.


Therefore, it is concluded that resetting a keyboard is a quick and easy way to fix many problems with how a keyboard works. Most software-related keyboard issues can be resolved by just resetting the keyboard. 

Disconnecting and rejoining the keyboard or reinstalling the keyboard driver are two examples of how users can reset their keyboards to their factory settings. Note that the specific procedures may change based on your software and keyboard model. 

If problems linger after a keyboard reset, you may need to do more troubleshooting or get expert help. In general, resetting the keyboard is a quick and easy way to fix any keyboard-related issues you may be experiencing.


What is the Windows keyboard reset procedure?

Disconnecting the keyboard from the computer is the first step in resetting the keyboard in Windows. After waiting a few seconds, plug it back into a USB port. Windows will reinstall the keyboard drivers, and the settings will return to factory defaults.

How can I clear the keys off my Mac keyboard?

To change the default settings for the Mac keyboard, click on the Apple menu and pick “System Preferences.” After that, navigate to the “Keyboard” menu and select the “Keyboard” option. The last step is to return the keyboard to its factory settings by clicking the “Restore Defaults” option.

Can I reset the keyboard on my laptop?

Turning off a laptop and unplugging it from its power supply is one way to reset its keyboard. Then, find the battery and take it out. Press the power button for ten seconds to release any excess charge. If necessary, replace the battery and turn on the laptop. It’s recommended to reset the keyboard after restarting the computer.

If I reset the keyboard, would it erase anything on it?

If you’re worried about losing data, resetting the keyboard won’t do it. It just returns the keyboard to its factory preset settings. The keyboard reset will not affect your saved work or data on the computer or any external storage. Still, it’s wise to make frequent data backups just in case.

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