How To Connect a Logitech Keyboard?

If you get tired of using a wired keyboard and now want to choose a wireless one, but fail to connect with your laptop, Mac, PC, or iPad. We have come up with a clear-cut solution to your problem. You will find all possible methods to connect your Logitech Keyboard to a new dongle.

Keyboards assist you in doing your work fastly, and using the right keyboard is compulsory if you want to do your job without any errors. If you use a wired keyboard with your computer, you presumably always plug in the corresponding cable USB, PS/2, etc. However, setting up a wireless one requires a separate set of components.

Well, connecting a Logitech keyboard might be different depending on the model. This article will shed light on connecting your Logitech wireless keyboard to your devices through Bluetooth. This will give you an idea of how to connect a Logitech Keyboard to the laptop.

How to connect a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard?

You can move between your phone, tablet, and laptop using one of Logitech’s Bluetooth keyboards because many of them can be associated with numerous devices. Up to six devices can be paired with your keyboard at once.

Pairing a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is as follows:

  • If your keyboard is brand new, you may skip this step, but if you still need to, remove the spacer and replace the batteries.
  • Activate the keyboard.
  • Select the desired connection by pressing a button or turning a dial if your keyboard has that capability.
  • To connect with a PC, select Windows, Android, or Chrome OS; to communicate with an iMac or an iPhone, select i.
  • If you press the button long enough, the LED will glow blue.
  • Turn Bluetooth on your electronic device, then look for or add a Bluetooth device.
  • Put the Bluetooth on.
  • Select the Bluetooth keyboard you wish to use from the list.
  • Input the given code into your keyboard.
  • To add other devices, hit a different connect button or turn the dial, depending on your keyboard.

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to Windows 11?

Follow these instructions to activate Bluetooth and connect the keyboard to your Windows 11 device: 

  • To begin, open Settings by pressing Windows + I.
  • Select Bluetooth & Devices as the next option. 
  • To use Bluetooth, you must activate it.
  • Then, select the plus sign to add a new device.
  • To connect to a Bluetooth device, choose it from the menu and wait for your computer to find it.
  • Select the model of your keyboard from the list that appears, and then wait for it to connect.
  • Once satisfied, click the Done button and test your new Logitech keyboard.

How to Connect a Logitech Keyboard to a Mac?


To connect the Logitech keyboard, Bluetooth is straightforward to set up on a Mac, just like Windows. The basic procedure is as follows:

  • Access the Bluetooth settings in the Preferences menu.
  • Then, select the Bluetooth menu item.
  • Select Turn Bluetooth On from the left side.
  • When you turn on Bluetooth on Mac, it will automatically look for new devices to connect to. Select the appropriate Connect button after locating your keyboard model.
  • The Keyboard Setup Assistant window will appear when the keyboard has been linked.
  • Here, you can ask to verify the keyboard is functioning correctly by typing the shown code or by pressing a few keys. 

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to a Computer?

Here are the steps you need to do to have your computer detect your Logitech Wireless Keyboard:

  • Press the power button on its side to activate your Logitech keyboard.
  • To pair your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, open the pairing menu by pressing and holding the F1 or Bluetooth keys for three seconds.
  • Open the Devices menu on your computer, toggle Bluetooth on, and start using it.
  • After you’ve found your Logitech keyboard, select the Connect button.
  • To successfully link your keyboard with your computer, follow the on-screen directions.
  • When you pair a keyboard with your device, it will remember the pairing automatically. Therefore, the keyboard will automatically connect to your smartphone whenever you switch on both the keyboard and Bluetooth.

How To Connect a Logitech Keyboard to a Different Receiver?

Connecting your Logitech wireless keyboard to your devices uses a USB receiver or dongle. The Unifying Receiver is the USB dongle you’ll need to link your device to the wireless keyboard. It helps connect various Logitech gadgets like mice and keyboards.

The Logitech Unifying software is a must for this approach. Logitech offers the program for free download on its website. Multiple platforms and operating systems support the program, including Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows.

The procedure for connecting a Logitech wireless keyboard to a Unifying receiver is as follows:

  • Step 1 – If your keyboard is brand new, it is time to put batteries in it. Older items almost always have batteries already installed.
  • Step 2 – Get the Logitech Unifying Software installed on your PC. This link should take you to it. Start up the program.
  • Step 3- Use the on/off switch on the keyboard’s rear to activate the Logitech wireless keyboard. However, not all Logitech keyboards include the additional green button.
  • Step 4 – Wait for the keyboard to connect, then proceed with the unifying software on your device. To complete the keyboard setup, go to the software’s instructions.

Why won’t my Logitech Keyboard Connect?

Firstly check that you are employing the correct pairing procedure for your Logitech keyboard if it is not functioning properly. For instance, don’t utilize the Unifying receiver technique with a Bluetooth keyboard. To use a Bluetooth keyboard, you must ensure your computer, phone, or tablet can receive and send Bluetooth signals.

If you’re trying to link a keyboard that requires the Unifying receiver, check that it’s powered on, has fresh batteries, and is connected. Logitech recommends restarting the unified communication software if the problem persists. 

If the program fails to recognize your keyboard, double-check that the batteries aren’t dead, the keyboard is turned on, and the Logitech Unifying receiver is enabled. 

Troubleshooting Steps:

You can try these troubleshooting steps if your keyboard is not working properly. 

  • For the receiver to work, the USB port on your computer must be fully inserted. Alternate ports can be tried if necessary.
  • Try turning the keyboard off and on again.
  • Check to see whether the keyboard’s batteries are dead.
  • Activate the USB receiver by pressing the connect or reset button.
  • Invoke the keyboard’s reset or connect button.


Therefore, it is concluded that connecting your Logitech wireless keyboard with your chosen device is straightforward to understand. The proper method of connecting your keyboard can be found with reasonable ease if you follow the processes and alternatives discussed above. It would help if you used the Easy-Switch button on your keyboard to connect successfully.

To create ease for you we have discussed everything related to connecting Logitech Keyboard. To keep yourself updated keep visiting our site.


Where is the pairing button on Logitech Keyboard?

On a typical keyboard, the pairing button is frequently found in the top right corner. If the former is absent from your keyboard, an Easy-Switch button should be present in place of the Connect button. You can quickly switch between connected devices by pressing the Easy-Switch button.

How do I put my keyboard in pairing mode?

The first step is to turn on the device you want to connect your keyboard to. When finished, hold down the Easy Switch or Connect button on the keyboard for a minimum of three seconds. Your keyboard will then be available to connect to another device beyond that. The keyboard you’re using will be included in a list of supported devices on the device.

How to connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard?

If you want to connect a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to any device, follow the instructions above. Using the software with your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, you can re-program the functions associated with certain buttons.

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