How To Connect Keyboard To iPad?

Connecting a keyboard to an iPad will increase your iPad’s productivity and typing comfort. Although you can certainly get work done with the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, there may be better options for more extended typing or specific projects. Users may feel the same tactile and responsive typing they are used to on laptops and desktop computers by connecting an external keyboard to their iPad.

Bluetooth technology is the most popular means of linking a keyboard to an iPad. The Smart Keyboard and other Bluetooth keyboards from Apple and third-party manufacturers can be paired wirelessly with the iPad thanks to its built-in Bluetooth capabilities. After connecting the keyboard, the iPad instantly recognizes it, and users can begin typing without installing additional drivers or software.

In this article, we’ll look at how to connect a keyboard to an iPad Pro and get the most out of your typing experience on the iPad with the help of keyboard shortcuts and other features. An external keyboard is a game-changer for iPad users looking to increase their productivity and efficiency on any tasks they can do with the multipurpose Apple tablet, including work, creative endeavors, and recreational web surfing.

7 Steps To Connect Keyboard To iPad


Step 1:Turn on your keyboard and enter pairing mode before using it. Some keyboards have dedicated pairing buttons, while others enter pairing mode automatically by being switched up.

Step 2: Open the “Settings” app on the iPad.

Step 3: Access your device’s Bluetooth settings by tapping the app’s left menu and selecting “Bluetooth.”

Step 4: Hit the “Bluetooth” button once to turn on the feature, and again to disable it. If the switch is in the “on” (green) position, Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 5: You can link a keyboard by searching for it in the “Other Devices” section of your Bluetooth settings. Tap the keyboard’s name in the list to begin pairing.

Step 6: The iPad will then instruct you on where to input the PIN or code for your keyboard, if necessary, to finish the pairing procedure. Type in the secret code and double-check the pairing.

Step 7: After completing this step your iPad will be connected to the keyboard. You can now utilize the keyboard for typing and other tasks.

How to Connect a Wired Keyboard to iPad?


Here is how you can connect your wired keyboard to your iPad without Bluetooth. 

  • There is just a Lightning or USB-C connector on the iPad. However, a USB-A connector is standard on most wireless keyboards. The iPad can still link with these keyboards through Bluetooth and uses them.
  • Acquire a cable adaptor for your iPad. Make that the iPad’s connection works with the converter. You should also check that the USB port on the converter works with the USB-C connector on your keyboard.
  • Plug the cord from your wired keyboard into the adaptor.
  • The iPad now allows you to use a keyboard. Turn off your iPad, attach the converter’s cable to the keyboard, and then plug the converter into your iPad.

How to Connect Keyboard to iPad Pro?

Turning on the power will put your keyboard into pairing mode. Some keyboards have a special button for this purpose, or they automatically enter pairing mode when turned on.

  • The “Settings” app on your iPad Pro is where you’ll want to go to turn on Bluetooth.
  • To make changes to your device’s Bluetooth settings, visit the app’s left menu and tap “Bluetooth.”
  • Putting Bluetooth to use is as simple as moving a switch to its “on” position. The indicator becomes green when operational.
  • Once paired, your Bluetooth keyboard will appear under “Other Devices” when you access Bluetooth settings on your phone. Tap the keyboard’s name in the list to begin pairing. 
  • If you need to enter a PIN or code to complete the pairing procedure on your iPad Pro, you can do so using the on-screen keyboard.
  • When the pairing is complete, your iPad Pro will be synced with the Bluetooth keyboard. Once you start typing, the keyboard will work as expected.

How to Connect Keyboard to iPad Logitech?

Follow these steps to connect the keyboard to iPad Logitech:

  • To make certain changes, open the iPad’s Settings.
  • From the menu on the left, choose Bluetooth.
  • Connect by pressing and holding the button while the keyboard is on.
  • The iPad’s on-screen keyboard will reposition to the right side of the display. Tap to type on the new keyboard.
  • You might be prompted to input a 4-digit code when the keyboard is plugged in. If asked, type in the four-digit code and hit Enter.
  • To reaccess the iPad’s main menu, press the Home button (located at the iPad’s base). Then your iPad Logitech will be connected to the keyboard.

How to Connect Smart Keyboard to iPad?

To connect Smart Keyboard to iPad, do as follows:

  • Turn on the Smart Keyboard again.
  • Use the Smart Connector to link your iPad to your Smart Keyboard Folio. 
  • You’ll find three tiny magnetized contact points on the rear of the iPad. They’re situated on one of the two long sides of the iPad.
  • You can type more comfortably and with less strain if you prop up your iPad with your Smart Keyboard. You may start typing as soon as the keyboard is charged.


Therefore, it is concluded that connecting a keyboard to your iPad mini is simple and provides many additional opportunities for efficiency and ease of use. Physical keyboards have replaced virtual ones, allowing faster and more comfortable typing.

First, check if your keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with your iPad. To connect your keyboard, we have mentioned user-friendly ways which will help you a lot.  These ways are helpful for both beginners and experts as they don’t require any experience.

Once you get everything hooked up, you’ll be amazed at how well your keyboard works with your iPad. You can access keyboard shortcuts, swift program switching, and rapid text entry. A tactile keyboard makes working on papers, emails and notes much more enjoyable.

Try it out and see how much easier it is to type on an external keyboard while using your iPad, whether a student, professional, or casual user.


Can I use the Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad without downloading any software or drivers?

You won’t need to download any extra drivers or software to use a regular Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad. The iPad’s Bluetooth capabilities establish the link. Basic typing should operate without needing further installs, although certain specialized keyboards, such as those with extra functions or unusual keys, have companion apps that give additional functionality.

Is the iPad compatible with any Bluetooth keyboard?

iPads can use nearly all Bluetooth keyboards. Your Bluetooth keyboard should connect to your iPad if it follows the standard Bluetooth protocol. Some keyboards’ packaging or product descriptions will highlight their compatibility with the iPad.

Can I use many Bluetooth keyboards with my iPad at once?

While it’s true that many Bluetooth keyboards can be paired with your iPad, only one can be used at a time for typing. If you have more than one Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, you may switch between them by removing the currently connected one and pairing the new one in the iPad’s Bluetooth settings.

Can I use an external keyboard with my iPad to access shortcut keys?

Keyboard shortcuts can be used with an external keyboard on an iPad. Apple includes keyboard shortcuts for frequently used functions in their programs and the operating system. To see what shortcuts are available in an app, use the “Command” key () on the keyboard. Using the iPad less tediously and more quickly is possible with these shortcuts.

Does the iPad support a USB-connected keyboard?

If your iPad has a Lightning connector, you can use any Lightning to USB camera adapter, whereas later iPads with a USB-C port will need a USB-C to USB adapter.  Plug the USB keyboard into the adapter and then into the iPad. It’s important to remember that not all USB keyboards work with your computer before making a purchase.

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