How To Clean Mouse Wheel

Everyone loves how to clean the mouse wheel. It makes using your computer a lot easier and faster, reducing your chances of stumbling over parts of the web page or overshooting them altogether. Yet, with all the dirt and dust generated during use, it can be difficult to keep this little gadget in perfect condition. To help you out here are some simple methods to help you clean your mouse wheel in no time.

Why Clean the Mouse Wheel?

The mouse wheel is the part of a mouse that moves the pointer. You use it to scroll through documents or web pages by scrolling up and down with your finger or to zoom in or out on pictures and images by scrolling left and right with your finger. The mouse wheel is made up of several parts: a round bar on which you can slide your thumb; a small metal ball at the end of the bar, which moves up and down; and a rod connecting these two parts. If you want to check your mouse is working perfectly then click here to check now

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If you have dust or other debris in between these parts, it can cause problems for your computer. The debris may cause the pointer to stop working properly, especially if there are lots of small particles present. That’s why you need to clean the mouse properly so that it will not cause any disturbance while working.

Why is My Mouse Not Working?

The mouse may not work properly due to dirt or dust in the ball roller gear area of your mouse. Cleaning this area with compressed air will remove any dirt that may be stuck between the ball gear and roller shafts. If this does not solve your issue, try removing the mouse completely from your computer and take a look at how tight all screws holding on to your mouse. If one of these screws is loose, then you will need to tighten it using an Allen wrench (usually included with your mouse).

Steps How to Clean Mouse Wheel

Are you getting a buildup of debris and dust on the mouse wheel? Or do you just need help keeping dirt and lint away? Whatever your motivation, following these instructions will teach you how to clean your mouse wheel.

1-Using Alcohol

  • Unplug the mouse.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol
  • Rinse the toothbrush thoroughly in warm water to remove any remaining toothpaste, then dry it off with a towel before using it again
  • Apply a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball or paper towel and wipe down the circumference of the mouse wheel (the ring where your thumb rests) until it’s clean.

2-Using a Q-Tip or Tooth Pick

Cleaning the mouse wheel is a quick and easy way to improve performance and reduce friction on your mouse. To clean the mouse wheel, simply use a Q-tip or toothpick to gently remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the surface of the wheel. If you have trouble getting off any gunk from under the rubber coating of your mouse, you can use a gentle solvent like rubbing alcohol to remove it. Once you’ve cleaned off any dirt or debris from the mouse wheel, apply some lubricant to prevent future buildup and make sure that it stays clean and smooth for a long time to come.

3-Using a Can of Compressed Air

1-Turn off all your computer’s power, and unplug it from the power source. 2-Open up the case, and remove the mouse from its base plate by lifting it on one of its sides with a flathead screwdriver or other tool. 3-Push down on one of the mouse’s side buttons to pop out its cable until it’s free of its connector, then remove that cable as well. 4-Place a can of compressed air into a bowl or cup so that you have some room around it as you pull out the dust trapped inside your mouse’s wheel assembly.  You should be able to see through the vents in your mouse wheel assembly to tell where all of the dust has collected over time! 5-Point your compressed air at each vent in turn and use a soft brush attachment if you have one or just rub the dust out with your fingers if you don’t have one handy! When using an attachment, try not to touch anything but the surface that needs cleaning around each vent until you know what type of effect this may have on your mouse’s performance.

4-Clean Without Taking Mouse apart

Cleaning your mouse wheel is a simple process. You don’t even need to open or disassemble your mouse. Just follow these steps:
  1. Gently pull the mouse away from your computer. The cord should be attached to the back of the mouse and attached to your keyboard, if applicable.
  2. Place the mouse in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap and let it soak for 10 minutes or so (longer if needed). A good way to break up the dirt is to swirl your hand around in the water while gently scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush or toothpick.
  3. Before turning it back together, carefully dry it clean and rinse off any residual soap residues with hot water.

How to Clean the Mouse Scroll Wheel Logitech?

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Ensure that the mouse is plugged in.
  • For around five seconds, press and hold down the mouse’s top button.
  • The scroll wheel will begin to rotate slowly, then stop and come back to the center.
  • Repeat this process three times at different speeds, then release your finger from the button, but keep holding it down.
  • Wait a few seconds. If nothing happens, repeat this process until it works correctly.

How to Clean Computer Mouse?

Cleaning your computer mouse is easy, and it can help keep you from getting sick.

Step 1: Wash the Mouse Mat

Wash the mouse mat with soap and warm water to remove any dust and debris. Then use clean water to wash it off. Before refilling it, let it dry out in the air.

Step 2: Clean the Wheels

Use a damp cloth to wipe down all of the wheels on your computer mouse. Do not use liquid cleaners or other harsh chemicals, as they may damage the plastic parts of the wheel, causing it to fall out unexpectedly or break altogether. If you have a wireless mouse, be sure to remove its battery before cleaning so that no moisture gets into it while you’re working on it!


Now you are familiar with how to clean your mouse wheel quickly. However, using the above methods is not enough, you need to cultivate good habits when using your computer. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of this peripheral, you must also remember to keep it away from direct sunlight, avoid dropping it, and not apply unnecessary movements on it while cleaning. In this way, your mouse will always remain clean and able to provide a positive experience when working. FAQs

How do I clean my mouse wheel?

To clean your mouse wheel, you will need to remove the cover on the bottom of your mouse and expose the roller. You can use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe off any debris from the surface of the roller. If necessary, you could also thoroughly wipe it with an alcohol pad.

My mouse wheel is dirty, why?

The most common reason for a dirty mouse wheel is having a lot of debris on it, such as dust or dirt. If you’re not sure if your mouse wheel is clean, take a look at the inside of the wheel itself. If there’s any dirt or dust in there, it will show up as a greyish color that’s harder to see than a black color would be.

What should I use to clean the wheel on my mouse?

Any small, soft-bristled brush should work just fine. After each usage, make careful to thoroughly clean it because dirt and grime can amass quickly.

How often should I clean my mouse wheel?

How frequently you use your mouse and how dirty the brushes become over time can determine this. It’s best to clean your mouse wheel every few months, or when you notice it getting dirty.

Why is it crucial to keep my mouse wheel clean?

If you have hard plastic on your mouse wheel, it will be harder for dirt and dust to stick to it. Also, if you have dirt stuck between your buttons, cleaning may be necessary.

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