A keyboard is a crucial part of any modern computer’s input devices. You may use them to type text, instructions, and other information into your computer, laptop, or another electronic device. Keyboard layout and size might change based on the device’s intended use. 

How Many Keys Are On A Keyboard

There are typically 104 keys on a standard keyboard. This includes the alphabetic keys, punctuation keys, function keys, and navigation keys, as well as modifier keys like Shift, Alt, and Ctrl. A gaming keyboard, for example, may contain a dozen or more keys in addition to the standard layout, including dedicated macro buttons and media controls.

Standard keyboard layouts are based on the first six letters of the top row of keys (QWERTY), thus the name. Anybody using computers or other electronic devices should be familiar with the number of keys on a typical keyboard. 

Knowing what each button does lets you use your smartphone more quickly and effectively. Here you will find complete details about keys on the keyboards etc. So, let’s begin.

What are the three keyboard types?

Different types of keyboards layouts serve different purposes and have other characteristics. Below are examples of three widely used keyboard designs:

Types Of Keyboard

1- Membrane Keyboard

The most popular keyboard form has a rubber membrane beneath the keys called a membrane keyboard. When a key is depressed, it presses against the membrane and makes electrical contact. Membrane keyboards are cheap but could be sturdy and have a good feel.

2-Mechanical Keyboard

Unlike membrane keyboards, types of mechanical keyboards layouts have distinct mechanical switches for each key, making for a more tactile experience and a longer lifespan. 

Players in competitive settings and those in professional fields that value speed and accuracy in their typing tend to favor mechanical keyboards.

3- Chiclet Keyboard

Keys on a chiclet keyboard are separated by a narrow gap, giving the keyboard a flat and sleek appearance. In addition to being low profile and operating quietly, this type of keyboard is standard in today’s laptops.

Types Of Keyboard Keys

Besides types of keyboards, there are also different types of keys on them that differ based on their functionality.

1- Alphabet Keys

Now that we’re talking about regular keyboards, you can easily access all of the letters of the alphabet. You can choose from one of the twenty-six available keys. 

All the keys are not arranged alphabetically, which is something to remember. The symbol keys are integrated within the alphabetic keypad. If it happens, you’ll have 54 keys with 76 individual characters.

2- Modifier Keys

Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Alt Gr are the keys you’ll find here. These keys don’t accomplish anything by themselves but are used to alter another key’s behavior temporarily. They are never used alone to do any task but rather always in conjunction with other keys.

3- Function Keys

The purpose of the Function keys is to allow you to access a small subset of available options. This set of function keys includes all keys from F1 to F12. 

Depending on the program, each of these keys may perform various tasks. In addition, the OS you’re working in plays a role. In some cases, a full complement of 24 function keys is available on mechanical and gaming keyboards.

4- Navigation Keys

Each of the keys on the keyboard has a distinct purpose when navigating. In this group are the keys that control the cursor movement, such as down, up, left, and right. Consider using the usual suspects like “Home,” “End,” “Page Up,” “Page Down,” and “Delete” to get around.

5- Number Keys

The number keys feature the digits 0 through 9. Count 17 keys if you also have a numeric keypad on your keyboard. The numeric keypad and the corresponding number keys take up the first two positions on the keyboard’s first row.

6-Special or Control Keys

You can manipulate the system and the content on your screen with the control and special keys. The Tab key, Shift key, Caps Lock key, Backspace key, Space bar, Enter key, Ctrl key, and Caps Lock keys are just a few examples of the many control keys.

7- Multimedia Keys

Some keyboards have extra keys labeled “Multimedia” that may be used to play and pause media, change the volume, and launch frequently used programs like email clients and web browsers.

8- Programmable Keys

Programmable Keys, or Hot Keys, allow the user to assign a predetermined sequence of actions to a single keystroke. Gaming keyboards and specialized keyboards for programming and data entry typically have them.

What is the number of arrow keys on a keyboard?

A standard keyboard has four directional arrow keys: right, left, up, and down. With the arrow keys, the number pad on a standard computer keyboard has eight digits. If you count the arrow keys on the number pad, most computer keyboards have eight arrow keys.

How many vital rows are there on a keyboard?

There are six rows of keys if you include the row of function keys. Three rows—the top, home, and bottom row- do not have alphabetically arranged letters. It would help if you started with your fingers on the keyboard’s home row.

How Many Keys Are On A Computer Keyboard?

Typically, there are 104 keys on a computer keyboard. In addition to the standard alphabetic and punctuation keys, there are function keys, navigation keys, and a separate number pad. However, keyboard variants with fewer or more keys available depend on the task at hand or the individual’s personal choice. 

Different keyboards serve different purposes; a gaming keyboard, for instance, may include extra programmable keys for fast actions during games, while a compact keyboard, on the other hand, may have a condensed layout with fewer keys to conserve space. 

There is some leeway in the number of keys on a computer keyboard, but the industry standard of 104 keys has yet to win.

How Many Keys Are On A Laptop Keyboard?

Depending on the laptop’s maker and model, the number of keys on the keyboard may change. Nonetheless, laptop keyboards adhere to a reasonably consistent layout with about 80-85 keys. The standard desktop keyboard has 104 keys; however, this layout reduces that number to 102.

In addition to the standard alphanumeric keypad, arrow keys, and function keys, laptop keyboards often have delete, escape, and control keys. Specialized keys like the number pad and navigation cluster are usually removed to make laptops more petite and portable.

Laptop keyboards may additionally have extra keys and functions. Particular laptops are optimized for specific tasks, such as those used in business or gaming. For example, gaming laptops may contain different programmable keys or macro buttons for rapid operations during games.

A laptop’s keyboard may have fewer keys than a desktop keyboard, but it offers most users a comfortable and efficient typing experience, especially those who value mobility and convenience.

How Many Keys Are On Apple Keyboard?

Apple sells various keyboard variants; however, their default keyboard layout features 78 keys. This encompasses the usual suspects, such as the alphabetic function, arrow keys, and delete, escape, and control buttons. 

Apple keyboards are known for their low profile and minor keys, which provide a pleasant typing experience. For example, the Command and Apple function keys are unique to Apple products and may be included on some keyboards designed for use with such devices.

These keyboards are renowned for their sturdy construction, sleek design, and user-friendly functions.

Miscellaneous Keyboards

There are keyboard layouts with more than 104 keys; the most common examples are the Korean, Japanese, and Brazilian keyboards. Keyboards for navigating a CD drive or media player could have many more keys than a standard keyboard. 

Some keyboards may be classified as programmable or gaming due to their ability to have their keys programmed.

110–115 keys are generally found on most gaming, media, and programmable keyboards. The number of keys on a keyboard expansion device is directly proportional to the additional capabilities it affords a computer and its users.


Therefore, the number of keys on a keyboard might change from one model to the next. There are many different keyboard layouts, with some having fewer or more keys than the typical 104. 

Some laptop keyboard layouts feature fewer keys for a more compact design, whereas gaming keyboards sometimes contain extra programmed keys for rapid operations during games.

To what extent a keyboard is valuable and efficient depends on its crucial count is debatable. Keyboard ergonomics, including essential quality and design, are vital for efficient and pleasurable operation over extended periods.

Touchscreens, voice recognition, and gesture controls are just a few of the newer input techniques made possible as technology advances. Despite this, many people prefer to use a keyboard to input data, whether for a work report, a coding project, or a game.

A keyboard’s critical count is only one measure of its usefulness, although a well-designed one may improve efficiency and comfort.


What is a 60% Keyboard?

These days, 60% of keyboards are miniature versions that eliminate even more seldom-used keys. While smaller in size, the typing experience is still prioritized by retaining all 61 keys.

Only the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and a few special keys are available to you. Mixing and matching keys to get the arrow keys, number pad, Function Keys, and navigation controls will be necessary. 

Those who need to type but don’t want their keyboards to take up too much room can benefit from this arrangement.

How many keys does a regular computer keyboard have?

The typical layout of a computer keyboard consists of 104 keys. These keys are used for typing text, entering numbers, and accessing special functions.

What sorts of keyboard keys are there?

Keyboards have various keys, including letters and numbers, special functions, directional arrows, modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt), and more (Enter, Tab, Backspace, Delete).

Is the amount of keys available on every keyboard the same?

The number of keys on a keyboard may vary. Keyboards vary in size and number of keys depending on their intended use and user preference. Some keyboards, such as those designed for multimedia use, feature extra keys like those used to control audio and video playing.

How can I tell if a key on my keyboard is broken?

If a key on your keyboard is malfunctioning, pressing it may not have any effect or produce an erroneous character. You may use an online keyboard tester or your computer’s virtual keyboard to ensure that your keyboard is functioning correctly.

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