Mouse Click is the crucial point of your work. You do not know how often you make a single or double click while working. You click to open the tabs and browsers, drag the files, etc. A mouse click is also essential in gaming when you need to kill enemies with constant clicking. 

But your mouse may get some defect, and when you click one time, it results in double-clicking. It will ruin your work or also cause a loss in gaming. Sometimes, your mouse wore out by constant clicking, which results in friction between the movements of the mouse. The mouse fails to interpret the signal, and the outcome is the mouse is double-clicking. 

Now, come to the point, keep an eye on the causes of this problem and try to find solutions. You can also check our article for this purpose.

How to fix the Mouse Double-Clicking?

Before discussing fixing the mouse, double-click and ensure you have checked all possible solutions for the mouse. Like, batteries, USB ports, and their connection with other computers. 

Fix The Mouse Double-Clicking

Let’s discuss the causes and solutions to fix double-clicking mouse.

1- Clean Your Mouse

The first step to solving the mouse double-clicking fix issue is cleaning it properly. The interaction of something with a mouse is not a good thing, and the interaction can be dust. After cleaning, the debris will resolve the issue of double-clicking.

How to clean the mouse?

Things you need:

  • A pin
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Separate the mouse parts, such as plates and grids.
  • Use the pin to gently wiggle any debris stuck in the mouse’s minuscule crevices. To assist, work carefully and lightly trace around each edge.
  • Clean the mouse’s surfaces using alcohol, cotton rounds, and changes.
  • Before putting everything back together, then let the pieces dry completely.

Try to clean the surface on which you are using the mouse, such as the mouse pad. Make sure it is spotless, then reassemble the mouse parts and check whether it works.

2- Check the Double Click Settings

The mouse’s double-clicking ability can be controlled by its settings. Maybe you have done something to it or enabled it from the options, so first check it from there. 

Every window has different options to open the settings. Once you open it, check which options you have enabled from there. If it has a choice of a single click, then you need it to open the file. Although this can assist you in generating fewer clicks per day, if you’re accustomed to the default behavior, it can be perplexing. 

Furthermore, if you switch this option, you can mistakenly believe that your mouse is double-clicking when it is a software choice. Revert this and check to see if your mouse stops double-clicking.

3- Avoid Interfering Signals

There is a possibility that the wireless mouse has also gotten the issue of double-clicking due to the interference of signals with a wireless receiver. Then your PC fails to interpret the signs correctly, and your single-click results in double-clicking. 

Types of Interference:

  • Interference from computer
  • Interference with wifi
  • Interference with PC speaker

Try to place the mouse receiver far away from the resource, so there is no possibility of interference. To considerably decrease or altogether remove wireless interference, ensure the mouse’s wireless receiver is not aimed directly toward the home network or the computer. Set the phone’s charging station several meters away if a cordless telephone is close to the computer.

4- Set the Mouse Double Click Speed

Another solution for the mouse double-clicking is to adjust its speed. The window also has the option to manage the pace. It may occur accidentally that someone has adjusted its speed to a level where the computer enables it to differentiate between a single click and a double click. 

The speed of the mouse double-clicking can be adjusted from the settings.

  • Right-click on the trackpad or mouse pointer in Windows 10’s system tray.
  • Click on “Mouse” in the menu that opens up.
  • You’ll see all of your mouse’s choices in a separate window that opens.
  • On the left, you will see a drop-down menu where you can change the double-click speed in milliseconds.

5- Uninstall the Mouse Driver

Anyone can experience double-clicking, which is a widespread problem. If you have noticed that your mouse is double-clicking or randomly double-clicking, which happens frequently, then you should uninstall the mouse driver.

Reinstalling the driver is frequently a quick fix if your mouse is giving you any problems.

Follow these steps to reinstall the mouse driver:

  • Uninstall the mouse driver by following your device’s user manual instructions.
  • Reboot your computer, and then reinstall the mouse driver using your device’s CD or USB flash drive.
  • Once again, reboot your computer and test the mouse functionality.

6- Try Right Click Trick

This is the secret trick for those whose mouse is also randomly clicking after applying the above steps. 

  • Keep pressing the right button of the mouse.
  • Reconnect it to the computer and then turn it off and on again.
  • When you click the left mouse button, keep pressing the right button.
  • Then again, disconnect it from the PC with the release of a right mouse button.
  • Keep holding the right mouse button and again connect and keep your hand away from the right button,
  • Now check the functionality of a mouse to see if the double-clicking issue has been resolved.

The step feels very strange, but it mostly proves helpful and fixes the issue of the mouse double-clicking.

7- Repair the Mouse Switches

This article is about how to fix the double-click mouse button. It’s a hardware problem but can be fixed with a mouse switch replacement.

You might have noticed that your mouse has a dead mouse switch. This means that you can’t use it anymore, and your computer will always think you’re moving the cursor by pressing two buttons simultaneously. We have good news for you if you want to fix this issue!

How to replace a dead mouse switch:

  1. Unplug your mouse from your computer and remove the battery if it has one.
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver or other similar instrument, remove the screws holding your mouse together. If you don’t have one, you can use a sharp screwdriver to remove them.
  3. Take out all the parts that came out of your old switch and put them in place on the new one, so they match up perfectly, then put everything back together in reverse order.


In the end, we have provided the complete detail about mouse double-clicking. Sometimes, double-clicking helps perform some functions, while often, it is a cause of lots of frustration. If you want to get rid of the problem of double-clicking, then you must be considered the above steps to solve this problem. But first, recognize the problem, whether it lies in the mouse, settings, or hardware issues. Then try to apply the above solutions. These steps will help you. However, if your mouse is dead, replacing it with a new one is the final solution.


Why is my mouse double-clicking?

Generally, a mouse develops a problem of double-clicking when it gets old or has been used for several years. There are, nevertheless, various causes for the double-clicking.

  • Mouse Setting Malfunctioning
  • Mouse Drivers Issue
  • Defect in Mouse Spring
  • Defect in Mouse
  • Dirt in Mouse
  • Battery Issue

When did we feel that our mouse requires double clicking?

The mouse’s clicking speed is controlled by its settings. There is an option, and sometimes the settings get too slow that we feel our mouse needs double clicking. Or when we click one time, and no such change occurs, or our program does not open, we feel the need for double-clicking, which is counted as a double-click. Hence, it is the setting defect.

Will blowing on my mouse help to solve the issue?

Many people employ a technique to stop double-clicking: they breathe on the bottom of their mice and then blow forcefully. Occasionally, it does work. Some people believe it might improve conductivity and raise humidity. As a long-term fix, it probably won’t be effective.

Are Logitech mice susceptible to double-clicking?

Yes, we also find the problem of double-clicking in Logitech Mouse. Double-clicking issues with mice have become common in recent years. Some claim that a click spring or wire that isn’t tight enough is the cause of the case. If you feel confident disassembling your mouse, you can replace or tighten it to fix the problem. Others claim that the voltage employed in their Omron switches is the problem.

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