If you’re sick and tired of being crippled by cables and wires then you’ve found the proper place. Here, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for connecting your Logitech wireless mouse to your computer. The purpose of Logitech’s wireless mouse is to save you time and effort. Whether you’re a gamer, a student, or a working professional, you need a mouse that works well and responds quickly. 

Fortunately, Logitech has perfected the science of wireless networking so that everything will go off without a hitch. It’s simple to set up your Logitech mouse. Just stick to these basic instructions. It would help if you started by checking the batteries and powering on your mouse. Then, you’ll need to find the tiny USB receiver your mouse came with and connect it to a free USB port on your computer. 

Just plug the receiver into your computer and wait for it to be detected. You may now use your mouse because it is appropriately linked. Let’s get going on the easy path to finding different ways to connect your mouse.

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse To Mac?

Connecting your Logitech wireless with your Mac can be done very quickly just by following the given steps. But first, make sure that it is ready to connect.

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse To Mac

  • Add a fresh set of batteries and turn your Logitech mouse on. Look for a button or switch on the mouse to turn it on and off.
  • To access Bluetooth Settings, go to the menu and pick “System Preferences.” 
  • Then, go to the “Bluetooth” menu item to access the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • If Bluetooth is not enabled on your Mac, you may do so by clicking the “Turn Bluetooth On” button inside the Bluetooth options window.
  • Most mice include a Connect button on their undersides that may be used for this purpose.
  • The Logitech mouse may be paired with your computer by opening the Bluetooth settings page. To begin linking devices, click the mouse button.
  • If prompts appear on the screen, follow them so the pairing procedure goes well. A password or pairing confirmation may be required.

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse Without Receiver?

A receiver is needed for most of Logitech’s wireless mice to connect to a computer. A wireless mouse may not work without a receiver when connected to a computer. However, a computer or other device with built-in Bluetooth capability may allow you to utilize your Logitech wireless mouse. 

The procedure for pairing a Logitech mouse with a Bluetooth device is outlined in bullet points below.

  • Make that the pairing mode is active on your mouse and that it is turned on.
  • Turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your machine.
  • Get into your machine’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Look for nearby Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.
  • Choose the wireless mouse you want to use.
  • To finish the pairing procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After a successful pairing, your Logitech mouse may be used Bluetooth with your computer.

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse With USB?


  • Get your wireless mouse ready by giving it a fresh set of batteries and turning it on.
  • Insert the Logitech USB receiver into an accessible USB port on your computer. If a Unifying receiver was included with your mouse, use it.
  • Just wait for the USB receiver to be detected and the drivers to be installed; your computer should do this automatically. 
  • It might take a few seconds for this to finish. Wait to disconnect the receiver.
  • To initiate pairing mode on your wireless mouse, press the Connect button on your mouse’s underside. 
  • The Connect button is often situated next to the on/off toggle or the battery door.
  • Press the Connect button on the USB receiver once the mouse is in pairing mode to complete the connection procedure. 
  • The LED light on the receiver should begin flashing to show that it is actively looking for the mouse.
  • If the connection succeeds, the receiver’s LED light should stop flickering and become steady after a few seconds.
  • Your mouse paired successfully and is now linked to your computer.

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse To Macbook Air?

By following these simple steps, ensure your Bluetooth mouse is switched on and in pairing mode. If you need help activating the pairing mode on your mouse, look in the user manual.

  • To access the Bluetooth settings on your MacBook Air, go to the Apple menu and then choose “System Preferences.” Then, go to the “Bluetooth” menu item to access the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • If Bluetooth is not currently enabled on your MacBook Air, you may do it by opening the Bluetooth settings window and clicking the “Turn Bluetooth On” button.
  • In Pairing Mode, the MacBook Air should be able to recognize your Bluetooth mouse. Choose it if the Bluetooth preferences screen has it in its list of available devices.
  • Completing the pairing process entails following all on-Screen instructions. This may include entering a password on the mouse and the MacBook Air or accepting a pairing request on both devices.

If you’ve followed the instructions for connecting your Bluetooth mouse with your MacBook Air, you should now be able to use it with your computer. 

Troubleshooting Steps

1- Check Batteries

Ensure you have new batteries in your Logitech wireless mouse and that it is turned on. Look for a button or switch on the mouse to turn it on and off. 

Put in fresh batteries if the old ones are running low. Also, check that the batteries are correctly installed by following the polarity indications inside the battery door.

2- Check the Wireless Connection

Make sure your Bluetooth or wireless receiver is correctly connected. Ensure the Logitech Unifying receiver is firmly attached to the computer’s USB port. 

Ensure that your laptop and mouse are in pairing mode and that Bluetooth is turned on. To make a new connection, try unplugging and plugging in the receiver or pairing the mouse again.

3- Take Away Interference

Do away with anything that might interrupt the wireless signal, such as a radio or television. The mouse and its receiver should be kept apart from any other electrical devices that could interfere with the movement. If you’re having trouble getting a solid signal, try bringing the mouse and receiver closer together.

4- Reboot The Logitech Wireless

Reboot and reconnect the Logitech wireless mouse and see if the problem persists. Rebooting the device can often fix connection problems temporarily. Turning the mouse off, removing the batteries, waiting a few seconds, then replacing them and turning them back on may help if the issue persists. This can allow you to repair your wireless device or reset the connection to factory settings.

5- Update Drivers

Keep your Logitech wireless mouse up-to-date with the most recent drivers and software by performing a software update. To obtain your mouse’s latest drivers and software, go to Logitech’s official website and search for your mouse’s model. Get them from the internet and set them up as directed. Sometimes connectivity issues may be traced back to out-of-date drivers or software, which can be remedied by simply upgrading these components.


Therefore, it is concluded that a Logitech wireless mouse connection demands a systematic strategy and the execution of predefined actions. These steps will help users to get the most out of their Logitech wireless mouse and improve their computer experience. The most notable steps in getting your mouse and another device ready to go wireless are installing new batteries and turning on Bluetooth or wifi. Second, finding the proper pairing mode and starting the connection procedure using either the Logitech Connecting receiver or the Bluetooth settings is essential.

Additionally, users should carefully adhere to the on-screen instructions and prompts shown by the Logitech software or the operating system to create a safe and reliable connection. In the event of technical difficulties, the product handbook or Logitech support services might greatly assist. However, attaching a Logitech wireless mouse successfully requires careful setup, precise pairing, and respect for Logitech’s instructions. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be more productive and have a better time using a wireless mouse.


How can I activate the mouse’s pairing mode?

Find the mouse’s Bluetooth pairing button, usually a toggle switch on the device’s base. Before partnering with a computer or other device, check sure the mouse is turned on by flipping the switch.

What’s wrong if my Logitech mouse won’t sync?

Bluetooth mice require both the device and pairing modes to be activated. If the problem persists after you disable and then re-enable Bluetooth on your mouse and computer, try doing so again. If the Unifying Receiver Software is having trouble locating your mouse, try powering down your device and then powering it back up again.

Can I use my Logitech wireless mouse without downloading additional software or drivers?

The Logitech wireless mouse may be utilized in most situations without installing extra software or drivers. After you plug in the mouse, it should be a simple pointing device. On the other hand, the mouse’s functionality may be improved by using the software or drivers provided by Logitech. 

Is it possible to use it with more than one device at once?

Most Logitech wireless mice may be connected to many different computers using Logitech’s Unifying receiver or Bluetooth technology. However, ensure your model is compatible before purchasing and read the manual. If you want to swap devices, follow the instructions given. When moving between devices, it may be necessary to manually re-pair the mouse with specific models.

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