The computer keyboard has a great part in its functionality, and you perform work quickly due to its great working ability. But sometimes, some keys get stuck, and you find errors while typing. You have just realized that your computer keyboard is not working. You might feel frustrated and helpless knowing that your computer cannot be used without a keyboard. In case your keyboard has problems, you can check your keyboard keys.

When your computer keyboard stops working, remember that you can try a few things before you give up. Anyone who has worked with computers for extended periods has probably encountered this problem at one point or another. The good news is that most of the time, it’s extremely simple to correct. Right now, you need assistance with this. Keep reading to get useful tips on how to fix your keyboard issue.

Steps to Fix Computer Keyboard Not Working


Computer keyboards are designed to be user-friendly, but even the best keyboards can sometimes become unresponsive. The most common reason for this is a bad connection between the keyboard and the computer. However, there are other reasons for this as well. Find the reasons and solve the issues using the following steps.

1- Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer should be your initial action. The system will be rebooted and any temporary files causing the problem will be deleted. If you have a laptop, unplug it from the wall, flip over and plug it back in. If you have a desktop computer, unplug it from the power source and press both mouse buttons for about 10 seconds until it shuts off completely. Then after a few minutes, restart it and check all keys to see if they are working.

2- Check Batteries

Examine the batteries if the computer keyboard is completely unresponsive. The batteries might be dead if there are no lights on the keyboard when you press any key. To see if it helps, try swapping them out for new ones. Low batteries do not allow your keyboards to work properly. Always keep an eye on them so there will be no issue with your keyboard.

3- Try it on Another Computer

If your keyboard is not working on the computer, it may be an issue with either your USB port or the cable connecting them. Try connecting everything again and see if that works. If you have a wireless keyboard, try moving it closer to where you’re sitting so that there is less interference from other devices in the room or area. 

You must try it with another computer so that if there is any issue with your computer, then you must get that and try to solve it as soon as possible.

4- Check the Keyboard Settings

The keyboard may not work because of any other option that may be off in the settings. Check the keyboard settings and see if any option is disabled. If it is, enable it so your keyboard works perfectly. Then check it and hope so it will resolve the issue.

5- Turn off Filter Keys

You may have accidentally set up some filters on your computer and have forgotten them, but they are still active. When you turn off the filter keys using Fn+F4 and restart your computer, the laptop will check if any filters are present and turn them off automatically. This can fix some issues with not being able to connect to certain wireless networks, and the keyboard will start working.

6- Clean the Dirt

If you have a keyboard that isn’t working, there is likely dirt stuck under the keys. To clean this out, take a clean cloth and gently rub it around the area where the keys are located. This should help dislodge any dirt or debris causing the problem. Additionally, you can use compressed air to remove the dirt from this area.

7- Fix Physical Damage

If your computer keyboard is not working right, it might be physically damaged. Check to ensure all the keys are working properly by pressing each one in turn and ensuring they can all be pressed down without resistance. If they do not work, then this means there is some physical damage to them that needs to be fixed.

8- Update Keyboard Drivers

You may need to update the keyboard driver if your keyboard is not working. Follow these steps to determine whether the driver needs to be updated:

  1. Expand Device Manager by opening it.
  2. Update Driver by right-clicking in Device Manager on the “Keyboard” category.
  3. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” in the following window, then find the keyboard download area on your computer. To get the most recent keyboard driver for Windows 10, click the icon.

9- Run as SFC Scan

SFC is a free program that you can use to repair faulty Windows system files. To determine whether this is the source of the keyboard slowdown (and to repair it):

  • Enter “cmd” in the Start menu search bar, then choose “Run as administrator.”
  • Type “SFC/scannow” after typing it in the Command Line.

All of your system files will be rapidly checked for corruption by SFC. After that, it will try to fix any problems it discovers in your files. You must restart the computer when the scan is finished for the modifications to take effect.

Dell Computer Keyboard Not Working


Here are some reasons why your Dell keyboards are not working:

  • The computer or laptop has been restarted too many times, so the system files have become damaged.
  • A virus has infected your system and corrupted the system or registry files.
  • The keyboard cable has been disconnected from the motherboard, or there may be some problem with its connection to the motherboard.

Try to resolve this issue, and you can also apply the steps mentioned earlier to check whether they work.

Hp Computer Keyboard is Not Working

Hp Computer Keyboard Is Not Working

Hp computer keyboard not working is a common problem for users. If your computer has been running fine, but suddenly the HP keyboard doesn’t come on, it may be because your computer’s power supply has been disconnected

You should ensure that you have connected all the cables properly and switched on your computer’s power supply. If everything else is fine and yet there is no response from your HP keyboard, you should check if there is any problem with its drivers or any other virus. These are some possible causes for no response from your HP keyboard:

Check Power Switch:

This can occur when the power switch is not getting the correct connection with your device. Check if there is a switch present in its place and make sure that it works properly. Try another approach if your PC keyboard is still not responding.

Malfunctioned Keyboard:

A malfunctioning keyboard may also cause this issue as it suddenly stops working. It may happen due to dirt accumulation on its keys, which makes them unresponsive, or water getting into them, damaging them further over time.

Try another approach if your PC keyboard is still not responding. To fix this problem, you must configure the keyboard and mouse properly.

First of all, check if there is no problem with the USB port of your computer, then check whether there is any software installed in your system that can interfere with its working. Uninstall these programs from your computer to fix this issue. Then update or install new drivers that will help your keyboard.


Therefore, it is concluded that there are many reasons for the keyboard malfunctioning and affecting its user’s work badly. First, find the root cause of your problem and then try to find its solutions. We hope that our guide has helped you a lot, and now without worrying, you will try to find the solutions and try these steps on your own

Before replacing the keyboard with a new one, try all methods and then decide. If you want more solutions to any other problems regarding your computer, bookmark our site and get the latest updates.


What is a keyboard error?

A keyboard error can be found in keys, which you will find while typing or doing any work on the computer. This can be a virus or infection that has corrupted the system files and caused severe problems.

Why does my computer keyboard not work?

There are many reasons why your keyboard might not work. For example, you may have a defective or incompatible USB hub, or your system may run low on memory. However, if you have tried these solutions and they do not work, try using the keyboard with another USB device, such as a mouse or printer

If it functions, the keyboard itself is the issue. Try taking out any plug-in devices connected to it and see if they will still work separately.

Why did I fail to type properly on my computer keyboard?

Your computer is having trouble communicating with your keyboard because it is not receiving enough power due to a low battery. If this is the case, you need to replace your keyboard’s battery with a new one

The problem is that you are pressing the wrong key, or your keyboard has been damaged somehow and needs to be replaced. If you’re positive that nothing is operating properly, a new keyboard might be necessary!

What are the symptoms of a broken keyboard?

When you often type on your computer and receive no response, you will see that the characters you type appear as if they were typed into a space. If this occurs, your keyboard might be damaged or broken and require replacement.

How do I clean my keyboard?

The best way to clean your keyboard is with a damp or microfiber cloth. You can also use an alcohol-based cleaner such as alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol if you don’t mind the smell of it in your home or office space! Use caution; never use water to clean your keys, as this can damage them over time!

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