Click Test 120 Seconds

The test you have to click for 120 seconds is called Click Test 120 Seconds. This test is performed in 2 minutes with the help of a mouse that is the most accurate and efficient. There is an online tool that checks your clicking speed to click for 2 minutes. Mouse buttons are used to perform special functions on the computer and now they are playing a key role in this test. 

This test is used for many games and for different challenges where you need fast clicking. It will boost your speed of clicking in 120 seconds. Thus, you will win high-power games and perfect your aiming and some other contest as well. In this article, we will discuss some other aspects of this click test.

Features of Click Test 120 Seconds​

It is very tough to click continuously for 120 seconds. Your fingers will get tired and you can’t complete the test. But several people played it and also set a world record. They get the improvement in their clicking speed with regular practice.

Here Are Some Main Features Of This Test.

Here are some main features of this test.

  • Click Test 2 minutes is a free tool that tests how long you can hold down the mouse.
  • The program is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable tool for testing your mouse’s durability. 
  • It automatically detects the number of clicks from the mouse button.
  • The program displays the results of each test in a clear and understandable format so that you can easily identify any problem associated with your mouse.
  • It boasts a top-notch design that everyone, from beginners to experts, may utilise.
  • The application will remember your last setting and automatically restore it when you start again.
  • It has an excellent feature to check the durability of buttons.

Minecraft CPS

You may use Minecraft to take a CPS test. You can only log two clicks per second if you want to do it all by yourself. Your past performance isn’t really important on this platform. There are four different types of Minecraft PvP games.

Extremely Slow Click Test:

If the player’s clicks range from 1 to 3 CPS, the clicking is inaccurate. If you aren’t trying to defeat a player with agility level II, this strategy doesn’t make sense.

Minecraft CPS​
Moderate Slow Clicks

Moderate Slow Clicks:

It’s acceptable to enter PvP at this level of somewhat slow clicks. The primary benefit of this category is that you want to play PvP, which shows that you are passionate about the game and don’t like to spend your time and energy on unimportant things. At this stage, your CPS is in the range of four 4 and 7.

High-Moderate Clicks:

At this stage, the Minecraft PvP game presents complex situations to you. Your click frequency ranges from 8 to 13.

Highest Possible Clicks:

If you wish to have an edge over other competitors, this level is beneficial. The majority of those who have attained this level have CPS scores greater than 14. If you want to be able to reach your allies as far as possible, you should concentrate on this level.

What is the Click Test 120 Seconds​ tool used for?

You set the time for 120 seconds. Before beginning to hit the mouse button, you must first touch the start button. The duration of your mouse presses within 120 seconds will be displayed on the results page. Several ranks have been set. These rankings are based on your performance. Utilizing this tool will provide ranking information. This implies that you must utilize this tool if you would like to learn about ranking.

Highest Possible Clicks

How may the results of a 2-minute click speed test be improved?

You can repeat this test as many times as you desire, just like you can with shorter tests, although switching between the 120-second and 5-10-second tests is a better option. Your clicking skill will improve with shorter workouts, while your strength training will increase with longer ones.

It is preferable to distribute your strength evenly during the entire two minutes because two minutes is a considerable amount of time to click the mouse. You should click a little bit more slowly at first if you notice on the graph that your CPS decreases steadily as it gets closer to the conclusion.

Benefits of Click Test 120 Seconds​

  • The results of the clicking test are displayed.
  • Put your pals to the test and let them know how you performed.
  • Your effectiveness in online gaming improves.
  • Much simpler to comprehend and play.
  • Requires no registration of any kind.
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Weekly gaming and enhancement updates, and you may always give us feedback.

How can I use this tool to its fullest?

Examine your Abilities:

You had forgotten how quickly and how many times you can hit the mouse. However, you may use the counter to determine how frequently it has been pressed if you’re interested.

Having Fun

You soon realize how much fun this game is and how frequently pressing the mouse button helps you forget all of your worries.


Who hits the hardest?

Test your friends! Let them know your score and give them a chance to surpass it. If your buddies had a greater click-through rate, outperform them.


Therefore, it is concluded that besides all other test Click Test 120 Seconds is also important for us. After running these tests and conducting research, we also discovered that some gaming mice are not always better you need others with much accuracy and functionality to check your clicking speed. This online tool also counts the number of clicks and will provide several benefits. The fact that it is a free-to-use internet tool is of utmost importance. That’s all for now! We hope that you found the test results helpful and informative.


What is the 120 Click Test?

In 120 seconds click test you have to click on the mouse as fast as possible. The click test counter records how frequently you clicked over the course of 120 seconds. You will advance to a new level if you successfully complete the test.

The main reason behind this is to find out what is the fastest way to click on the mouse in fast games. We wanted to see if there were some kind of shortcuts or tricks that could help people improve their clicking speed. 

What is the purpose of the click test counter?

The purpose of the click test counter is to measure the clicks and time it takes for a player to hit the mouse. The speed of hitting the buttons is what determines how fast you move through the game. It is a little box that will appear on your screen. It will display how many times you have pressed your mouse. It’s a very useful tool for those looking to improve their typing speed, especially when you start playing games that require quick reactions.

Can I use this Click Test for 120 seconds in other games?

Yes, you can. The click test 120 seconds online tool is designed to be used with several other games such as first-person shooter games, and Minecraft. Most players find it really helpful who are weak at aiming. Their aiming will become perfect and make them dominant over the rest of other friends.