Click Per Second Test

Click Per Second (CPS Test) is a fun clicking game in seconds that lets you figure out how fast your mouse clicks. Gamers frequently play it to see how accurate and fast they are. It also increases the speed of both clicking and playing. The most significant aspect is that it improves a person’s clicking speed who isn’t very proficient at it. It is also recognized as the Fastest CPS test and is the best practice test.

Click 1 second is going to be of great use for those who have trouble performing certain actions in their game. For example, if you have trouble clicking on an object then you can check out how many clicks it takes you to do so and compare that number with the average click rates of your friends. This will help you find out whether or not there is something wrong with your performance or if it’s just because you’re not used to playing the game at all.

Clicks Per Second World Record

The World Record for the Fastest Clicks Per Second was set by a gamer who clicked on a single button 2,210 times per second. The event was held in London with the launch of the Guinness Book Of world records Gamer’s Series. The clicks per second world record was set by 26-year-old Tom Bown from England, who hit a button on a keyboard at an average CPS speed test of 2,210 clicks per second. 

What is the best way to play this Click Per Second Test

What is the best way to play this Clicks Per Second Test?

  • To begin this, click the START TEST button above.
  • Just click the button and start clicking speed test as soon as possible. you can with your mouse. A timer will display the remaining time.
  • CPS test counter will compute and report your total result when the timer reaches zero.

How to break CPS test records?

The answer is simple: you need to go beyond the limit of your record and beat it by many seconds. The best way to do this is by using some special tricks that will help you gain extra time.

You can start breaking your records with the help of these tricks:

  • Use a mouse with a high DPI setting and/or a high polling rate. This will increase the sensitivity of your mouse, which will result in more precise clicks and less lag time.
  • Rather than a laptop mouse, you must use a gaming mouse. Moreover, Jitter Click Test, Butterfly Test, and Drag Clicking can help you to increase your clicking speed test.
  • Use a keyboard that has good response time and low actuation force, such as those from Razer or Logitech. These keyboards have less travel distance than other keyboards, so they require less force to press down on them.
  • Reduce any interference with your system by closing applications like Facebook or Twitter before doing any tests on them. This will help you get rid of any lag caused by these applications while doing tests on them.

Which Clicking Methods Are Used To Perform CPS Test?

Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is the most popular and simplest method of clicking test. You must hit the mouse cursor once each second in this manner. It is easy to do and is quite effective if you want to get a click speed test in 1 second.

Many people use this method because it is easy and fast but it can be boring and repetitive after some time. You’ll notice that maintaining the same pace for an extended period requires a lot of work. This can cause you to lose focus and concentration which leads to mistakes or even tiredness if you don’t take breaks often enough.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking  involves hitting the mouse button once every 0.5 seconds instead of once every second. This means that you will hit the mouse button twice as fast as regular clicking but still at half the speed of jitter clicking methods.

Butterfly clicking is also known as “0.5x speed” since it is half as fast as regular clicking but twice as fast as jitter clicking methods (1x speed).

Butterfly Clicking​

Jitter Clicking

This method requires more precision than butterfly clicking since you need to tap your keyboard keys at random intervals to trigger a click from your mouse cursor.

Drag Clicking

With drag clicking, you need to hold down your left mouse button while dragging your mouse cursor across multiple buttons or areas before releasing it so that each one gets clicked separately.

Click Speed Test in Minecraft

Minecraft has become so popular that people have created modifications or mods for it. One of these mods is called the click speed test. CPS test 1 Second allows you to set a certain speed for your mouse clicks and then test how many times it can average clicks per second. You can also contrast your results to those of other gamers using this mod as well.

Clicking Techniques Used in Minecraft

Slow Clicking

As the name suggests, this is the slowest of all the clicking techniques. This method is employed whenever you choose to give your best and enjoy the sport.

Moderate Clicking

The moderate clicking speed technique requires that you click every few seconds or minutes. This technique can be used if you have to do something else while playing the click speed test game and cannot concentrate on it fully.

Fast Clicking

Fast clicking means that you have to click as fast as possible without losing focus on what you are doing or without losing control over the mouse cursor. If you lose control over your mouse cursor while using this technique, then it could cause problems for you later on in the game.


Extremely Fast Clicking Speed Test

Extremely fast clicking involves clicking so fast that it becomes difficult for others to follow what is happening on-screen because there will be too many things happening at once.

In Minecraft, you can use your mouse to control the game world. You can also enter commands into conversation or a control block using your keyboard. The faster you can click and type, the more quickly you can do things in the game.

If you want to be a good player, then you must have good clicking speed so that you can be more productive and efficient at playing the game.


In the 1 Second CPS Test, what are the best techniques to click faster?

In the 1 Second CPS Tester, there are various ways to improve your clicking skills, while some are more beneficial than others. The most effective approach to increase your clicking speed is to:


The actual key to clicking quicker is to put what you’ve learned into practice and establish a plan to improve. If you don’t use a tool that tracks your progress or set goals for yourself, practice can become tedious and pointless. Without these, practice will feel like mechanical mouse clicks and motions, which may feel less efficient than other brain-training activities like chess or learning something new.

Master Clicking Technique

You can enhance your Click Per Second Unblocked exam result by learning new clicking strategies. It will take time and determination to master the strategies taught in this article, but you will eventually be able to become a great clicker in terms of speed.

Proper form is the most critical aspect of good clicking. You can practice clicking skills till they’re sloppy, but it’ll be for naught if you don’t have the correct hand and finger positioning.

Benefits of Clicks Per Second

Click-per-second trainers are one of the most effective ways to improve your gaming performance and make you a better player in your favorite games. The benefits of click-per-second tests right click are numerous:

Improve Consistency

The biggest benefit of click-per-second average CPS test is improving consistency. You will win more frequently than not if you constantly click faster than your adversary. This is because there is less time for your opponent to react and fire back at you with their mouse movement.

This means that when you’re playing against someone who’s using a lower-quality mouse, or even worse, someone who doesn’t use any mouse acceleration at all, you’ll be able to predict where their shots will land on the screen before they even fire!

Stress Release

Another benefit of average click-per-second testing is stress release. When we’re stressed out about something or feeling anxious about something else, our bodies naturally release hormones that make us feel good (such as dopamine). This can make you feel better and more comfortable while playing games.


The Mouse Click Per Second (CPS Test) is an excellent way to determine how quickly your mouse clicks. It assists you in determining which mouse is ideal for you.

While playing the game, gamers can obtain it in a really impressive manner. You can beat your enemies by fast clicking in Minecraft the most popular game. All of the strategies described above can help you enhance test your clicking speed. You can set a world record for the fastest clicking with this test. It is an excellent game to play in your leisure time. You’ll never be tired, and you’ll be stress-free.


What is the Click Per Second Test?

The Click Per Second Record is a popular test used to measure the speed test of a gaming mouse. It was developed by professional gamers to help determine which mouse offered the best performance for any given game.

what is cps test app

CPS test app stands for “Click Per Second” test app, which is a tool used to measure how many times a mouse button or touch screen is clicked in a specific amount of time. This game is usually used for a gaming challenge or to test one’s reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

How does the CPS Tester work?

The CPS Test works by using a simple formula that takes into account both the DPI and polling frequency of your mouse. This formula then calculates how many pulses per second (PPPS) your mouse sends to your computer’s USB port.

What is the average speed test of a mouse click?

The typical mouse click rate is between 4 and 7 per second. This amount fluctuates depending on the individual and the sort of mouse or laptop trackpad they use. However, while attempting to improve your clicking speed, this is a reasonable figure to aim for.

How do you define a high CPS score?

A high CPS score indicates a high number of clicks within a short period of time. Having a high score may indicate good hand-eye coordination and quick reaction time. The definition of a “high” CPS score varies depending on the test and comparison group. A score of 7-8 clicks per second is considered good for most people, while scores higher may be considered exceptional.