Online Action Per Minute Test

The Action Per Minute test is a performance evaluation tool designed to measure a person’s speed and accuracy in fast-paced activities like video games. The competitive gaming community members widely use the test to gauge an individual’s competence and ability to succeed in esports events. This test determines how many activities a player can do in a certain amount of time, often one minute. Players may interact with the world through clicking, scrolling, or typing, depending on the game. The test also considers the player’s action correctness, measured by the percentage of accurate inputs.

The APM tester is widely used because esports are grown in popularity, and video games are accepted as a natural form of competition. Competitive gamers often use it to gauge progress and pinpoint problem areas. Esports coaches and analysts use this test to screen for skill and measure an individual’s chances of succeeding in competitive gaming. While the APM gaming may provide valuable insight into a player’s speed and accuracy in video games, so, it should be noted that these metrics are not always predictive of a player’s overall gaming ability or performance. The ability to think strategically, work well in a team, and be flexible are all critical in esports.

How To Do Action Per Minute Test?

To perform this test, make sure you have a better internet connection. Then follow the given steps to get accurate results.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser because our tool works with any browser.
  2. Visit the APM Test page.
  3. Choose your preferred time-variation mode from 1 second, 5 seconds, 60 seconds, and many more options.
  4. To begin, hit the “Start game” button.
  5. The blue squares will emerge on the grid. Before these boxes vanish, users must click on them.
  6. You may adjust your gameplay based on real-time feedback from the percentage, adequate clicks, and clicks counters.
  7. A popup window displaying your APM and EPM scores will appear immediately after the conclusion of the test.
  8. Click the “Try Again” option if you’d like to retake the test if you’re not happy with your results.

After this test, you will know the speed and accuracy of your action per minute.


Features Of Action Per Minute Test

This test is very efficient in functionality, and our tool is accurate. Here are some features of this test are given below:

Easy To Use

The APM test mouse is meant to be finished quickly and with little effort. Test your multitasking skills by pressing the play button.

Excellent Way To Track Progress

You may track your progress over time by challenging yourself to beat your previous high score. Players who want to keep tabs on their development might benefit greatly.

Having Fun:

It’s no secret that timed response tests and training can be a lot of fun. This quiz can be a lot of fun, whether you’re just trying to push yourself or competing with your friends to see who can get the highest score.


Accuracy Enhanced:

It enhances the player’s accuracy and speed in making precise, fast motions throughout gameplay.

Reduces Waiting Time

APM performance testing is designed to help players pinpoint their unique areas of slowness and improve them for greater efficiency and velocity.

Eliminates Extra Steps:

As a result of this evaluation, users will be prompted to recognize and eliminate any extra steps that aren’t essential for accomplishing the goal.


Factors To Considered In the APM Test

The test affects several factors, and some of them are given below:


When calculating APM, this is an essential consideration. The term “accurate player” describes someone consistently hitting their intended objectives. Players with a higher APM score are more accurate since they have completed more challenges with fewer failures. 

For example, if a player hits many essential targets in the allotted time but makes numerous errors, their APM and accuracy scores will suffer. This exemplifies the importance of accuracy skills in the APM test.


It’s essential to click the suitable targets within the time limit. A player with a rapid clicking rate has a better chance of scoring kills and achieving victory in competitive video games. Yet, players who click slowly are less effective since they strike fewer targets.


This aspect is related to precision to some extent. There are several in-game acts where the player may increase their Actions Per Minute score by clicking repeatedly; however, doing so serves no purpose. There is no correlation between these clicks and an increase in the player’s Average Click Rate. Spamming refers to the practice of making repeated clicks in an attempt to get attention.


Therefore, it is concluded that when it comes to competitive gaming and esports, the Action Per Minute (APM) test has become an indispensable tool for gauging speed and accuracy in video games.  This test indicates an individual’s capacity to complete tasks quickly and correctly under duress. Although other aspects affect gaming performance, it is crucial to consider them.

In addition, this test has brought attention to the cognitive and strategic abilities necessary for success in esports, which in turn has helped legitimize gaming as a form of competition. This test and other performance evaluations have shown significant promise in illuminating players’ strengths and weaknesses. This trend is expected to continue as the esports sector expands.

It is a crucial resource for Esports players, coaches, and analysts who want to level up their game. Individuals may improve their performance and reach their objectives by combining the APM with other evaluations to get a complete picture of their cognitive talents and gaming skills.


So how can I improve my APM?

Learn to juggle responsibilities. You may use numerous Windows workplaces and pin Chrome tabs. Practice, especially regular practice, is crucial to developing any talent. Repeat these tests regularly. Keep your cool as you do it. High APM requires you to have a crystal-clear state of mind.

Which APM is the best, and why?

Can we take breaks during APM?

Breaks are not permitted for most parts of the APM Test. The exam is meant to be taken nonstop; therefore, maintaining concentration and working as efficiently as possible are necessities.

How APM helps a gamer do better?

APM testing tool is helpful because it measures a player’s speed and accuracy in executing actions, which may be used to drive training and practice tactics to increase performance under pressure.

Is the APM a valid test of gaming prowess?

Take the APM to learn more about your gaming abilities and how to improve them. To get a whole picture of a player’s gaming prowess, combining this test with others focusing on strategy, collaboration, and flexibility is essential.

For each given game and player role, there is no universally accepted APM. An APM in the 100-200 range in most competitive settings will offer you a significant edge.