5 Second Click Test

Similar to the CPS Test, the 5 Second Click Test shows participants their average number of clicks every 5 seconds. The highest click rate was 15.4 per second over five seconds. This indicates that in five seconds, 77 mouse button clicks were made. It is less than the per-second click test since a person becomes slightly more exhausted with each passing second. Consequently, there are fewer clicks on average per second as especially in comparison to the 1-second click test.

The 5-second click test is done with a mouse. The person clicks on the screen and then sees how long it takes for the mouse to move up again. If it takes over five seconds, then there is no problem with your system or software. If it takes longer than five seconds, you need to fix something on your computer.

About CPS Tester

As a CPS Meter – Clicks per sec counter, our CPS Analyzer will enable you to assess your click rate. Our counter will display the number of clicks you can make in one second, five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, sixty seconds, and one hundred seconds. depending on how long you would like to put yourself to the test. It’s a chance to challenge yourself while simultaneously unwinding.


World Record CPS

In 5 seconds, 77 clicks set a world record. Undoubtedly, the world record cps for most clicks in five seconds would exist. The highest rate of clicks in five seconds, or 15.4 per second, is 77, which is the highest number of clicks in five seconds click test world record. 

Clicker Counter 5 Seconds

The 5-second clicker is a great tool to use for counting clicks.

The 5-second clicker includes a timer that starts when you press the button and stops after 5 seconds of counting.

The Clicker Counter 5 Seconds is also a great tool for students, teachers, and parents. It records how many clicks in five seconds. It can be used to encourage your kids to click more often or to count how many clicks you need to do each day.

This is useful in situations where you need to know how often you clicked on something, but don’t have time for the long-winded counting process.

The 5-second clicker counter is made up of two parts:

The first part is a small box that sits on top of your mouse.

The second part is an attached piece of paper with numbers on it. When you click your mouse, it counts the number of times you’ve clicked on that particular button.

The clicker counter includes 2 different modes: count up mode and count down mode. In the first mode, you can set how many seconds between each click, or even set it to infinity if you want! There are also different sounds for each click (so you can choose what sound is best for you).

In the second mode, it will count down the number of clicks that have been done in 5 seconds.

How to Improve clicking speed in 5 Second Click Test?

A wonderful approach to increase your clicking speed is to take the 5-second click test. It’s also a good way to determine if you have any problems with your clicking or if it’s just your hand that has problems.

Make sure you are pushing the mouse cursor firmly to begin. You should be doing this by pushing down on the top of the mouse pad and moving the cursor around. If you can’t move the cursor around easily, then it means that you aren’t pushing down hard enough on the mouse pad. Try moving it around more carefully until you get used to it, then try again.

The following step is to attempt the click test 5 seconds to click as swiftly and error-free as you can. This means that each time you press down on the mouse pad, it should go right through one of those little holes for it to register as a click. Once again, this will take some practice but once you get used to it, then try again with another subject and see how much faster your speed has gotten!

Tips to Best at Clicking

If you want to be the best at the game, you need to train your reflexes. To do this, we recommend that you try out this simple test:

  1. Aim to surpass your previous record. as rapidly as you can, click the mouse.
  2. If you are not able to cps in 5 seconds or less, it means that you have poor reflexes and need to work on that area.
  3. We encourage you to share your results with us so other players can see how fast they can click with their mice.


To gauge your clicking speed, play the 5 Second Click Test. The clicks are counted using a clicker counter. This is a trial of your ability to click the mouse swiftly. It is modeled after the 5-second countdown that you might have seen in television advertising. It makes it easier to play games like Clash of Clans and Minecraft. Three red dots are how this game is displayed. To go through each level, you must click on any of the other red dots in less than 5 seconds. Use this tool to create a universe by clicking more frequently within 5 seconds. You can increase your clicking speed and learn which mouse is ideal for this task by doing this.


What are some of the problems that come up most frequently throughout the 5 Second Click Test?

Many users have trouble with their mouse cursor jumping around the screen when they try to move it quickly, which makes it difficult for them to accurately click on things on their computer screen. Other common problems include double-clicking when you don’t want to, not releasing your left hand from its resting position, and moving your right hand too slowly as well.

Does this work for all games?

No, not yet. Only a few well-known games, such as Minecraft and Clash of Clans, are compatible with this method. However, we are putting a lot of effort into making this trick function in ever-more games in the future!

Why does it take more than ten seconds for the game to begin?

This is because of how we handle player login and character creation processes in our game system. You can pay attention that when you click ‘start playing’, it will immediately take you into the character creation screen after starting playing your game and then after all characters are created successfully, it takes another 10 seconds before taking you into the actual gameplay screen

What distinguishes a 5-second click test from a 10-second click test?

The 5-second click test is the most common, and it measures how long it takes for your mouse cursor to move from one side of the screen to the other, without you moving your mouse at all. A 10-second click test measures how long it takes for your mouse cursor to move across the entire desktop area, again without you making any physical movements at all.