1000 Per Second Test

Another excellent tool for measuring your clicking speed is the 1000 Per Second Test. You must have performed different clicking tests like 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 120 seconds or 5 minutes. In this test, you have to click 1000 seconds continuously. 1000 seconds means 16 minutes so you will keep your fingers on the mouse button for 16 minutes. The above click tests vary in length, but this one is the most sophisticated.

The gamers who want to boost their aiming speed and kill their enemies wanted to do this test. It has many features and some other benefits as well. Take this test and give your 100% for it.

How to take this test?

Follow these steps to do 1000 per the second test:

1- Open the test page.

2- A box will appear where “Take This Test” has been written.

3- Click on the box, and the timer will appear, showing 0 seconds.

4- Click the mouse button continuously for 1000 seconds.

5- After completing test then wait for the result, if you want to retake this test, you can click on the restart button, and the countdown will again become zero.

At the start, it will become difficult, but with regular practice, you can learn amazing facts; thus, you will perform better.


What is CPS Test in Minecraft?

This is a convenient item or tool that can be used to prepare for and practice for Minecraft, Tekken, and other online games, in addition to simply having fun if you wish to have a contest with your pals over who can perform the most mouse clicks in a given period. It will help you to aim perfectly in the game and become the champion of this game.

How do I click faster in Minecraft?

Your cps in Minecraft controls how quickly you can click. You can connect more quickly the higher your cps. You may measure your cps by keeping track of how many clicks you make in a single second. You can perform the following to quicken your Minecraft cps by clicking:

  1. Extensively practice clicking. You’ll become faster the further you click.
  2. Make use of a fast-polling mouse. You can click more quickly if your mouse has a high polling rate since it will deliver data to your computer faster.
  3. Make use of a gaming mouse pad. Using a gaming mouse pad will increase your clicking speed and precision.
  4. Automation clicks for you using macros or programs.

How Do I Get a Higher Clicks Per Second Score?

Players must maintain the straightforward attitude that they must give it their all because the time remaining is so brief. Numerous gamers have click rates that range from to 15 per second, despite the notion that they can’t do anything in that short of a period of time. Even though it seems impossible, a few of people claim they can get 10 to 15 clicks second.

These top-notch players click so swiftly by using clicking methods like Kohi Click, Jitter Clicking, and Butterfly Clicking. The beginning of the game is another crucial consideration for players. The 1-second game requires players to be alert and start clicking the mouse soon. This is done the same way other play modes, such as clicks in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 60 seconds, 1000 seconds are started. Most gamers would probably achieve an average between 8 and 10 clicks second on average.


Benefits of 1000 Per Second Test

Bring Up Fresh Concepts

You will ultimately look up creative and efficient ways to raise your clicks score as you continue using the CPS test. You’ll naturally come up with fresh concepts to get more clicks than average and unleash your imagination to the fullest.

Stress Reduction

A fantastic method to decompress is by taking a CPS test. You typically forget about the things that upset you as you focus on earning a higher CPS score than previously and pay attention to the test. You can avoid tension and preserve emotional stability because of this.

Increasing Consistency

You may already know that you can’t improve your CPS in a single day if you’ve tried. It takes hours of commitment and months of constancy to perfect the art of clicking and raising your CPS. You’ll discover that you are more regular with the essential things in your life after you’ve done that, though.

Aids in Sharpening Focus

You exercise your brain to keep non-deviated attention when you consistently strive to produce more clicks per second and have a better CPS score—this aids in raising your CPS and enables you to maintain your resolve while performing other menial duties.

Aids In Sharpening Focus_


Therefore, it is concluded that a 1000-per-second test is considered the best due to its many advantages. You will become an expert in clicking and completing any given task in no time. Enhance your aiming skills for first-person shooter games like Minecraft. You can follow the ways to perform this test. 

Please go through all its benefits and develop skills in you. Sometimes your fingers will get hurt, but when you become habitual to it, will get some relief. You will focus on the game and develop excellent hand-eye coordination, which will help you in several incredible tasks in your life. We hope that this article has provided all information regarding this click test. So, visit our site and get lots of tools to check your clicking speed.


How Is The Speed Test Conducted?​

You can run the speed test within your browser using the tools to check clicking speed. Click the start button after ensuring that your computer, smartphone, or tablet is linked to the internet, either through a wired network router or Wi-Fi connection. The test tool then creates a connection with three close servers and gauges the speed of your mobile, fiber, or internet connection.

Should I practice regularly for 1000 per second?

The answer is yes, and you should practice regularly to keep your gameplay sharp. It would help if you also tried to play games with high FPS and make sure you are practicing on them. Your results will improve as you play the game longer and get more experience. 

Many factors affect your score, and the main one is your ability to control your mouse movement. If you’re an aggressive player, you should practice more than someone who plays passively or slowly. You should also keep track of how many hours of practice you have done each day and compare it with your score.

How does my click test score compare with others?

Your click test score will only be as good as if it has competitions with others. If you are not confident that you can perform well in a game such as 1000 per second, wait until your confidence increases before attempting it again. Then compare your results with your fellows and check how fast you are. The higher your score, the better your performance will be in gaming.

Does my mouse have any impact on the 1000-per-second test?

Yes, the mouse has a significant impact on this test. Your mouse should be professional and have a more remarkable ability to click. It should not get jammed, and its button should not get broken by constant clicking. It will also help in FPS gaming and aiming games such as Minecraft. So, before starting the test, check your mouse, then do it.

What is CPS Tracker?

Your CPS clicking speed is calculated by CPS Tracker using the total number of clicks you made throughout the cps test. A quick example would be if you were testing your mouse cps to see how many clicks you have made in the last five seconds. If you were able to press the mouse button 30 times in 5 seconds all across the test, your cps clicker points tally would be 6 clicks in 1 second. Your test cps score is calculated by dividing your overall click total by the  testing duration.